Sunday, July 15, 2012

SDGC Saturday

San Diego Gam3rCon 2012
Saturday was pretty good, Got the Traveller game run, unfortunately, it was just one player, so I had the boys jump in again to fill the gap. I think for my next events, I'll just run a prepared Mongoose Game from what I have ready, whatever people want to play, sweet lets do it. My Traveller player also showed for the Paranoia game, but...You just CAN NOT run Paranoia with 1 player, even if the boys jumped in 3 players isn't quite enough to have it be the level of Mandatory Fun required by the Computer! So the boys went down to the Video Game Lounge, and I talked to the USAopoly people about the risk games they've been releasing. I hadn't really looked into them too much, just kind of glanced at them, but once I had the Solid Snake version and the new Halo Legendary Risk explained, I must say, there are some pretty slick mods in there to speed up play, and make each game different, because let's face it, normal Risk is normal Risk, once you past the first few turns, your single preferred strategy usually takes over, and the rest is up to luck.    

     I wasn't able to get Luke to spill the beans on what the new edition is coming out, but he did say there's going to be a big announcement soon. This is pure hopeful speculation, what if there was a Game of Thrones that would be sweet. I thought that after I saw a map of Westeros at SDCC....

The new USAopoly Halo Legendary, with Achievement victory conditions, and a ship that moves from port to  port making things really interesting.

New Starcraft Risk map for the soon to be released StarCraft Risk

   After talking Risk for awhile, I decided my Paranoia game wasn't going to happen so I decided to look for something to play, well at the Game Day in January, I played DCC RPG, and it was a blast, this time, I was given a pre-gen, and Steven told me NO CHAOTIC Character (due to the near TPK that my chaotic character created in January.) ...This was a play-test for a module that's in development currently. One of the actresses and the guitar player from Spider Baby the Musical were in the game as well (and another of the actors joined us later.). The module was fun, I had a blast with Smalls the halfling, a haberdasher by trade, who did carry his shears, and actually killed one of the goblinoid creatures with them. Steven Thivierge ran the game, and ran it well. Well enough that I'm pretty convinced I do need to pick up DCCRPG.
Thanks to everyone who played, I had a blast! And thanks to Steven for running such a fun game.

You can even see "Small's" prop scissors where I was sitting!

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  1. Thanks for the post and joining the game. I'd love more feedback on the session. I'll shoot a pic of Smalls over to you ad forward the scan when I get a turn on the computer. Tablets are handy, but they can't do everything.