Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Gam3rCon & Beyond

So Gam3rCon was fun despite the changeover of coordination which lead to some confusion.

Prize support was great this year. THREE PS4s were given away at the con. One was available via Dragon Coins (and went immediately when they changed it from 1 person getting enough coins to get it to being able to combine coins, which we would have been able to do first night.)

The second was a Raffle Prize, Which one of the DCC Community, Mario Torres won!

The Third was the most exciting, it was a Drawn to Death version and was the top prize for the Gam3rLympics event, which included Mario Kart 8, Kubb, Star Wars XWing, Sorry and several other events. Ian finished 3rd.

To be a more modern blogger, I now have an Instagram account, and that will be my primary blogging. I think I'll try out some YouTube for reviews as well. My Instagram is epic_rpg_blog, follow me if you follow me here.

I have decided to stay with EpicRPGBlog for the site.