Sunday, July 27, 2014

Gam3rCon 2014 was made of awesome!

OK, so that was the best Gam3rCon thus far. I might be biased because I brought home the BIG PRIZE from the Loot Room (a Mountain Bike from MRI Performance.)

Sean picked up a Digital download of Alan Wake, and a copy of the Star Wars Age of Rebellion game. Ian went all in with his points on a pair of gamer glasses.

On Saturday Ian rocked the Duck Hunt tournament (best in 5 rounds) scoring 69,500 points after 3 perfect rounds and missing very few ducks in rounds 4 and 5. I did not do as well, only scoring 2,500 points, landing me in a solid 3rd to last.

I ran Judge Dredd every day using my new Karl Urban block for a Full Eagle Day evaluation. The judges have it hard with Judge Morgan needing to take out at least 1 ganger AND not be killed in order to pass the evaluation. After a dozen games or so, it was nearly even.

I have a new favorite DCC RPG module after running Prince Charming, Reanimator. I enjoyed it so much I'm going to have to locate my EX1 and EX2 old school modules (Dungeonland & Through the Magic Mirror.) What's amazing is I believe that the Transylvanian Adventures rules could be used to run it as well.

We culminated the week with watching  the Radioactive Chickenheads!

That's all for now, Gam3rCon was made of Awesome, and I can't wait til next year.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Gam3rCon Day 3

The fun continues tomorrow at Gam3rCon.

The great prize room has lots of prizes including Magic Cards, Think Geek items, a WikiPad, USAopoly games, Steve Jackson Games, and much much more. There's a scavenger hunt, daily video game tournaments, on modern systems, a Ouya, and the retrocade.

I will be running Judge Dredd from noon-2pm again tomorrow. So far I've had 9 or 10 people come by and give it a try. Reception has been great.

Transylvanian Adventures will be happening tomorrow as well. Ass-kicking Gothis horror is the tagline for this amazing DCC setting. Much crunchier than Standard DCC but it really captures the feel retro horror.

Gam3rCon continues Day 2

Gam3rCon proper may be going on right now, but every month this year, there's been a Gam3day as well. Usually just a 9-hour event (noon-9) on a Sunday (YEAH! Free Parking!!!!) for location and costs. (Dress for heat, as the building is OLD, and it gets HOT.)

Join the Gam3rCon meetup to watch for those days. ($5 if you're just there to play, but FREE if you're running a game)

WiggityBang Games is a  sponsor this year, and They have a Kickstarter running for a new game called Alpha Bandits.(It has funded already, but with 6 days to go there's plenty of Stretch goals to hit.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

San Diego Comic Con/Gam3rCon starts TODAY

In about 2:15 minutes the wave of geekery descends upon San Diego.

If you're going to Comic Con...enjoy, and be safe out there, feel free to drop by Gam3rCon as well. While not a HUGE event, it is part of the overall SDCC experience.

I will be running Judge Dredd daily at Gam3rCon using my new (though not 100% complete) Karl Urban block. (So if you see Karl Urban at Comic Con, let him know...I'd love to run a game of JDMG for him.

Same with anyone at the 2000AD booth.

Anyway more prep-work to do. And I need to arrive early enough to drop off the Table.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Still alive

Hey all,

Been really busy actually gaming in addition to working, Gam3rCon is coming up next week, so I'm busy prepping for that as well.

I will be running Judge Dredd Minis 12-2 Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday.

Saturday I will be running DCC RPG Transylvanian Adventures heavily modified Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh.