Monday, October 31, 2011

Super Dungeon Explore...First Foray

All Set-up...Kobold Warrens with 2 spawn points, Sean is playing the Druid, Ian is playing the Paladin.

Good to go!

The Druid uses his first action to pop the treasure chest, then uses his brambles to slow the kobolds.
The Paladin moves toward the spawn point but doesn't have the movement to reach it.

On the Second Turn, The Druid transforms into his Angry bear form, but fails to inflict much damage

Our heroes are in the thick of it now...the Kobold Dragon Priest working with the Iron scales to make the kobold mob ruthless...However the Paladin manages to destroy the spawn point.

After spending an extra round killing kobolds, the heroes now injured,  move toward the second spawn point.

The Paladin is beginning to feel the sting from so many wounds, though a heart that popped from the druid, keeps him on his feet 

After getting the second relic, Rex has appeared, this is where the heroes begin to fall. Rex uses his push ability to force the heroes away and the kobolds swarm

The Paladin falls, and fails to's getting late, so the Consul becomes ruthless to finish the game  to get the heroes in bed for school on Monday

One more round and the druid falls to Rex's cuddle. 
The first play went well...a bit slow due to rules referencing, the boys made some tactical mistakes, such as letting the spawn points survive for far too long in the first couple rounds...they'll get better and then we'll take it to the gaming club.

Super Dungeon Explore ASSEMBLE!!!

The miniatures are pretty nice, they are simple to assemble, as the individual pieces have specific slotting system, so it's easy to figure out what pieces go where. This is actually pretty important, since there's no assembly handbook. The dragon is a sculptural piece and definitely needs adult assembly. I had to use clamps to hold the legs to the stand while the glue dried, I needed more hands to be able to use the insta set on the dragon, so the clamps were an easier solution.

Note: This is not a snap-tite kit, while some pieces fit wonderfully, most need to be glued. So parental assistance it needed, in addition experience with miniatures will definitely help.

Epic Sean preparing to assemble a REX!

So the Rex figures went together pretty easy, they needed a little bit of glue, but not too bad.

REX!!! Seeing double.

Dragon, dragon...he needed a bit more glue.

Kobolds!!! Assemble

Many of the kobolds require lots of glue, some assembly required...well maybe a lot.

Making progress...

Next day...more assembly

Here are the characters

Now it's coming together, after priming, the rest will be assembled.

This stuff will definitely help. The insta-set is of particular use since the plastic type used in these miniatures is one of the plastics which doesn't bond easily. The cutter for removing flash and the clamp for helping keep the dragon together during assembly.


I have finished priming and assembling everything, here's the photos of them. All-in-all it took about 4 hours to assemble.  

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pair-a-Dice Halloween Event

So last night was the Halloween event at Pair-a-Dice Games. We came we saw the boys won prizes!!

It was a pretty sweet deal. Pay $5 or $10 if you weren't in costume, to get in for the door prizes (Also it counted for a that night only coupon. Costume contest was won by....Mario and Luigi....Epic RPG Blog's own Epic Ian and Epic Sean. I went as Giorgio Tsukalous. You know,Aliens! The guy from Ancient Aliens....who has become a meme.(see below)


Mario, Giorgio and Luigi!

It took a little while for people to file in. 

Gaming in Costume....Cap'n Jack, Thor, and Mr. Amalgamation.

Russ Tarvin of NerdKnow getting a game of Cthulhu on

Mario and Luigi getting some Munchkin Cthulhu in.

New game for me...World of Warcraft CCG...simple and yet elegant.

Mario and Luigi with Paul from Fanatical Gamers playing some Zombie Dice

ZOMBIES!!!  I got to play a game of Zombies later in the evening, I actually won, without having died....the dice were definitely on my side. 15 kills, 1 life left, and a heli-pad victory. It was....EPIC!

Munchkin Bites (Epic Ian reported a win on this one.)

Mario bites you!

What time is it....?

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Super Dungeon Explore has arrived!!

We got our review copy of Super Dungeon Explore! So over the next couple days we will be unwrapping, assembling and playing!!  Here's pictures from what we did today, unpacking!! For those of you who are new, check out the interview we did with John Cadice at Kingdom Con

The box is very busy, looks really nice, could have been a little more sturdy.

Unpacking, we were all very excited

Rulebook, and 2 sheets of thick cardstock counters

Five tiles and the tracker tile

Monster Cards

8 hero cards (plus the "Angry Bear" Card for the druid.


Loot cards - uses a neat location system that allows boosters cards for the right,
left , top, and bottom. each type has it's own theme.

Left Loot cards

Right Loot Cards

More powerful treasure cards that go to the top slot on your character.

Five Bags of Minis!!


Oh that's a pretty cool Dragon!! (not as fun to assemble unfortunately!!)

Kobold Priests and Boo Booty (AKA mimics)


Quick destroy the spawn point before they....too late....

Druid and Angry Bear form. plus 4 treasure chests.

HEROES Assemble!

3 dice, Blue, Red and GREEN!! 

What's in the box..
Off the Soda Pop Miniatures storefront description.

Super Dungeon Explore, the world's first chibi anime strategy battle game is ready for pre-order from Soda Pop Miniatures! Go head-to-head with your party of brave adventurers, or play as the dungeons evil master summoning hordes of minions to battle over who will rule the underworld of Crystalia.

This game box comes complete with over 50 finely crafted Soda Pop miniatures, full rules, cards, dice, and battle maps to start playing your games of Super Dungeon Explore!

All pre-orders from now till November 5th will receive our limited edition Candy & Cola chibi adventurers with their orders. This powerful duo is a great addition to any adventure party! Candy & Cola come complete with game card for use in your games of Super Dungeon Explore!

Game Contents

• 50 + highly detailed Soda Pop Miniatures

• Custom Super Dungeon Battle Dice

• Character and Minion Stat Cards

• Loot and Treasure Card Decks

• 5 Large, Double Sided Dungeon Boards

• 32 Page Rule Book