Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Hallowe'en

Well it was a fun night, Sean was Finn, Ian was a Sriracha Man...sorry a bottle of Sriracha! heh.

Happy Hallowe'en to everyone from Epic RPG Blog

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Just a couple quick things

Mechwarrior Online has gone into open Beta. Note, this is going to be a free-2-play engine, with those that spend money able to get stuff faster, however they provide 4 trial mechs that can be played for absolutely free.

Second, finishing up my DCCRPG Mystery Map contest entry over the next couple days. Finished the Map last night, and I must say, it FEELS like a DCCRPG map. I think I have a good concept for my entry, and hope to do well.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

NRG Wayne Reynolds Art giveaway (GameSmiths, LLC)

Hank Woon just sent this over, from the Game Smiths LLC Forums.

WAR PAINT! Original Wayne Reynolds N.R.G. Cover painting sweepstakes!
Are you planning to participate in our Kickstarter and want a chance to win the original WAR painting of our N.R.G. Core Rulebook cover? If so, here's all you have to do:

First, Comment on this post:
In your comment, tell us that during the first week of our Kickstarter (Monday, November 12th through Sunday, November 18th), you will pledge $25 or more.
Second, Share this post on your Facebook Wall!
Third, message us with your name and e-mail address.
Fourth, when our Kickstarter goes live, follow through with your pledge by backing $25 or more before 12 a.m. Monday, November 19th, Pacific time.
When our KS finishes (if we are fully funded, of course) we will confirm everyone who participated and followed through during the above dates specified. For every $25 such persons pledged by the time the KS finishes, that person will receive 1 entry into the sweepstakes.
Furthermore, as each iconic is unlocked, such a person will gain the same amount of entries into additional sweepstakes--one sweepstakes for each unlocked iconic--to win the original WAR painting if that iconic!
That means if all 9 iconics are unlocked, qualified persons will have 10 chances to win an original WAR painting! The cover + the 9 iconics! And yes--you can win more than one!
All you have to do is follow the steps above and be sure to follow through with your Pledge before the end of the day, Pacific Time, Sunday, November 18th!
Thank you, and good luck!

Note: This is not my contest, I am not giving this wonderful art away.  

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pair-A-Dice Halloween event

So, Saturday is the Fanatical Gamer Society Halloween event at Pair-A-Dice Games, I doubt the boys will two-fer the costume contest, but we'll see....Looks like they may be pulling out their plants versus zombies costumes again!

Come and join Pair a Dice Games and the Fanatical Gamers Society for a Halloween Gaming Event. Saturday the 29th of October starting at 7 pm until midnight in our new game room. Entry is $10 per person or $5 if you are wearing a costume. Inside our game room will be game stations where you will learn to play horror themed games, after each game you will earn a ticket. At the end of the evening we will hold a random drawing for door prizes and have a best costume prize.

We hope to see you there so we all can have a ghoulishly good time of gaming!

Date: October 27, 2012

Start Time:6:00 pm
End Time:...

Monday, October 22, 2012

Kickstarter Projects

So couple more kickstarters that have some real promise.

Mutants&Mastermind's 10th anniversary edition (really?? 10 years?? man!)

Monster Hunter International This one sounds pretty cool

Magicians: The Language Learning RPG  Which is already going to be funded, and is an amazing idea, this one is based around Korean, but, could easily be used to teach any language...perhaps.

THIS ONE, man I really wish I could jump on this!!Chibi Dungeon Miniatures


You should recognize many of those figures, A kid Barbarian and his "Uni"corn, plus other recognizable icons of the 80's. These obviously would go excellent with the Super Dungeon Explore Game.

Here's more:

Sunday, October 21, 2012

State of the Blog, Epic

Well today I find myself with little to say, as I've been working on several rules bits the last few days; San Diego Comic Fest is happening this weekend, but with only 1000 attendees max, and no press passes, our current budgetary concerns led me to say no.

Been cleaning up my garage now that it's not 95+ in there getting the game area ready finally. We have played two games of Malifaux in there before it got too hot. I'll be running a test run of Judge Dredd Miniature Game using the 6 cadets I'm painting currently. A 3-on-3 'training' exercise. As I get more miniatures I'll expand it. I also plan on running more Warlands and Rezolution in there as well. Once the game room is fully operational, we should be wargaming every weekend.

I'm actually going to go get the Battletech Record sheets laminated at Lakeshore Learning today as well. Love that place, 29cents per foot, excellent!!

Anyone in the San Diego area interested in a HUGE force of Warhammer 40k stuff? I just need to get rid of it and make a little scratch. I know there are 11 tanks over 100 marines, etc. I also have some I-Guard and Eldar.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Press Release: Gamesmiths LLC

Here's the official press release from Hank Woon:


Game Smiths LLC offers Kickstarter backers their choice of a new campaign setting or RPG system—or both, along with a very long list of stretch goals, in conjunction with renowned fantasy illustrator Wayne Reynolds.

October 15th, 2012

BELLEVUE, WA—Game Smiths LLC, a new indie tabletop RPG publisher based out of Bellevue, WA, has launched a “mock” Kickstarter campaign on their website nearly one month before their actual Kickstarter campaign goes live.

“Our company vision is all about community involvement,” says Hank Woon, Game Smiths’ Managing Member and Editor-in-Chief. “We’re putting our Kickstarter up early to get feedback on both our tier rewards and stretch goals so we can make the real deal as perfect as possible for backers.”

Hank Woon, whose day jobs include screenwriting (with two film credits currently to his name) and working at The Pokémon Company International, has been involved in the tabletop RPG industry for nearly a decade with credits including the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook, Earthdawn Third Edition, Warpath, Dungeon Magazine, and Kobold Quarterly, among others, as well as two published fantasy novels for the Earthdawn campaign setting. For his first efforts with Game Smiths, he is focusing on a new game system as well as a supported campaign setting, turning to other industry professionals to help bring the games to life.

“Wayne Reynolds helped us with our new core rulebook by making a beautiful, beautiful cover (the original of which will be available as its own tier reward in our Kickstarter!), and he’s also participating in our stretch goals by offering to illustrate our 9 iconics for each of our core 9 classes, doing each in turn as we hit our various stretch goal levels. And as each is opened up, the original painting of that iconic will be immediately available as a new, unlocked tier reward as well.

“In addition, our original campaign setting will be available not only in our flagship game system, but also in Pathfinder and Savage Worlds. We want to make all versions as perfect as possible, which is why we enlisted the help of Shane Hensley (Savage Worlds creator) by having him attach his name to an early stretch goal and agreeing to oversee the design the game mechanics for the Savage Worlds version once that goal is reached.”

*THE SAGA OF DRAGON STAR COVER BY Gonzalo “Genzoman” Ordoñez!

The Kickstarter, which is set to run from Monday, November 12th through Friday, December 14th, also has a few other innovations.

“Anyone who pledges at the Adventure Lord level or higher during the first week of our run will receive an extra hard cover copy of the N.R.G. Core Rulebook,” says Craig Guarisco, Game Smiths Creative Director. “And we also have our Black Friday Challenge—if backers unlock all of Wayne Reynolds’s iconics by the end of Black Friday, which is 12 a.m. Saturday, November 24th, then every backer who has pledged $25 or more will receive one 28mm metal mini of each Wayne Reynolds’s iconic, produced by Iron Wind Metals, and everything will come in a beautiful traditional boxed set.”

To learn more about Game Smiths and their Kickstarter, please visit Also be sure to visit their forums at

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Gamesmiths LLC

Hank Wook contacted me letting me know about their new project: (If you don't remember, Hank Woon was the primary writer for the Cathay Setting books for Earthdawn.)

Come check out our new company, Game Smiths LLC!

We are an indie publisher of tabletop roleplaying games and board games and have what we think is a very exciting lineup of new games in development including The N.R.G. System Core Ruleboo
k and The Saga of Dragon Star.

Visit us at where you can watch our pre-launch video, review the beautiful art we've commissioned from some of the best fantasy artists around, and join our forums to discuss and stay in the know on these products and more.

Game Smiths LLC - Forging Realms of Adventure!
 — with Hank Woon and Craig Guarisco.

Their new N.R.G. system is also in Beta Testing:

N.R.G. Core Rulebood

The N.R.G. System is your key to worlds of epic adventures, fantastic dangers, and untold treasures! Within these pages, countless realms lie at your fingertips ready to explore, as well as rules for creating a band of adventurers to seek out lost artifacts, discover forgotten tombs, or battle strange and terrible monsters. Play an elven mage who manipulates powerful arcane energies; a human bladesman whose elegant swordplay leaves his enemies in ruin; a thrall warrior who devastates opponents on the battlefield; or countless other wondrous combinations.
The lean rule system encourages strategy and is designed to keep players engaged during combat, rewarding them for clever tactics and Maneuver selections. Designing a character as he or she increases in power becomes part of the playing experience, allowing for endless customization possibilities and versatility. With the N.R.G. System, Game Masters are free to convert an existing campaign, create their own, or use one of our original remarkable settings, such as The Legends of SinbadTM or The Saga of Dragon StarTM.
The N.R.G. System core rulebook features 8 classes, equipment, and hundreds of player options for detailed customization. Join the adventure today!
After glancing through the Beta, I must say it has elements that are sort of familiar from many other systems, but as a whole, it is very interesting and refreshing. Download the beta preview and make up your own mind.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

JDMG updated

Judge Dredd Miniature game has been updated. I totally geeked about JDMG after this Kickstarter, there's going to be sooo many awesome miniatures to get.

I remember who first got me into Judge Dredd, my gaming buddy Matt, who I met thru the 3x5 card box that GameKeeper used to have.

Here's some of the greens, concept drawing and 3D renderings from the Kickstarter:
Zombie Judge

Judges DeMarco and Anderson


Death, Wally, Klegg, and Aliens
Riot Wagon
Pat Wagon

Citi-Def forces
Fire Wagon

Box Sets

And all the Rest! (including the Manta Prowl Tank)

Review - Judge Dredd Judge's Handbook (MGP)

Judges Handbook (Mongoose Publishing)
System: Traveller
Campaign Setting: Judge Dredd

120page perfect bound softcover. Color cover, B&W interior, with thick paper.

Uncover the secrets of the Justice Department in Mega-City One. Within this book, you will find all the methods, technologies and procedures the judges use to track down criminals. From the forensics of Tek-Div to the Manta Prowl Tank, there is a tool to solve every crime, and your judges have access to them all.

The Justice Department provides new rules and options for judges as they patrol the streets of Mega-City One, and allows them access to the more elite divisions and promotions, allowing them to become Exorcist Judges, join the holocaust Squad, or even Acc-Div! If that is not enough to complete an investigation, then the judges will be happy to try out the latest weapons and equipment, straight from the workshops of Tek-Div.

This is one of those products you almost need if you're playing Judge Dredd games, and I'd say it's must have for a prolonged campaign. Within this handbook lies the secrets of all the divisions of Mega-City One.

Chapter 1: 17...SEVENTEEN character creation 'templates' for creating seasoned judges attached to one of the many specialty divisions, from advanced training of seasoned judges, to common specialties like Heavy Weapons Judge, Riot Squad Judge, Wally Squad (undercover) and COE (covert operations) Judge; to the mostly NPC roles of Harbor Squad, Sector Chief, and SJS Squad (Special Judicial Service (aka Internal Affairs). This one section greatly expands the entire universe of Dredd. Each specialty is just like a standard character creation table, Survival, Training, Requirements, Mishap and events tables. Training in a Specialty Judge role represents 1 year of training. Allowing characters to expand their characters in a quick and easy way, taking them off-camera for a year.

With the way I plan on Running Judge Dredd, ala FATE style, letting the players call their own shots, I was thinking of letting the players roll up the additional characters, so when they call in back-up, they're not calling in NPCs, they're calling in their own secondary characters, with their own back stories, personalities, and skills. This also lets players take more control of Mega-City One. Hell I'd probably occasionally let them bring Dredd in and run him once or twice just for the experience of running Dredd. Of course, they'll also be called in to back-up Dredd occasionally.

Chapter 2: the Equipment chapter, what can I say that I haven't said before, I'm a softy for Gear, junk, weapons, etc. So this chapter is right up my alley. This chapter incudes EVERYTHING from Holocaust Suits, Blast Shield, Riot Shields, and Armor; up to Special Issue Equipment like Cling-Nets, Com-scan, EpiStrip, Modular Repair Kit, and Space Boots. Weapons? Drokk yeah! 35 weapons, from the lowly sawed off stub gun, to the Blockbuster cannon present on the walls of Mega-City One, and the Omni Tank. This adds in most of the rest of the stuff missing from the main rulebook.

Chapter 3: Vehicles & Robots Chapter. 18 vehicles, this encompass the aforementioned Omni Tank, A-, S- and HH-Wagons, and other specialty vehicles of the Justice Department. Three spacehips, the Hubble attack Ship, Justice Pod, and Titan Shuttle make up the rest of the vehicles. Then come the Robots, always the Robots, do you have your Robot Insurance? 8 robots, Large Warbot Droid,

Chapter 4: More details on the Justice Department, Atlantic Division, COE, Immigration, Personel, Space Corps, Street Division, Undercover Divisions, all expanded. A Bunch of Backup units are described, stuff every Judge would know about. Gunbirds, Manta Prowl Tanks, K-unit, Long Gunner (aka sniper), Pursuit Squads, etc. Finally, A Bunch of Sample NPCs are given stat blocks, always useful for a Game Master.

Chapter 5: This flshes out Sector 13, the sample sector given to players to run as their sector, away from Dredd's sector. It gives descriptions, simple maps of most of the Sector House. Everything a growing Judge needs. Including Iso Cubes for those Perps that need putting away. Then, to make the Sector come alive, Dock 13, contacts, perps, and establishments round out the book.

Overall Rating: 18/20 Excellent proof-reading, lots of content, useful for advanced players and any game master running a Judge Dredd campaign.

Value: $29.99 for hard-copy, a bit pricey for a soft-bound at 120 pages, but as it's a supplement that is less used, it's going to cost a bit more. However, the PDF is currently available at Drivethru for $16.79.

Edit: Sorry, the formatting was jacked!

Monday, October 15, 2012

MWO Open Beta....soon

Open Beta for Mechwarrior Online pushed back, but it is coming soon.

Stay tuned, I'll let you know when it's open.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Movie Review - Dredd (spoilers)

OK, so we went to see Dredd the movie. First, we went on bargain tickets that were from the boy's birthday presents, so we didn't pay full price (or anything really). It's a Rated R movie, and it definitely earned that R. It had gore, slow motion gunshot wounds, drugs and sex. It's Mega-City One, it should have all those things and more.

As a movie, it's not bad, as Dredd it's not bad. I wish it weren't a 3D movie, the 45 million dollar budget could have gone a lot farther in making Mega-City One more like the comics, because it just felt, like a big city with some arcologies thrown in to the mix.

The story was Judge Dredd, except I wasn't a big fan of throwing FOUR corrupt Judges into the story for a reboot movie, it's almost like having Judge Dredd take off his helmet. In reality it was a short movie, with a good portion being taken up in "Slo-Mo" scenes. Judge Dredd generally felt like Dredd should feel, using the different Munitions of the Lawgiver. Karl Urban does an excellent job making Dredd feel like Dredd.

Judge Anderson, well she's a movie version, there's no actual reference to PSI division or any other division.
for that matter. The actress does a good job with her, on her Full Eagle day. Slo-Mo was depicted as allowing the brain to enter slow motion in its perception of its surroundings, it would have been nice to see some of the perps on Slo-Mo act a bit more dangerous, if they're perceiving the world moving slower, then reactions should have been 3/4 faster, a couple of near misses based upon their speed would have made Dredd even more heroic.

Oh, and I hated the Lawmasters. They looked CHEAP.

I will own this movie one day and I'd give it a solid 4 Stars.

Movie synopsis from wikipedia:

The future United States is an irradiated waste land known as the Cursed Earth. On the east coast of North America lies Mega-City One, a vast, violent metropolis containing 800 million residents where 17,000 crimes are reported daily and "Slo-Mo", an addictive new drug that slows the user's perception of time to 1% of normal, has been introduced. The only force of order are the Judges, who act as judge, jury, and executioner. Judge Dredd is tasked by the Chief Judge with evaluating rookie Judge Anderson, a psychic who has failed the tests to become a full Judge. Elsewhere, in the 200-story slum tower block Peach Trees, drug lord Madeline Madrigal, known as Ma-Ma, infuses three men with Slo-Mo and throws their skinned bodies from the top of the tower. Dredd and Anderson respond and learn of a drug den, which they assault. They arrest Kay, one of Ma-Ma's henchmen, after Anderson psychically detects his involvement in the murders. To prevent Kay being removed from the building and interrogated about her operation, Ma-Ma's forces seize the tower's security control room and seal the building using its blast shields under the pretense of a security test, preventing the Judges from leaving or summoning help.

Ma-Ma orders Dredd's and Anderson's deaths. Several groups of armed men unsuccessfully try to kill the pair as the Judges proceed through the building with Kay to find safety. After arriving at one floor, the Judges are assaulted by Ma-Ma and her men using gatling guns that cut through the building's concrete walls and residents. The gunfire damages one of the tower's outer walls, allowing the Judges to call for backup. Ma-Ma sends her right-hand man Caleb to confirm the Judges' deaths. Dredd throws Caleb from the tower in full view of Ma-Ma.

Suspicious of Ma-Ma's motives for obliterating an entire floor, Dredd beats Kay for information. Anderson intervenes and uses her abilities to read Kay's mind. She learns Peach Trees is the center of Slo-Mo production and distribution. Anderson suggests they hide while awaiting assistance but Dredd insists on moving up the tower in pursuit of Ma-Ma. Judges Volt and Guthrie respond to Dredd's call, but are unable to access the tower when Ma-Ma's computer expert persuades the pair that call is part of the security drill. While Dredd and Anderson are confronted by armed children, Kay escapes, takes Anderson hostage and brings her to Ma-Ma's base on the 200th floor.

While Dredd works his way toward Ma-Ma, she bribes the corrupt Judges Lex, Kaplan, Chan, and Alvarez to kill Dredd. After meeting Chan, Dredd notices that he does not ask about Anderson's status, instigating a fight in which Chan is killed. Kay dies when he attempts to execute Anderson with her own weapon, triggering an explosive failsafe when it does not recognize its wielder. Anderson escapes and meets Kaplan, whom she kills after reading her mind. Elsewhere, Dredd kills Alvarez but runs out of ammunition and is shot by Lex. Anderson arrives and kills Lex as he prepares to finish Dredd. The pair obtain the code to Ma-Ma's apartment via her hacker and confront her. Anderson is wounded by one of Ma-Ma's men. Ma-Ma informs Dredd that a device on her wrist will detonate explosives on the top floors upon her death and destroy the building. Dredd, believing the signal will not reach the top floor's explosives through the tower's concrete floors and walls from below, forces Ma-Ma to ingest Slo-Mo and throws her from the building to her death. In the aftermath. Anderson accepts she has failed her evaluation by being disarmed, and leaves. The Chief Judge asks Dredd about Anderson's performance. He responds that she has passed.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dredd Kickstarter funded

Wow, it came in at just over $100k.
$101,457 to be exact.

I did back it as a lowly Troggie...just $4. Oh well, had I won the lottery on Friday I would have done like $2k LOL.

I did receive my Mongoose Infantry demo reward books and minis however. Woot, started painting my cadets which I'll be using for starter mini demos and for the RPG demo.

I plan on doing a Full Eagle Day scenario, where characters in their 3rd term (15years old in the Dredd system) head out to the Cursed Earth, to see what it's like beyond the walls of MegaCity One. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Judge Dredd Kickstarter STREEEEETTTTCH

The next Kickstarter stretch goal with 41 hours to go...$80k (sorry if you don't like Kickstarter or mini games, I this is exciting to me!)

Bike MADNESS!!!!

If we can count on your support up to $80,000, we have something quite special for you all. First off, we will introduce not two, not three, but four new box sets, each featuring a biker gang so you can take to the Megways among the ground cars, mo-pads and Lawmasters, and wreck havoc at over 200 mph! We will add a Street Gang (punks and juves) on bikes, an Ape Biker Gang (okay, I admit, that is an addition made purely for myself!), Renegade Robots on Bikes and, finally, Zombies on Bikes (with Zombie Master/Mistress)!

These sets will be added as choices for Rookie, Street Judge and Wally Squad levels. The Council of Judges pledges will receive one Biker set of their choice in addition to everything else (and can still choose others as part of their box set options). Sector Chief and Chief Judge levels will automatically receive all four!

But that is not all...

We will also do the legendary biker Spikes Harvey Rotten on a Lawmaster, as featured on his trip with Dredd across the Cursed Earth. He will be added to Council of Judges, Sector Chief and Chief Judge levels.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Judge Dredd Block Wars Kickstarter update

With 50 hours remaining, JDMG- Block War Kickstarter passes Stretch Goal 15, at 70k!!! Wonder what Stretch Goal 16 will be???

If, in the last hours of this Kickstarter project, we can count on your support to $70,000, we will add three Heroes of Mega-City One; Judge Giant, Fergee and a Judge from the Space Corps. The first two have been instrumental in literally saving the city, while the unknown judge from the Space Corps keeps a constant, vigilant eye out for threats beyond the Earth.

Rookie and Street Judge level pledges will each receive a choice of one of these fine Heroes. Wally Squad, Council of Judges, Sector Chief and Chief Judge levels will automatically receive all three!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Review - Judge Dredd Miniature Game

With the Judge Dredd Miniature Game Kickstarter coming down to the last 3 days, I have decided to do an initial review of the FREE miniature rulebook.

Judge Dredd

The rules are quite simple, consisting of 4 pages for the basic rules. It's a d10 based system instead of the d6 system that most miniature games use. I like that the game includes a campaign system similar to that of Necromunda, but with 25 levels of advancement for heroes! It's not as a robust of system as Necromunda, but it's close, I wish there were underdog rules, instead of having forces be equal cred values. I do like the minion rules, simple, survive 5 games, and they become heroes.

Characteristics are pretty simple: 
Move: Simple movement in inches.
Agility: Used for dodging shooting attacks and also for jumping gaps.
Shoot: This is the shooting and throwing skill modifier
Melee: Melee skill modifier
Melee Dice: Number of dice that you roll in melee combat.
Will: This is the mental toughness, for resisting arrest checks, psychic powers and other will related checks.
Armour: Ranging from 0 to as high as +7 for Heavy Holocaust Suits this value is added to the d10 armour roll, minus Armour Piercing, if the total is greater than 10, the armour saves. Pretty simple
Hits: Pretty simple, these are effectively hit points, most models have one, Judge Dredd, being a Level 20 Merc, has 22 points!! A Fattie has 6 hits, which is a lot for a minion.

Play switches from Player to Player, One side moving all of their models, then the other.Actions in the basic game are also simple. 2 actions per turn for each figure. A figure must use both actions before moving to the next model. Actions are as follows, Move, Shoot, Melee (including a Move & Attack action), or Special.

Shooting is interesting, because Rate of Fire is figured in with the Shooting Dice on the weapon so a Zip Gun has 3d Shooting dice, and Damage 1, with a 0 AP (3d/1/0). Lawgivers that Judges use are the most versatile weapon, as they should be, with a selection of 7 different rounds, Standard (2d/2/-1), Armor Piercing (1d/1/-4), Gas(1d/1/- explosive 2/gas), Heatseeker(1d/1/-1 ignores cover), Hi Explosive(1d/3/-2 explosive 1), Incendiary(1d/1/0 flames), Rubber Ricochet(1d/1/0 weak, but 5d/1/0 inside a building. This variety completely encompasses Judge Dredd.

The variety of forces continues the trend, by representing the extensive universe of Judge Dredd, from Robots to Mutants & Zombies from the Cursed Earth. Forces can also draw on Mercs (though, for the Justice Department, these are mostly forces also drawn from the Justice department, just not Street Judges.

Other Force Lists in JDMG, include, Street Gang, Mobsters, Ape Gang, Fattie Stampede, Cursed Earth Desperadoes, Sky Surfer Gangs, The Lone Vigilante, The Angel Gang, Cheif Judge Caligula's Personal Retinue, Zombie Horde, and Renegade Robots. (Additional forces are available in the Block Wars expansion.)

Heroes in JDMG gain Talents, these really make the game feel like Judge Dredd. An example of a Judge Dredd feeling talent, would be the Bike Wheelie...This,  judge only,  talent lets the Judge ride down perps while pulling a wheelie for defense. The bike does 3 dmg but also grants the Judge a +2 armour bonus. These talents are very much like feats in OGL games, many having prerequisites.

I'm really looking forward to playing this game, with it's talent system, psi powers, and overall Judge Dredd-iness, the game really captures the atmosphere of the world of Mega-City One. The best part is you can check it out for FREE, read through the rules, see if it's something you want to play, if it is, maybe jump in and support the Kickstarter, Some sweet Block Wars vehicles up for the next Stretch Goal of $66,666, 4 grand and 3 days to go.

Note: I haven't had a chance to play the system, so this is an overview of the rules, the feel of the rules, based upon 2 decades of experience with wargames. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday Updates

So today I'll be updating some previous threads, for now,

The Judge Dredd Miniatures Block War Kickstarter is approaching 60k, with 4 days remaining.

more updates to follow later this evening.

DCCRPG Contest, 23 days remain for the DCCRPG design contest. Entries are due by  October 31st.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Reviews - The Dungeon Alphabet (Goodman Games)

As I needed a quick review to do, without a lot of analysis of game rules and such (like I have to do with any of the Abandoned Arts Class Acts supplements), I decided to review The Dungeon Alphabet tonight.

The Dungeon Alphabet (Goodman Games)
System-less reference supplement.

Designing dungeons is as easy as A, B, C! The Dungeon Alphabet compiles twenty-six classic dungeon design elements in one place to assist the game master in creating subterranean challenges. A is for Altar, B is for Books, and C is for Caves: the Dungeon Alphabet has advice, hints, and randomized tables that bring new life to your adventures. Suitable for any rules system, the entries are accompanied by outstanding art from classic fantasy illustrators, with a foreword by noted game designer Zeb Cook. 

This is a great little supplement. Whether you're needing something fast, like a book title, or you're trying to design a classic feeling adventure, this is great reference. For example; You know you want the treasure to be hidden, so you open up to N for "No Stone left Unturned", and roll on the Hidden In/By table with a d20, rolling a 15 you determine the gem is hidden inside a fireplace, hidden under the ashes or stashed in the chimney.
This book gives lots of advice for making OSR more fun, and frankly, even newer systems can benefit from this. Actually with this book, you can make those newer games less sterile, and more fun, because, while there have been some amazing advances in the rules systems, some of the newer mods have lost it, which is why I really like DCCRPG so much lately.

The book features some amazing artwork which definitely invokes in my mind, the incredible worlds of the old school dungeons, with classic feeling artwork by Erol Otus, Jeff Easley, Jim Holloway & Jim Roslof, how can you NOT be inspired?

This is a hard-bound book, with a low $9.99 price tag. Or $7.99 for PDF at DrivethruRPG. It's fun, and filled with great tables, and advice.

Critical Hit! 20/20

Now, I remember seeing that a Dungeon Alphabet 2 is in the works also, that will be sweet.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Reviews - Judge Dredd RPG (Mongoose)

JUDGE DREDD RPG (Mongoose Publishing)

Mega-City One - a vast metropolis where each of 360 million citizens is a potential lawbreaker. Patrolling these mean streets are the judges, tough lawmen of the future, trained to keep the peace and equipped to take on the criminals of the 22nd Century. Toughest of them all is Judge Dredd, for he is the Law, and you'd better believe it creep!

Judge Dredd is a new setting for the Traveller roleplaying game, in which you take on the role of Mega-City One judges, patrolling the streets astride your Lawmaster bike, ready to defend the city's civilians against an array of foes.

Lavishly detailed as a full colour hardback, Judge Dredd will take your Traveller games to somewhere they have never been before!

JUDGE DREDD requires the use of the TRAVELLER Rulebook, conveniently available in Little Rulebook format for $20.

I must say, having run generic TRAVELLER several times now, I'm REALLY looking forward to running the Hot Dog Run scenario I'm prepping for JUDGE DREDD  I have seen the older Dredd editions, and this one is by far the Best I've seen so far.

Chapter 1: Character creation
Using the TRAVELLER style character creation starting at age 5 instead of 18, using full d66 for event tables. Term 1 is age 5-8, Term 2 is 9-12, Term 3 (age 13-16) is where the creation really starts getting interesting, this is where the character ends up with a Judge division, Psi, Tek, Med or Street Judge, culminating in the mandatory Hot Dog run. Each division has its own Mishap tables as well. Term 4 is the final term, culminating in Full Eagle Day. Fifteen years of training, put to the test on the actual streets of Mega-City 1, under the eye of a  Full Judge, who assesses whether the candidate has what it takes to be a Judge. This character creation makes a stronger starting character than the Traveller character, but that's good since most starting characters in Traveller wouldn't last long as a Judge.

Chapter 2: Skills & Special Techniques
This chapter lays out news skills and special techniques, which are like Feats in the OGL system. A very good additional system for bringing the life of  a Judge together. These special techniques make the Judges feel like they're a step above the rest of the populace, and provide lots of opportunities for for role-playing, and making each judge feel a bit more unique as most starting characters will have only 1 or 2 from 21 different techniques. Short but jam packed chapter.

Chapter 3: The Justice Department
Every player not fully familiar with Judge Dredd should read this chapter, It would be basic information every cadet should know after having spent 15 years in the Academy. This chapter starts to bring the world of Mega-City 1 to life.

Chapter 4: I am the Law
Most people probably think playing a judge means executing wrong-doers immediately, however, playing Lawful Stupid in Judge Dredd is a good way to get yourself executed by another Judge. Often the perps will be captured alive, and have to be transported to a holding post for questioning and sentencing. A great portion of the chapter is dedicated to laying out the codes, section and what the sentencing is. (This would be a good handout for players to have, letting them flip through the codes to mete out justice.) Backup indicates what kind of help a Judge may call on when they're in over their head. Lastly the "Mega Rackets" are covered, this is the organized crime portion, and always a good opponent for a good group of Judges.

Chapter 5: Equipment
You got it, the chapter on the equipment, from the Lawgiver, the Lawmaster and Judge standard issue equipment, wonderful detail is presented here, with 3D CGI renderings of many weapons. One of the great things about Judge Dredd is 35 years of gadgets to give characters, challenging the characters which gadget to use to proceed in the game. Food, accommodations, illegal paraphernalia, etc is covered, a great book with plenty in it.

Chapter 6: Megways and Skedways
You can't get around MegaCity One without knowing the terms, From the Judge's Lane, to the Megway to an Eeziglide, this chapter covers it all, and the vehicles which travel on said 'ways.

Chapter 7: Mega-City One
Twenty Eight pages of coverage for Mega-City One and the rest of the Earth, from Cursed Earth, to East Meg One, Atlantis, and out to the Space Colonies. It covers recreation, sports and daily life. There's a section on tips for bringing th  mega-city to life, which unless you've lived in Hong Kong, New York or other mega city, you will have trouble imagining it at all. It has a couple of charts to help

Chapter 8: Thought Crimes
This is the Psionics chapter, which Psionics are a bit different than Traveller psions, but they operate under the same general rules.

Chapter 9: Crazies, Fatties, Muties and Perps
The monster book...From classic Dredd villains like Judge Death and the Angel Family to generic crazies, muties and perpetrators of crime. Plenty of charts help round it out, letting you make a plethora of baddies to challenge your Judges.

Chapter 10: Robots
With events such as the Robot Wars, and Walter the servant robot, it's bound to have robots, with a couple of Charts and Lots of Robot stat blocks.

Chapter 11: Mac's Database

A Timeline chapter. pretty straight forward, especially useful if you haven't read 30 years of Dredd.

Chapter 12: Sector 13
A Sample Sector for players to run in. It's not Dredd's sector. Population 1.5 million. With that many people to care for, there should be plenty for characters to do.With the following Blocks: Buzz Aldrin block, Jon Bon Jovi Block, Jimmy Gandolfini, and Bruce Springsteen block among others, interject it with an additional Justin Beiber Block that houses the worst scumbags in the sector and you've got a place to run.

Artwork:  This is a full color book, with lots of artwork from the comics, beautiful full  city panorama which make help bring the immensity of the city to mind.

Family Rating: Teen (The world of Mega-City 1 is a brutal place, with Block Wars, senseless violence due to boredom and various other wars, the players will have to make moral decisions about killing and violence in a non-fantasy setting, against humans, most often.)

Cost: $49.95 Print Version ($29.99 for PDF at Drive Thru RPG)

Value: If you're a role-player and you're a JUDGE DREDD fan this is a must have. It's gorgeous, well written and a classic, using TRAVELLER rules makes it simple to run.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Walking Dead Season 2

Oh Yeah, Season 2 of Walking Dead is on NetFlix....suhweeeeeet.

Really makes me want to run Zombie game since it IS October now...Wish I had a copy of Outbreak Undead, I got to play it at Gam3rCon 2011, and man that was very memorable. Walking Dead does a great job of bringing the dangers of the ZomPocalypse to the TV. Now I don't NEED Outbreak Undead to play a Zombie Game, but it is a good system, especially since you can create yourself on their website. I can run a good Zombie game in basically any system, I mean I've done it in both Paranoia, and Basic Traveller.

Your Zombie Survival Plan will FAIL!

I especially liked the Traveller scenario, because I made it plausible in a hard science manner, a Viral syndrone which causes the adrenal gland to switch on. Creating superior strength and speed, while making the victims exceptionally famished so the primal nature of the individual takes over, seeking sustenance.