Tuesday, April 25, 2017

DCC Lankmar Final Stretch...Goal


The final hour...one last goal at $190,000


Monday, April 24, 2017

Hark! Kingdom Con APPROACHES!

San Diego's Premier Gaming Convention approaches!

It starts on Thursday!

Please note, if you're the drinking sort, it is an open container convention, so BYOBeverage. (21 & Up - don't ruin it for the others minors.) I will have a bottle of Mediocrity Mead to share.

I'm looking forward to running Paranoia and my Overwatch-Rifts crossover Crisis (Savage Rifts) on Sunday.

I'm also looking forward to running my Alchemists at the Guild Ball tournament on Saturday! This will be my first Convention tournament.

Let's get ready to GAAAAAAAMMMMMMEEEEEE!!!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Epic Meanderings approach

I am nearly done with setting up my Patreon. Probably would be done today if not for a touch of food poisoning last night. Like a touch from a club-wielding ogre. I haven't been that sink since Tequila nearly 30 years ago.

Great ab workout tho! Not really, it was just horrible.

Thursday, April 13, 2017


So I have started setting up a Patreon account.

Currently I plan on pursuing my DCC Meanderings.
I plan on expanding my Weapon tables, and to expand upon my (placeholder) Shadow Crawl Classics. The Actual name will not be said until I publish something with the name since my last idea "Unleashed" ended up appearing on products by Privateer Press and Paizo, as well as Petco...

So in the interest of missing another coincidence, I will keep my lips shut.

GamerCon 2017

So as you all know I've been to GamerCon since the Second Year.

I'm the RPG Coordinator this year for GamerCon, so hopefully we will have a robust field of Gamemasters. Artist's alley will be in the same area.

I want to know what games people want to play so I can arrange Gamemasters to run those specific games.

I have had at least 1 request for Adventurer's League, and have the request in to the San Diego AL coordinator, but no word yet. Pathfinder I've had no Requests yet, but still plan on reaching out to them.

I will be running Savage Rifts and Paranoia.