Friday, April 26, 2013

Anime Conji Report - Epic Ian

            On the first day of Anime Conji we played Alien Labyrinth again and I was so close to winning. I noticed that there weren’t that many things on the first day. The first thing I bought was a Gundam, which is a model you have to build. (I will get him to post pictures of it when it's done.)
            The second day was much better because there were more things to do like go to panels, and there was also some more stuff on the floor (which is you buy stuff). Then on that day I bought an awesome messenger bag that has three times the amount of pockets than my old one; also it has an embroidered guy from an anime show on it. (Vash the Stampede from TriGun)
            Finally on the last day of Anime Conji we brought one of our friends along. On that day we all dressed up as video game characters, or people from TV series. Even though there wasn’t much left, we still had a lot of fun. I realize now that some things were better than others, like more video games, panels, stuff on the floor, and they added in some tournaments, like Kanzume Goddess which I played with my dad.

(Still trying to get Ian to  add more details. Red remarks are from me.)