Monday, December 22, 2014

Happy [Insert Holiday here] To everyone. [Mouth of Madness Lib]

[Day of the year]
[Real Holiday]
[Made-up Holiday],
[Make-up your own holiday]
[Mythological creature]
[Plural Noun]

So it's the end of the we are now in single digits remaining.

So everyone at EpicRPGBlog is wishing you an [adjective] [Day of the year]. Whether it's [Real Holiday], [Made-up Holiday], opr [Make-up your own holiday]. You know when [Mythological creature] comes down your chimney, with a bag full of [Plural Noun] as presents, it's the End of the Year. So make sure you leave a nice tray of [Food], and [Liquid], as a sacrifice to (same mythological creature).

Again, have a ([adjective] [Day of the year]).

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Monthly check-in

So many things happening so hard to keep up.

Some quick updates:

Got Through the Breach. I'm very excited to play. So many possibilities.

Played in Bill Meyer's DCC Game at Villainous Lair, that was a blast...I was playing the Warrior with the 18 luck, and no brains.

There's a Holiday themed DCCRPG game on Sunday this weekend...sounds like fun!

Got lots of Gaming goodies for the boys for[redacted]