Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thor's Day Trope - Post Apocalyptic

After the End

The End Of The World

Of course, with out development of the Gamma Crawl Classics idea, I'll be talking about post-apocalyptic tropes.

Post-Apoc has had lots of great games, Gamma World being the most well-known, followed by Deadlands Hell on Earth, and the amazing yet less well known Atomic Highway. Car Wars is post-apocalyptic as well, based upon Mad Max of course. WarLands is a great miniature game set in a Post-Apocalyptic world. My personal favorite is Rifts for setting.

Post Apoc is my favorite type of game, it not only has wide open variety of encounters from mutations, but it can be an effort just to find enough to eat, and keep yourself well-armed. Exploration of high-tech sites is always fun as well. Rifts takes it a step further and brings supernatural elements into the game, from magic to demons, to the rise of Atlantis. Rifts has EVERYTHING, except a system which is fun to run. (Ran it once, when I figured out that I had to track 700 MDC on a Robotech mecha that I used to bring the characters into the game, I realized I didn't like that so much...Also 1 MDC destroying a 10,000 SDC building...)

I'm a huge fan of the Fallout line of video games, and now I'm playing Borderlands (first one).

Anyway, back to writing....Enjoy checking out the tropes!! Lots of fun stuff on those links.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

International TableTop Day! Event!

So Felicia Day announced International TableTop Day on March 30th!!!

I will keep the blog informed as to which stores are running events! I will try to run an event at one of our local gamestores as well....

Perhaps Judge Dredd, Paranoia or Traveller.

(I want to run one of the Mongoose games cuz its the last chance to get a game in before the 'Infantry' goes all mini)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Interface Tentacles

WOW, so David Jarvis said there was going to be a big announcement today...and boy howdy was there ever.

Check it out!! Plus artwork previews...still time to jump onboard, the Australia book just unlocked!!!

Interface Zero 2.0 & Achtung! Cthulhu Cross-Genre Supplement Announced!

Update #38 · Feb. 26, 2013 · 15 comments

Hi everyone, as promised, here's a major update!
Modiphius Entertainment & GunMetal Games have announced a surprise bonus for backers of the Achtung! Cthulhu and Interface Zero 2.0 Kickstarters!
Backers of  either Kickstarter will receive a free bonus 120 page PDF book 'Achtung! Cthulhu - Interface 19.40' consisting of a 60 page adventure and 60 page supplement covering the early days of gene splicing experiments in the 1940's. Following the trail of sinister experiments on German soldiers to create the perfect fighting force, Allied agents and the German Abwehr military intelligence must unite to combat a far deadlier threat.
Delving into the backstory of Interface 2.0 pseudo science the supplement written by Gun Metal Games will explore the secret projects of both the Allies and the Third Reich to create a new breed of soldier as back story and plot ideas for Interface Zero 2.0. The Achtung! Cthulhu adventure written by Modiphius Entertainment will reveal the dark powers behind some of the experiments and the terrifying results when they are unleashed. The book will feature Savage Worlds stats and cross - over rules for both settings allowing players to experience each of these unique worlds.
The Achtung! Cthulhu Kickstarter can be found here:
Achtung! Cthulhu - Keepers & Investigator's Guide to the Secret War
Achtung! Cthulhu - Interface 19.40 will be available in Spring 2014 as a retail release from Chronicle City, and distributed free to backers of both Kickstarters.
In Interface Zero 2.0 players enter a dark and grimy world of corrupt, power mad government, greedy megacorporations and fringe science-gone-wild. You play ronin: rogue street operatives who make their living doing the things nobody else can, or will, do. You have no master, no loyalties beyond your bank balance. Your only friends are those of convenience. Your tools of the trade are computer code, high-powered weapons, combat drones, cybernetic augmentations, mental powers and maybe even a little bit of luck.
In Achtung! Cthulhu discover the secret history of World War Two - stories of the amazing heroism in which stalwart men and women struggled to overthrow a nightmare alliance of science and the occult, of frightening inhuman conspiracies from the depths of time, and the unbelievable war machines which were the product of Nazi scientific genius - and how close we all came to a slithering end! The Secret War has begun!
For further information see / or /
Pricing: all backers get this pdf for free, but if you want a physical copy, please add 25.00 to your pledge. International backers please add 3 dollars to cover shipping and handling.

Art Preview

I'm also going to show you more artwork for the core book! here are four of the images for some of the archetypes you'll find in Interface Zero 2.0, the Drone Jockey, the Gang Banger, Hacker, and Sector cop!
  • Image-216814-full
  • Image-216815-full
  • Image-216816-full
  • Image-216817-full

Monday, February 25, 2013

Kickstarter Update - Interface Zero 2.0 (Savage Worlds)

3 days remain, the KS is now almost at $60,000. The Solar System sourcebook has been unlocked. That's a really exciting unlock, since that is entirely new material which has never been explored in Interface Zero.

Knowing how the final days of Kickstarters go, this could possibly hit the New York or even the Mexico sourcebooks.

If you like Savage Worlds, jump in...if you like Cyberpunk, jump in. This is my favorite Cyberpunk setting, it's set in 2090, and David Jarvis (creator/publisher), David Viars (line developer), and myself (Main book equipment chapter) have been pushing the boundaries of futurism, to bring thoughts and ideas from nearly 100 years in the future. 90 years ago was 1923, imagine how far we currently are from there. Imagine the leaps and bounds that have happened in the last THIRTY YEARS. One of the things I recently did for research was watch the Discovery series 2057. Then I thought about how far that goes, then push another 30 years beyond that point.

The 2.0 rules is a profound advance from the SW edition of Interface Zero, with updated rules for hacking and cybernetics, and brand new construction rules for Golemmechs (power armor and mecha). Also the update to the Deluxe edition of Savage Worlds. I'm working with David Viars to make the game as Fast Fun and Furious as possible. We're eliminating the 'kevlar binding ' issue of AP reduction. Which removes and entire layer of math that takes place mid combat.

Just wait, and see where this book goes!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Events - Pair A Dice Games - 2/23/2013

Please be our guest this Saturday, February 23rd, as Pair A Dice Games hosts Fireside Games, Makers of Castle Panic, Bear!, and Bloodsuckers.

Rob North
Pair A Dice Games Inc.
Fireside Games

Door Prizes

Castle Panic
Fireside Games will be at Pair A Dice Games this Saturday. Come check out some of their great games like Castle Panic and Bears! This event is free for all and they have some cool swag to give away.
Event Info
Saturday, February 23rd
1PM - 6PM
Entry is Free

Gamma Crawl Classics

So the Gamma Crawl Classics project is really picking up steam, a production team has been created. I'm down for the Equipment chapter again...what can I say? I like gear. Unlike the Interface Zero gear, where I'm trying to keep in within the real pf possibility for 2090. Gamma Crawl will be a bit more...advanced...and not so much hard sciency.

With IZ I actually dropped the Gauss Rifle, it was was not scientifically sound in the IZ1 rules, and Rail Guns are more energy efficient than Gauss weapons.

Last night after perusing the DCC rulebook, I came upon a realization, I will use tables for ancient artifacts in GCC. Lots of Tables, function, look, range, effect, visual effect, and many more will allow a Judge to create unique artifacts every single time. That long gun-like weapon in your hand might be a black ray pistol or maybe it's just a UPC scanner, or maybe it's even a healing device that knocks people into a coma while it fully heals them....that same effect might appear as a coin like object, that has a second function, or even a third function. THIS is gonna be FUN!

I of course will be proof-reading, and I volunteered to write some of the monstrosities of the wastes.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thor's Day Trope #2 - PLUNDER

So one of the fun things about doing this specific series of articles is actually exploring and then thinking about how to implement a specific trope into gaming. Since I'm working on the Interface Zero 2.0 Equipment chapter, and starting design work for the Gamma Crawl Classics equipment section, I think I'll cover the Trope of Plunder. Tonight it's just rambling as type what comes to mind, so please excuse me. not a lot of time tonight (had to go to the kid's High School Orientation....thing....not really an orientation, more of a "start thinking about extra-curricular stuff display, for when the kids come here in August" thing.)
From TV
"The Heroes may be saving a Distressed Damsel. They may be fighting against The Empire. Being a hero is a hard job. But it has its perks. And one of the biggest is...
Yes, indeed even our heroes need something to satisfy their sense of mischief and avarice. They need to take joy in depriving their foes. For our heroes make money the old fashioned way: they steal- wait- plunder it. When done by soldiers in a war, this is sometimes called "Spoils of War"note However, the Geneva convention actually allows for soldiers taking anything necessary for warfare from the enemy. That is, you can plunder ammunition, guns and fuel (as it allows you to keep on fighting and prevents the enemy from doing so) but you can't steal someone's watch, food or valuables, for example.
Within games, it is like Experience Points (and commonly both used, as well) - a reward from defeating your enemies. The difference may be generally more less certainty in what you may get from your enemies where with Experience Points, it is generally clearly aligned by certain parameters.
Related to this is Pirate Booty which is a treasure hoard gathered by pirates when they do this.
Compare Kleptomaniac Hero and Rewarding Vandalism, which are the video game equivalents of this trope. The villainous equivalent is Rape, Pillage, and Burn, where stolen property is not the only offense. As well, the common gaming term of this trope is "loot, lewt, or 13\/\/7"."
For hilarious and insightful examples of said Trope, visit their site. 

Now if you're a gamer you know how treasure hungry adventurers can be. And if you read the other tropes in the above quote, you get a good idea of the bad kind of treasure related rewards. If the enemy has a +2 dagger, well you just gave the group a +2 dagger, what the enemy has, the players will take and sell.

In old-school games, decent items were squirreled away in hidden places, as characters weren't expected to have access to "Ye Olde Magick Shoppe" in which to sell all their ill-gotten gains, nor were they expected to be able to throw gold at the GM and say "I make a +1 brilliant fire burst long sword". In published adventures, treasure could be had by mucking through the middens, or the otyugh's bed (a trash heap). A shiny sword might lay hidden in the depths of the well that the water weird was lairing in.

Plunder is really the reason for adventurers, one of the great things about Dungeon Crawl Classics, is that it is actually ALL ABOUT PLUNDER, Gold and Glory, winning it by sword and spell. But get too powerful and the gods will be jealous!!

Plunder is rampant in online games, you loot pretty much every monster in games like, Everquest and The Old Republic, and can even randomly get really good items off of 'yard trash'. Fallout is all about stealing people's stuff, aka, possession is 10/10th of the law.

Some games are good at plunder, or loot. Others are better at far ranging stories, FATE system is more about stories, DCC is about Loots, but also about the high strangeness of magic. Monty Haul is a trope I'll cover on another day.

I personally prefer the old school way of loot management. The game master puts the treasure in, the players discover it, they use it. I also like adding in valuables in a dungeon that are very expensive, but are possible trophies as well. A 20' tall tapestry hangs from the wall, well made, depicting a scene from history, possibly the history of a character in the group. In games where characters can't spend all their cash on upgrading their gear, they tend to decide they want a castle, or a manor house, start a town, attract some followers etc.

Whatever way you run your game you're going to run into Plunder. Decide how you want to do it, and which system works best with how you've decided. Don't run Pathfinder RAW if you want control over what your characters have. Though if you want, you can easily house rule all the item creation rules into oblivion.

Well this little speed of though session is at an end. I have design work to do.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Paranet Papers Preview (DFRPG)

From the Evilhat website:

NICE! Been waiting for a long time for this book. As a huge Dresden Files fan, this is one of the games I want to run. 

We’re back! It’s time for another preview from The Paranet Papers, our in-development “catch up” project on a few of the more recent books plus tour of the world for the Dresden Files RPG. As we’ve said before, we don’t have a publication date yet! This one’s going to take as long as it takes.Today, thanks to hitting a magnificent 1800+ “likes” over on facebook, we’re taking a trip along the open roads of the mortal world and the Nevernever, the place that’s never a place: The Ways Between.This will be our last preview for a long while as we tighten our Dresden focus to getting the Paranet Papers text into final shape. Enjoy!THE WAYS BETWEEN – EXAMPLE EPISODEThink of an episode as a miniaturized version of city creation, but focused only on one particular situation or problem. Instead of a broad swath of faces and locations, you’re going to create only what you need in order to present your players with a session full of drama and tension.MORRIS’S BANETheme: Work, If You Don’t Mind DangerTHE PITOn a railroad bridge just north of town there’s a collection of scrawled hobo signs. Most of them are worn with the decades, illegible, but there’s one that’s clear as day, brand new. It tells you to go find a man named Morris if you’re looking for work and fair pay, and that’s exactly what Morris provides.Dale Morris runs the Aberforth Coal Mine, and he’s the most recent in a long line of people to do so. Every few years a new manager comes in because, I’ll tell you, the Pit will chew you up and spit you out. That’s what the locals call the mine: “The Pit.” Sounds ominous, don’t it.Doesn’t seem like much on the surface. It’s a coal mine owned by some energy company or other, tasked with the job of keeping profits high and costs low. Morris handles this by keeping a close eye on the books and by hiring day laborers that don’t come anywhere near those books. He pays you cash money, under the table, and he’ll pay a fair wage. Day laborers being what they are, though, that fair wage is considerably less than what he’d pay if he were hiring on the books.DALE MORRISGuilt-ridden Mine ManagerMotivation: Keep the demon appeased.Face of: The PitI’ve worked for Morris a time or two. He’s a harried man, always rushing from place to place, and he moves as if he’s struggling under a weight. Smells sort of orange-yellow, like a mixture of panic and guilt. He pays well, treats his workers well (for the most part), but tolerates no drunkenness or disorderliness; if you’re there, you’re there to work.Morris rarely comes into town; seems like a bit of a loner. As I understand it, every manager of the Pit has been the same way, keeping to themselves and not socializing with the locals. I suspect I know why. See, the last time I worked at the Pit I found out what Dale’s secret was, what the secret every manager of the Pit has kept for God only knows how long.There’s a demon in the bowels of the Pit.Some time, long ago I’d wager, some poor fool broke a seal or incanted a ritual or some nonsense and released a demon into the world. The demon’s bound to the Pit, it can’t get out, but it can make a huge amount of trouble for anyone who wants to mine the Pit if they don’t keep it appeased. I’ll bet you’re asking the question now, “Why do people still try to mine the Pit?”Greed, that’s why. See, the Pit is a profitable mine, far more profitable than any other coal mine in the region. The coal’s always easy to get to, the mine never collapses, and it reports record profits year after year. I’d imagine its demonic inhabitant has something to do with that.BRIGHT EYESHungry DemonMotivation: Escape the Pit.That’s what they call the demon, “Bright Eyes.” At least, those who know about it and are still alive, which is a small number. It’s a name that’s been handed down from manager to manager according to Morris, and he thinks it’s because all you remember about it after you talk to it are those two points of light, boring into your soul.BUTTERS: Turn around, Bright Eyes.MURPHY: Thanks. Now that song will be in my head for days.Bright Eyes has a bargain with the managers of the Pit, and that gets passed down from manager to manager. I don’t know the particulars of the bargain, but based on what I’ve learned about the goings-on at the Pit, my guess is that Bright Eyes keeps the mine profitable and safe and the manager has to feed it a worker or two every couple of weeks. Since these workers are mostly transients, nobody notices the disappearances.MURPHY: This is…this needs to stop NOW.BUTTERS: Agreed, but we’re not exactly overflowing with people to send down there to do battle with demons.MURPHY: Yeah, I know. But this place is going on the List.BILLY: Um…just how long is that List at this point?MURPHY: Really, Will? You’re going to get snarky with me about this?BILLY: Nevermind.As far as powers go, I’ve heard a few things but none of it’s substantiated. I’ve heard the thing has the strength of ten men, that it can blend into the shadows, that it can creep into your mind and root around in there, and that it can burn a man from the inside out in a matter of seconds (though it likes to take longer). Proceed with caution.THE PROBLEMThreat: The Shackles Are WeakeningThis arrangement isn’t ideal but, all things considered, it could be a lot worse, right? Well, if it ain’t worse, it’s gonna be really soon.Here’s what Morris and his predecessors didn’t know—they’ve been helping Bright Eyes escape this entire time. It’s not like a demon has to eat on a regular basis in order to stay alive; those souls it’s consuming are a source of power. It’s been building that power up, growing it slowly for some purpose that can’t possibly be good. I did some digging with the hobo crowd and it seems like this thing’s getting more powerful over time. Not only that, it’s getting hungrier; it’s asking for more and more souls and paying more and more for them.I think Bright Eyes is gearing up for a prison break, probably sooner rather than later. At one point this was a problem that could wait, but that time is getting further and further behind us. Sometime very soon, someone’s going to have to stop the flow of souls and maybe enact some kind of binding or banishment to get rid of this thing, and that ain’t gonna be easy.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

This is what I like about the old school

Again, still working my butt off, trying to make the best damn Equipment section ever produced for a core game, beyond BL23C even. That is the book I gauge an equipment section on. I sent the first playtest material to David Viars for in-house play-testing, and it's working well. Couple of minor tweaks, but other than that, over 7k words were in play-testing, and I'm over 10k total currently I think. I'm still in major brainstorming mode. Coming up with all sorts of future tech.

I remember the Dart of the Hornet's Nest, which was kind of the inspiration for a shotgun round. The Tazmanian Devil Tazer Swarm 10 gauge shotgun round. Yup, a shotgun firing 24 micro tazers in a flamer template. Talk about riot control...

Anyway...So check out for a rock'n DCC/OSR kind of blog. And Game-ON!!!
This is the most recent Monster Monday....Look how easy it is to create when you don't have to crunch specific numbers worrying about balance...Old-School Rules! ( I love parts of OGL, but I also love parts of OSR!)

Attack of Ver-Men

Enjoy, Epic Prime!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Epic Sean - Halo 4 micro review

  Halo 4 is the best first person shooter video game I have ever played. The graphics are so great and realistic.  The campaign plot is awesome, but the forge creation mode could use a little work.

                 I am very disappointed that Halo Reach's forge is better. I really miss the ability to have a huge map to create in, to have a Falcon helicopter or Covenant Revenent to drive in, and a multitude of other things to deal with. The campaign however, is so great with it's new aliens, the Prometheans, instead of just the normal covenant threat. Also, the campaign is better by the ability to play Master Chief. 

                                                                 -Spoiler alert-

Master Chief gets to jump straight onto a fleeing Phantom, flies a Pelican, and gets upgraded, turning half Promethean ( or at least that is my theory) Any ways: Play it! It is so Epic! Play It!

Epic Sean!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Epic Ian micro review - FEZ

This game is for the Xbox console if you have XBLA. This is one of my favorite Xbox games, because in the game you are this little 8-bit character running around a 2D world, but when he gains his fez, he can see the world in 3D by rotating .

One reason I love this game is because the art is so awesome! Another thing that I love about Fez is that it is a puzzle/mystery game, and I absolutely love mystery games, well not actually that much, but it is still fun. I almost forgot to tell you my favorite part!!! OK when you get to the halfway point, you get to watch a video that kind of shows you the meaning of life or something like that.

SPOILER ALERT!: It's awesome! also watch out for black holes.

Epic Ian!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Light week

It will probably be a light week, fighting off a cold and trying to get the weapons and armor section of the IZ2.0 Equipment Chapter ready for playtesting by Friday.

I am having a blast doing the writing for this. I'm in my element BABY!

Speaking on Interface Zero... all the stretch goals have been revealed and tweaked a bit. Looks like the Malmart Catalog is up for the next Stretch goal...and HOPEFULLY I'll be able to work on that as well.
In fact I'm hoping this is the start of a long relationship. 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Gam3rCon Fun & 42

So today is my 42nd Birthday, I find it very telling that on my Meaning of Life Birthday, I  find it QUITE telling that I spend it playing games....Games keep me young and my brain active.

First day of Gam3rCon game bowl was today, had a lot of fun. I ran 4 Cadet Judges into the Cursed Earth on a Hot Dog run.  The players who had some knowledge of Dredd, and some knowledge of Traveller, took to the system very quickly and fun was had by all.

I will be attempting to run Dredd again tomorrow, but, the Hot Dog Run to Haven, will NOT be the same. It will be similar, but, different indeed.

In the second slot I got to play in a Old World of Darkness Vampire. I played a Toreador Author, I chose to have Raymond E. Feist as my sire, heh. It was a very good game that Chris Czerniak ran. It was a more poilitical type of game, with all the elders disappearing from the City, victims of Tremere blood magic. A quick intro scene led to some skullduggery, and sneaking. This led to political destruction of the rival, and then a final confrontation. Good game. I like playing at Gam3rCon...good people, fun games. 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Kickstarter vs. Retailer Rant

I love going down to my FLGS, actually any of them in town. I support them by making sure they're listed on the blog, so if someone is looking for Gamestores in San Diego, they can find them easily.

I love Kickstarter, because I am a Gamer. 60% of my life has been involved with gaming. Even when I don't have a group to play with, when I don't have time to play, I still have my books, I still like to sit down and read one occasionally. 

Some retail stores have an issue with Kickstarters, especially with Role-playing Games Kickstarters. They like to support miniature games. I've read to angry letters from retailers about how Kickstarter is destroying their business. Man you guys really don't know how to deal with your customers, gamers are impulse and speculation buyers, they are collectors, and completionists. If people aren't excited to play a game, then no one is going to buy a new game, but if you carry it, and pimp it, it will expand. Take the cue from Pathfinder, the ultimate underdog, the David that slew Goliath. Good material eventually sells.

Most Kickstarters have a Retailer option. The FATE CORE KS only had 43 retail backers out of 10,000 backers. I'm positive that this book will continue selling. As will the Fate Accelerated Edition. This is the Core book, with some extras, but it's being published under a Creative Commons license, which means, people will be able to publish all sorts of extra stuff.

KICKSTARTERS ARE SAVING A DYING INDUSTRY! New material is BEING published because of them. New ideas are being published, lines expanded because of Kickstarter.

Numenera, Deadlands Noir and FATE Core are all successful Kickstarters that might never have seen the light of day if it weren't for crowdfunding. If people are excited to play these games, the hobby expands, you will sell more of them.

OK Rant over!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Thor's Day Trope - The Quest

So starting a new series. TV Tropes for Role-Playing Games

Let's Start off with the biggest part of Role-Playing games...

The Quest

Obviously the two most popular "Quests" right now are
The Lord of the Rings by Tolkien, J. R. R./ Lee, Alan [Boxed Set] [3 U (Google Affiliate Ad)
and The Hobbit: Or There and Back Again by Tolkien, J. R. R./ Lee, Alan [H (Google Affiliate Ad).

Tailoring a Quest in a Role-playing Game that is ACTUALLY meaningful can be difficult. The easiest way to get players to care about a quest is by the characters being real. Meaning they have family they care about. They have a home, they aren't just wandering adventurers. Wandering adventurers are driven by money. Being driven by money and more lootz is very Video Gamey. So having a home is important.

Have the characters all sit around and design the town they live in, tie them together. Are they childhood friends? What was their first significant loss in their life? Who trained them? Where did they get that sword they're carrying?

I remember one of the coolest things about Dane in City of Towers was that he had the his sword from Cyre, with the crest on it, his only real link to his past from the destroyed nation. It was important because it reminded him of what he had lost. But it also marked him as a "mourner" so he kept the pommel covered.

When characters are invested in their background, they are easy to motivate to a quest. A sibling stolen in the night by raiders might take them across the world, trying to recover and free their enslaved sibling. A dragon has been destroying nearby towns, the players must go on a quest to defeat the dragon or lose everything.

Don't be afraid to give players a base of operations, if it's just their parents house and farm, that's fine, it's a place to call home. It will give them access to some free gear as well, food, water, family. What happens to the town while the players are away? A group of orcs began raiding? Did the Caravan to Midnight steal all the children? A new Taxmaster came and began taxing the town of 90% of its wealth, with a group of corrupt guards?

Think about these things next time you start a Fantasy game...

Gam3rCon Gam3sBowl - Feb 9th-10th

Come on down and celebrate my Meaning of Life birthday, by playing in my Judge Dredd game! It will be one of the last RPGs I run for Mongoose, but my hours doing demo will be getting me more JDMG figures, so at Gam3rCon during Comic-Con I can run some JDMG!

Now, with this writing gig I got my Alpha Test for Unleashed is going to be pushed til KingdomCon. I just can't write 30k words for that project, and Set-up my highly "alpha" game at the same time, and money and me are like estranged lovers...I need more.

Check it out:


gam3s bowl, feb. 9-10

Gam3s Bowl is two days of gaming, bringing players from all over San Diego County together. The Gam3s Bowl will have both a VG arena and tabletop rpg, card and board games. It is only $5 a day ($7 for both days) and made of awesome. To get more details and buy tickets, go HERE.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Kickstarter - Interface Zero 2.0 Update

This Interface Zero 2.0 Kickstarter is over halfway done now. 25 days remain.   Here's where the Stretch goals are currently sitting. Malmart at 55K looks pretty nice...only 13k to go before that goal!

Saturday, February 2, 2013


Pretty sweet, I got a freelance gig, my first one, in addition to some freebie editing I'm working on for some credits.

It's a big one, 25-30k words in 40 days. But first I need to scour my material, and brush up on the rules for the game. It's for a gear book, so I want it to be spectacular, seeing as how it's my first. I'm going to aim for 30k words.

So, over the next 6 weeks if I'm absent, please forgive me, I'm working...heh.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Gamma Crawl Classics on G+

Over on G+ we've been talking about creating a DCCRPG based Gamma Crawl....Now that would be pretty fun. Gamma World was ALWAYS one of my favorite games. I remember when I was in A-School for the Navy, that a buddy and I would sit there and roll up characters for arena combat using the 5th? edition rules. The book version.

I've actually been thinking of resurrecting my Epicmonsters.blogspot site and creating weekly DCCRPG monsters instead of Pathfinder monsters. While the PF monsters were fun, the amount of work that went into those stat blocks was STUPID. It's the reason I stopped that site, it just became too much work to continue after I got a job again. But creating DCC monsters, man that's pretty easy.

Now new classes, that's a bit harder to do.

So for a Gamma Crawl Classic game there wouldn't be so many races

Pure Strain
Altered Human
Mutant Animal
Mutant Plant

Anyway, there's now a GCC G+ community. Want to Help out?

Come on By!