Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hark, NerdCon approaches

   This weekend is NerdCon (check the banner on the page), if you're in San Diego you might want to check it out. We missed it last year because we decided to go to EsCon, which was very fun. But this year, they're not on the same day, thus we're going to hit the Escondido Center for the Arts and see what it's all about.

   Last year it was one day only, but it was a huge success and is both weekends now. If you're still playing Pokemon Go, well expect lots of lures to be down at Grape Day park, which is where the Center for the Arts is.

   Word of caution, traditionally, Grape Day is a large park and as such you should be on the alert for danger.

   I will report back on the gaming if any that is to be had at the convention. I will also be posting pictures on my InstaGram. epic_rpg_blog i have 14 followers, let's get MORE.

   I'm also going to be expanding to the YouTubes later as well, for video reviews, unboxing and game reports.