Saturday, April 27, 2013

Blog, it's what's for Dinner

So what all is on my plate currently? A Lot, it's definitely a full plate.

I have the Interface Zero 2.0 additional writing that I'm working on. I'm redesigning the Golemmech rules, once that's complete I'll need to verify that the existing designs can be designed per those rules.

I have the Legend of Sinbad writing that I'm going to do,  writing two small chapters, Carolingians and the Eastern Roman Empire (aka Byzantium) as it is set in 801 A.D. only 3-6k words, but it should be fun writing, I actually picked up reference material at the Library today.

I have DCCRPG to work on, with Clearspring mapping for round 0 needing to be finished. I need to work on a 1st level adventure, as I was thinking of running that for Free RPGDay as part of the World Tour.

Gamma Crawl Classics as soon as I get the IZ2.0 Golemmech rules sorted out.

Then I have my Unleashed rules to work. I figure I'm no longer interested in the Pathfinder crowd for an audience, so as I continue to tweak the rules, expect them to change more and more from OGL.
All classes will be MAD, but in a balanced way. Skills will be more than a black and white success or failure. Combat will still revolve around margins. Aspects in, Feats out. Heroic points will fuel combat.

I have Malifaux figures to prime and paint. I have Judge Dredd MG figures to paint, especially if my orders get in. CitiDef and SovBloc.

If I'm not at SDCC this year, I will be at SDGC. I have the entire time off. So much fun shall be had.