Wednesday, August 27, 2014

RPG-A-Day #27 - New Edition

Game I'd like to see improved/new edition!
Well this is related to my dislike of the antiquated Palladium MDC system. I would really love to see RIFTS allow conversion books to other systems. Rifts has always been one of my favorite settings. But I like FAST combat, I also feel that having to stop and repair your armor after every encounter is not fun.

The world is full of challenges, magic, technology, a fascist government, and plenty of weird. It's a wonderful world, which would be amazing to play in other systems.

RPG-a-Day Catch-up: Days 11-17

Day #11 – Weirdest RPG Owned
Weirdest RPG Owned, That’s a tough one. I don’t consider any of the RPGs I won to be really weird. So while Weird War II actually has WEIRD in the title. I think CthulhuTech actually gets the nod as the strangest. Combining the Horror of the Mythos and The ability to fight them with Mecha and Guyvers effectively. Very strange, yet very cool.

Day#12 – Old RPG you still read/play 
Paranoia, Originally published while I was still in high school, this is still the most fun game that I still get to play. I own the 2nd edition box, but run the MGP publishing XP edition. Runner up is Earthdawn,

Day#13 – Most memorable Character Death
We were playing Black Hand low generation vampires in VtM. I can't for the life of me remember the character's name; something Toreador-esque.  We entered into the enemies hideout, and were attacked by an Abomination, I utterly botched my dodge roll and had my neck broken, and then impacted the steel door killing my 10th generation vampire in 1 attack...

 Day#14 – Best Convention Purchase

Day#15 – Favorite Convention Game
Paranoia is normally my favorite, but I got to play FATE Day after Ragnarok with Morgan Ellis and Ian at OrcCon this year. I got to play Frank Frazetta, young barbarian!! Ian was playing the Grease Monkey...Cailey.. I remember leaping from our moving truck onto the pursuing vehicle running across and lopping the head off the man on the Machinegun pintle mount with a single swing. Frank Frazetta also made a deal for a case nitroglycerin.

FATE is such a great game when you have the right people playing. It's a great game for 1-shots as well.

Day#16 – Game I wish I owned.
I guess I wish I had my Elfquest box set back. When I was clearing out games when I was low on cash, that was one that went.We're all big fans of ElfQuest to this day.

Day#17 – Funniest game I’ve played
Paranoia, one of the most fun games to actually play at a convention. You don’t need to know the rules, in fact, you’re not supposed to know the rules. There’s no rules lawyering, just plain old backstabbing fun.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

RPG-a-Day Day 26 - Favorite Character Sheet

By far, my favorite character sheet is the Numenera Character sheet.  It's gorgeous!

Friday, August 22, 2014

RPG-a-Day - Playing Catch-up (Days 1-10)

As you know I came to the show late....

So here's some catch-up:

Day#1 - First RPG Played
AD&D – 1983. Walked out to lunch, saw the guys from my GATE class sitting at the lunch tables looking at a book. Iain Shigeoka, Mike Shaw, Jeff Partridge; thanks.

Day#2 - First RPG Gamemastered
AD&D – 1983. I think the first game I ever ran was a Monty Haul dungeon crawl with a neighbor.

Day#3 - First RPG Purchased
AD&D Player’s Handbook. I had to have my own Player’s Handbook.

Day#4 – Most recent RPG Purchased
Not sure if The Strange counts for most recent purchased, as it was my Kickstarter reward. I also picked up Usagi Yojimbo RPG weekend before last.

Day#5 – Most Old School RPG I Own
Considering that I still own my original PHB/DMG/MM, it would be my AD&D books.

Day#6 – Favorite RPG I never get to play
This is a tough one, I love playing Earthdawn, but you need a great GM to run it. I don’t get to play in Earthdawn Games. I don’t get to play except at Cons generally, as I’m usually running.

Day#7 – Most ‘Intellectual’ RPG Owned
I used to own Phoenix Command/Living Steel, this had to be the most complex and intellectually designed game I’ve ever seen. Table after Table, too much for me. 

Day #8 – Favorite Character
It has to be per system. In DCC my favorite character is Bub, my 4 Int Halfling Gypsy, who didn’t quite make it. In Earthdawn it was Txoro, the T’Skrang Warrior who became so much more. In Pathfinder Marra, my teenaged Inquisitor, who lost someone dear to her when she was a member of Lamm’s Lambs. I love creating characters with true character, and memorable traits.

Day #9 – Favorite Die/Die Set
I have to say, 2d10. Nice pyramid curve, which can be used to replace nearly any d20 roll (except tables from 1-1-20)

Day #10 – Favorite Tie-in Novels.
Eberron – City of Towers. The novels that Keith Baker himself penned. They did an excellent job of bringing the campaign setting to life.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Just like Harry...


It's amazing how in gaming you can get stuck in a rut, which can be very hard to get out of. Many people spend most their time playing the ONE game. I'm definitely ADD when it comes to gaming. So much so that sometimes it's hard to stick to a single system for any length of time. I have hundreds of ideas racing through my brain, but it's hard to get the entire idea out and accomplished before the next one hits.

The cool part of it is that I LOVE to experience new systems. Thanks to this blog, I've been able to attend lots of conventions, play in lots of different games. I personally love FATE because I've gotten to play FATE with Mike Olson, Morgan Ellis, and Chris Czerniak. I love DCC because it harkens back to the gonzo old school gaming without the Monty Haul treasure hoard.  (even though it uses the much reviled d20.) I think for me it doesn't matter as much for DCC because it's a more light hearted game. In a story telling game I don't want to have a linear chance at failure.

That d20 is one of the reasons I fell out of love of Pathfinder. In addition to rules glut. Too much!!!

Eventually, I will get time to work on my 2d10 system, based upon the SRD....but for now a quick tweak here and there for some games helps. 2d10 for Numenera for example.

RPG-a-Day Day 21 - Favorite Licensed RPG

I'm a bit late coming to this party. (I will play catch-up this weekend.)

Favorite Licensed RPG.

This is one of those categories where it's very difficult to make a decision. There are so many amazing products for licensed properties.

I have to make my decision merely based upon, how well the system emulates the IP.

My Favorite is definitely Dresden Files. The FATE system seems to emulate the world of Dresden amazingly.

Dresden Files on Drivethru Bundle

Honorable Mentions 
Judge Dredd (Mongoose Publishing) Traveller System

Robotech RPG (Palladium Books)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Palladium Books)
Black Company (Green Ronin)
007 (Victory Games)
Star Wars (WEG)
Star Trek

Monday, August 18, 2014



So I turned in an outline for the Malmart catalog, unfortunately, I was suffering from a pulled Hamstring as well. Therefore I've been recovering from that, lots of energy being sapped for that.

We did get a chance to run some DCC RPG at the Summer Gaming Club at the Library. I ran the first half of Prince Charming, reanimator. I love that adventure.

Next week is the last week of Summer Gaming club.

I've been talking with Mario Torres about doing an interesting project for a cool accessory.

Monday, August 4, 2014


With Gam3rCon behind us, and one big convention remaining in the year, I'm feeling recharged and ready to rock.

The Strange is on the way, and the PDF looks GORGEOUS!!! Can't wait to get the full book in my hands. from what I've seen of the PDF just glancing through, it's just full of gorgeous artwork.

Monte Cook games is producing some of the most incredible work I've ever seen. The system (aside from the 1d20, which Monte even thought of using 2d10) is great and innovative.

I should have my copy of IZ2.0 on my doorstep in a few days.

All these great games, any one want to Patreon me so I can just play games ALL day..I only need around 50k/ year =D