Monday, May 13, 2013

Earthdawn Appreciation Day June 14th, 2013 (Official Launch)

On June 14th we will be celebrating one of the best Role-Playing Games to ever be produced (In my opinion). How can you participate? By creating some new and fun content for Earthdawn and posting it to your blog, G+ or by emailing your submission to me at on June 14th. Reply to this post to add your blog to the blogroll of participants. The Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day had over 100 blogs participating, I'd be happy with that many.

FASA Games, Inc has put up some prize support,
via Drivethru RPG with 100% discount vouchers. (requires valid email address)
First prize = choice of any 4 Earthdawn PDFs
Second prize = choice of any 2 Earthdawn PDFs
Third prize = choice of any 1 Earthdawn PDFs
product from the current or back-catalogs
I will have the Following Earthdawn alumni as Guest Judges, Steven Black, Andrew Ragland, and Hank Woon.

Create new original content for Earthdawn (Including Savage Worlds and Pathfinder editions). This can include, but is not limited to:
Thread Items
Card Games
Charts & Tables
Mundane Flora and Fauna
New Disciplines 
New Sections of the Map (South Africa, Antarctica, Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu, Australia, North/South America, Greenland...The Moon, Mars?)
New Settings (Using Earthdawn Rules in a new setting)
New Talents
System Conversions (Earthdawn Setting in different ruleset.)

I'm setting the date to June 14th, 2013. Entries should be done by midnight on the 14th, so we can use the cool new material for the Free RPG Day!!!

NOTE! All content submitted for Earthdawn Appreciation Day remains your intellectual property, I will lay no claim to your IP nor responsibility for any copyright infringement you commit. If I am informed that your entry infringes on someone else IP, the entry will be disqualified and the Link removed. No Challenge is created to the Earthdawn Intellectual properties, all IP remains the property of their respective copyright holders. All rules subject to change.

If you wish to release your work under CCNA, add a rider to your work stating that it is released under Creative Commons.

If you wish to participate, put a link to your blog in the comments of this post, I will create a separate blogroll  specifically for EAD2013. Multiple entries will be allowed, however remember, that more is not always better, entries should be really impressive, a single well written article will beat out multiple poorly written articles. Note also, that only 1 prize will be awarded per person, so even if you enter 5 amazing pieces, you can still only win 1 prize. Though the community will love it, and the Judges will see it as well. 
 (I'm still looking for additional sponsors as well, so if you'd like your name attached to this fun project, something as little as a $5 gift certificate prize would be a welcome addition. Contact me at the email address above.)

EDIT: If you're going to participate and just send your entry in, PLEASE still let me know so I can keep track of how many people are participating. It may help in getting additional sponsors.


  1. Count in!

  2. Excellent, our first Sign-on, welcome aboard Mark!

  3. Take your pick!

  4. Awesome Brian, Pick your best ones to enter. I'll go ahead and put you on the blog list.

  5. As my friend and I have no blog, we are submitting to you our entry for the Earthdawn Appreciation day 2013.
    Years ago Redbrick LLC enacted an “Open Call” for new Legends & new Heroes as per the Earthdawn original line title Legends of Earthdawn, where the Legend was a story and the supplemental chapter laid out the Thread item, or adventure idea and laid out the game mechanics for it.
    We submitted the Legend, but the “Open Call” was continuously back-burnered and eventually scrapped.

    We even went so far as to record the legend to audio, complete with music another friend composed, and had Redbrick post a sample of it on the message board.
    So once again, we submit to you the “Legend of Rune & Songblade”… Both written and audio versions...