Tuesday, December 17, 2013

IndieGoGo Campaign for ConTessa

Fundraising for Additional ConTessa!! 8 days remain on the IndieGoGo campaign, so get out there and suppport your local girl.

Here's a little bit on it, and you can read the rest on IndieGoGo

About ConTessa's Founder
Stacy Dellorfano has been kicking around the tabletop world since her days as a delinquent band geek in High School, skipping class to hide in the band room and play AD&D with her friends.
In the late 90s and early naughties, she worked in the video games industry, spending her late nights patching up games like EverQuest and writing translation tools to make awesome games in other languages. While her day job is now outside the gaming industry, she is also pursuing her newest secondary job as a publisher of tabletop RPGs and related merchandise and events, including her own RPG, Precious Dark.
Getting more women into tabletop RPGs is near and dear to Stacy's heart. Her passion is bringing the ideas, talent, and enthusiasm of all of those women out of the shadows and into the light, where they belong. She's dedicated to not only bringing the RPG industry into the modern world of web and software development, but also providing platforms for new and up-and-coming designers and developers to showcase and expand their amazing work.
About ConTessa
ConTessa is an apolitical space for women to lead their own tabletop gaming convention, deciding which games they want to run and which panels they want to moderate. ConTessa is a celebration showcasing women who play, create, and love tabletop games.
In addition, it provides women with an outlet to experience gaming as gamers, setting aside for a few fun-filled days the women's issues discussions that often dominate our time and energy in the hobby. While women run all aspects of ConTessa, anyone can join in the fun - playing in games, joining a panel, or watching events. The convention is held online, spanning the globe, open to all. Google Hangouts keeps things accessible - no need for a high-end computer or expensive specialized equipment, just click and play.
ConTessa Registration Central
This year, we're adding a new tool that allows you to view events, sign up to play or attend, and manage your schedule - all from a central location. Modern and user-friendly design is important to us, but it takes time and skill. Your support will help us build the best version possible, using modern web development practices and technologies. You can check it out, here, now, and register new events early!

ConTessa Blog & Archives
The ConTessa Blog is home to all of our news and announcements, as well as a central clearinghouse for news and updates about women in gaming. The blog also stores the archives of our previous games, panels, and events, allowing people to watch at their leisure. You can help with maintenance costs by supporting this ConTessa campaign.
We strive to make ConTessa professional and polished, and that includes paying for high-quality artwork and marketing to deliver a one-of-a-kind online gaming experience. It isn't the cheapest way to go, but we think it is worth it to broaden the appeal and attract new players to online gaming.
ConTessa merchandise makes great door prizes. Our swag was extremely popular during ConTessa 2013, and we're expanding the program this year....