Tuesday, June 16, 2015

New Directions....?

The boys and I have been discussing creating a new blog/podcast with a more expanded range of geekly passions.

I started the blog as the journey of myself and my kids. Well journeys take different roads, more paths, roadblocks, redirections and of course pitstops.

Stay tuned for the Future of Epic RPG Blog, (Also the word Epic has become overused in the past 4 years.)

Over the last year, miniatures have made a big comeback in my life as well as more boardgames over the last 2 years, the boys are almost 16 now, and will be 18 before I know it, the days of father with youth are coming to an end, but the journey doesn't stop there.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Go to HELL!!! with Gunmetal Games on Kickstarter


  1. A holy warrior fighting back infernal beasts on the precipice of a fiery pit. Cloaked figures chanting an incantation to bring forth a nameless beast. A man standing at a crossroads bartering with a demonic temptress for fame and fortune; the price of which is his very soul. Advisers to kings and queens, dictators and presidents, whispering lies at the behest of their demon lords with the fate of nations resting on whether or not the advice is heeded. A scientist examining a strange artifact found on a distant planet that, unbeknownst to him, opens a mysterious gate to a nightmarish dimension when a button is pushed.
    These are just a sampling of the myriad images which come to mind when we think of Hell. Codex Infernus: The Savage Guide to Hell, brings those images to life and shows you how to plug them into your games, regardless of what genre you love to play!
    The goal of Codex Infernus: The Savage Guide to Hell is not to produce a “One Size Fits All” book on Hell which pigeonholes you into a certain style of play. Concepts of Hell, Demons, Devils, etc. mean many things to many different people. While this book includes a built-in, ready to use Infernal Realm, it also gives you everything you need to design a Hellish dimension that caters to your specific group, because the concepts  and rules we introduce in this book transcend genre, encouraging you to explore new possibilities for your Savage Worlds game.
    Want to play a game set in a distant future, where fringe science has ripped a hole in the fabric of reality, unleashing the hordes of Hell on earth?
    How about a gritty, "Constantine-esque" type of setting where demons and angels fight a shadow war, with humanity caught in the middle?
    Maybe an Over-the-top 70’s style super hero action game in the vein of the Nocturnals, Hellboy, Ghost Rider, Spawn, or Clive Barker’s Harrowers is more your style?
    Perhaps you’re looking to run a fantasy game in the vein of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time epic, or the Diablo III and World of Warcraft franchises, where your heroes must confront the forces of darkness to save the world?
    We’ve got you covered.
    With this book, you can easily create your own unique, sinister realm, and memorable villains that compliment those types of games.
    So, what’s in this 128 page full color  Graphic Novel-size book?
    In a word: Potential.
    Potential to create character concepts ranging from anti-heroes, champions of the light, tragic heroes cursed their own choices, and everything in between.
    Potential to design new creatures, demon cults, and entire Hellscapes using advice from the best writers in the genre, specialized setting rules, and genre trappings! You’ll also find:
    • Ready-to-play character archetypes for a variety of genres
    • A ready-to-play setting where your players battle to escape a Hellish realm...or perhaps try to control it for themselves.
    • New Demonic races
    • New Edges and Arcane Backgrounds
    • New magic items and relics of power
    • Campaign models for a variety of genres
    • An optional "Vancian" spell system.
    • Rules for exorcism, demonic pacts, demonic possession, and an optional corruption system
    • Rules for playing immortal characters!
    • Rules for enchanting items, and much more!
     Oh... Didn't we mention monsters? Yeah, We got you covered there too...in spades.
    The pledge levels on your right grant you access to Adventure Packs; short adventures that take up one or two game sessions each. Each adventure (or series of adventures, as you’ll see below) in these seven packs highlights a different type of genre of play, but they all have hellish themes, highlighting the utility of Codex Infernus: The Savage Guide to Hell! In total, there are 30 adventures from some of the best writers and game designers in the industry!
    Adventure Pack 1: John Dunn: "Prisoner of Time" Teams of heroes confront the immortal demon Maltheus in different eras. Each attempts to recapture it and contain its militant and destructive tendencies.
    Adventure Pack 2: Gareth Michael Skarka: "The Spectacular Supernaturals!" Gareth delivers some old-school comic action, writing five 70s-horror-hero-inspired Infernal superhero adventures in the vein of Marvel's GHOST RIDER, SON OF SATAN, and WEREWOLF BY NIGHT, and DC's DEADMAN and SWAMP THING!
    Adventure Pack 3: Sean Patrick Fannon: "The Final Trumpet Pact" It began in Sarajevo in 1914, and it continues a century later in Sevastopol - a desperate cat-and-mouse game and running battle between those who've worn the pins of the Silver Blade and those who seek to hear the sound of the Final Trumpet. A secret order works behind the scenes of terrible strife and crisis, trying to stop demons and their cultists from sounding the call for Armageddon. Can the heroes stop them?
    Adventure Pack 4: Monica Valentinelli: "The Abyssal Crusade" A five-part series of adventures taking the heroes through five different hell dimensions on a quest to return the "Codex Gigas," or, The Devil’s Bible, to its rightful place before all hell breaks loose on the earthly plane!
    Adventure Pack 5: Eddy Webb: "The Spheres"  This Adventure pack is a set of 5 loosely connected adventures, all based around a collection of mysterious spheres, and the troubles they bring to anyone connected with them!
    Adventure Pack 6: Adventure Pack 6 is filled with all manner of hellish goodness from four celebrated authors and game designers.
    • Clint Black: Critically Acclaimed author of  Necessary Evil, Clint Black takes you on “The Road to Hell.” God is gone and no one in Heaven or Hell knows where, but a group of angels decides it's a sign to start the Apocalypse on Earth. Since the other angels won't act without God's Word and Hell can't act directly on the mortal world, the Lords call on those touched by Hell's power; the Infernals. These dark heroes must protect humanity...or there will be Hell to pay.
    • Shane Hensley: The creator of Savage Worlds himself brings you "Shrouded Turin" Some say the famous Piazza Statuto depicts an angel watching over the souls of fallen workers of the Frejus Tunnel--crushed to death in the dark bowels of the earth. Others say the figure atop this strange and macabre statue is no angel. They point to the inverted star above its head, the "blessing" cast with its left hand, and the horrible, pallid, crushed figures beneath as proof of a much more Hellish origin. Are the sewers below truly a doorway to Hell itself? What foul things may even now be slinking forth from the depraved depths to cast the city--perhaps even the world--in darkness?
    • John Wick: "Hell Hunters" The players take the roles of angels hunting down demons who have escaped the Pit. Their jobs are simple: get the demon, throw it back down. At least, the job sounds simple.
    • John Goff: "Good Intentions" The heroes respond to an urgent request to rescue a local noble and his household who are under attack by a band of brigands. Upon arrival, they find the raiders appear to have far darker goals than mere robbery or ransom, as the noble's residence sits atop an old Templar stronghold--one which legend claims guarded a gate to Hell itself.
    Adventure Pack 7:Dead Planet” David Jarvis takes you to a distant future and crash lands you on a planet that isn’t supposed to exist; Nibiru. In this five-part series, you’ll struggle to survive and maintain your sanity as you contend with the hellish inhabitants of this planet.
    Can you escape the Dead Planet?
     Check out the stretch goals we have planned! Once we hit the listed goals, we'll begin voting on each subsequent goal. Let's hit 'em all!
     Adventure Packs: You can get any adventure pack for 10 dollars each! Currently these are PDF only, but they may be bundled into a single book if there's a demand for it!
    Rob Wieland: Author, blogger, pop culture writer and game designer that writes about pirates, ggsters, Jedi, dragons, zombies and whatever else pays. Noted for his work on Shadowrun, Star Wars Saga Edition and Firefly RPG.Creator of CAMELOT Trigger, Mafia Century, Encore and Save Game. Other projects include work on Honor and Intrigue, Edge of Midnight, Hillfolk, Our Last Best Hope, 7th Sea/Swashbuckling Adventures, Night's Black Agents, 13th Age, CHILL 3rd Edition, and Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary. His online presence includes multiple game blogs, interviews and articles for Milwaukee Record and Onion AV Club. He lives in scenic Milwaukee, Wisconsin with his wife, who has many skills more useful for the zombie apocalypse.
    Eddy Webb: Eddy Webb (with a “y,” thank you) is an award-winning writer, game designer, and lifelong Sherlockian. Since 2002, he has worked on over 100 products, including Lead Developer and writer for Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition and five years as Content Designer on the (lamentably cancelled) World of Darkness MMO. Today he is a freelance writer, designer, and consultant for video and role-playing games, but he cranks out words for other things in his spare time. He lives a sitcom life with his wife, his roommate, and an affably stupid pug. He can be found at eddyfate.com.
    Eloy Lasanta: Eloy Lasanta is owner of Third Eye Games and all around talented writer/game designer. He’s created his own worlds, like AMP: Year One or Mermaid Adventures, and contributed to others’, like the Firefly RPG and KidWorld. Now, Eloy will put his mark on Codex Infernus!
    Monica Valentinelli: Monica Valentinelli is a writer and game designer who lurks in the dark. She writes both original and media tie-in fiction and works on games and comics, too. To date, she has over five dozen creative credits with more on the way. Currently, she is the lead writer and developer for the line of Firefly RPG releases based on the TV show by Joss Whedon. The game and all its supplements are available worldwide! Check out her website here: http://www.mlvwrites.com/
    David Jarvis: David has been in the industry for nearly 10 years, working as a freelance writer for companies such as RPGOBJECTS and Green Ronin Publishing. He has developed over 100 projects as head of Gun Metal Games.
    We're excited to be partnering with DriveThruRPG to deliver all of the electronic files for this Kickstarter! DriveThruRPG makes it easy for us to  set up mailing lists and get you all of your digital content with absolutely zero problems.
    Be sure that you have an account on DriveThruRPG and use the correct email in the survey after this project funds to ensure we'll be sending your download links to your account!

    Risks and challenges

    As someone who has been publishing role-playing game supplements since 2005, I can attest to the fact that things don't always go as planned. Writers and artists pull out of projects, or turn in manuscripts and illustrations late. Editing and revisions sometimes take longer than anticipated. The proofs for books come back from the printer with errors that need to be fixed.
    These things can happen. It's a part of the publishing business. But I've been around the block, and I know that a large part of dealing with issues like the ones I mentioned above is communication.
    I have regular conversations with everyone involved in this process to ensure that I know things are progressing the way they should be, and if they aren't, I roll up my sleeves and work with my team to find the best solution to a problem before it gets out of hand.
    As a backer, you'll receive regular status reports from me about this project. If I do happen to run into issues that might delay this project, you'll be the first to know it.
    My last kickstarter, Interface Zero 2.0, was a great success. I’ve delivered the core book, bennies, dice, the card deck, four adventures, figure flats, a map, two source books (in PDF format), and am working steadily on everything else.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Kingdom Con appproaches

Kingdom-Con is 10 days away! Pre-Registration and the Hotel Block have been closed. You will be able to pick up a badge at the door, a 4-Day badge will be $60 and a 1-Day badge is $20, those can be picked up at the Registration Desk.

More Events have been added as well and many sign-ups have been added to that as well. Be sure to check out the website to take a look at the games you want to play and there will even be some more late add-ons this week.

We are looking forward to a fun and exciting year so hoping to see you there!



Friday April 24 - 10:00 am

Name: Prince Charming, Reanimator
System: Dungeon Crawl Classics
GM: Ron T
Length: 4 Hours
Players: 8
What happens when you take a beloved fairy tale and crossbreed it with a tale of horror?
Prince Hubert Charming of Westlake has determined that Princess Beauty is only cursed to sleep away the aeons, and he will have her for his bride. His men rounded up a stable of “volunteers” at the beginning of one early autumn morning, and here you are, with what makeshift arms and equipment you had upon you when you were “volunteered”.
Your mission, the Prince’s Bailiff explains, is to enter the ruined castle, find the place where the “Sleeping” Beauty lies, and bring her forth for Prince Charming to restore with a kiss. Those who choose not to go upon this quest must take their chances with the Prince’s Guard, twenty men strong, and be declared outlaw. Those who choose to hazard their lives within the ruined castle may keep what they find, apart from the sleeping princess, but dare not leave without her.

Name: Legend of the Five Rings: Blood & Honor
System: Blood & Honor
GM: Chris C
Length: 4 Hours
Players: 5
Your daimyo has gone mad. He has insulted the Crane and the Scorpian clans who might now see your clan as weak. It is up to you to show loyalty and strengthen you daimyo or take him out. The clan is everything and if action is not taken than you might find yourself a pathetic ronin.

Friday April 24 - 3:00pm

Name: Wasteland: The Funky Necromancer
System: Wushu
GM: Jesse Q
Length: 4 Hours
Players: 5
According to the crackling voice on the radio, the cat whose followers call the Godfather Of Souls (the hardest working man in Loa business) is heading toward Golden Gate prefecture, which probably wouldn't be a big deal if he wasn't raising a marching army of the dead along the way. You can expect luchadores, kung-fu monkeys, and at least one philosopher beatnik in this post-apocalypse game inspired by Six-String Samurai, Heavy Metal magazine, the works of Robert Rodriguez and Chuck Jones, as well as a couple of Martinis. Premade characters will be provided."

Name: The Stronghold of the Wood Giant Shaman
System: Dungeon Crawl Classics
GM: Bill M
Length: 5 Hours
Players: 6
"This is a fifth level adventure written for DCC RPG by Stephen Newton. DCC RPG is not a game of heroes. PC death is not uncommon in this game. Your characters are inherently flawed. Magic is dangerous and unpredictable. The gods are sometimes petty and cruel.
You have to work your way into becoming a hero or villain through your deeds. Even then you must tempt fate and trust your luck, but death will come for you in the end.
This is not a game for those who can not deal with PC death, and cling to characters, expecting them to make it to god like status. If you are up for adventure and fun, join us."

Friday April 24 - 8:00pm

Name: Last Flight Out
System: Outbreak Undead
GM: Brett L
Length: 5 Hours
Players: 6
"The city is overrun by the undead, and you need to get out! The army has a safe zone at the stadium and the last few helicopters are taking off in a few hours. You and what's left of your National Guard squad must get as many civilians to safety as you can before only the dead remain.
Your zombie survival plan will fail...we can help with that."

Name: Dues for the Dead
System: Dungeons & Dragons 5th
GM: Corby K
Length: 4 Hours
Players: 4
An infestation of undead has appeared in the catacombs under a graveyard. Where did they come from? And why are they there? This is a low-level mod for levels 1-4.

Name: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
System: Savage World
GM: Kevin G
Length: 4 Hours
Players: 6
The characters are members of a West Coast cell of Director Coulson's underground S.H.I.E.L.D. organization. Recently the lab at NuWerks, Inc. has been raided by an unknown tactical force which stole advanced psi-tech from the company. The characters are directed to investigate the theft and recover the stolen technology.

Saturday April 25 - 10:00am

Name: The Light from Below
System: Dungeon Crawl Classics
GM: Ron T.
Length: 4 Hours
Players: 8

Pre-print version of 0-level funnel The Light from Below, to be published in the first issue of the Clearspring Gazette 'zine during the next year.

Over the past week your fellow Clearspring citizens have been going missing. Your family is no exception. Last night a heavy rain fell, when the storm broke, a slight tremor rocked the village. In the pre-dawn mist a Light from Below was discovered in the Gryffydd's field. Now those who have lost their family members and loved ones gather in the field. the crumbling earth reveals a sinkhole, a soft light issues from the hole, dozens gather around the hole, others hurry to bring rope, poles, and other odds and ends, as 'Springers are no stranger to odd happenstance.

By playing in this adventure, you can shape the final published adventure, help name the missing villagers, interact with the environment, and learn what lies below...

Name: Last Flight Out
System: Outbreak Undead
GM: Brett L
Length: 5 Hours
Players: 6
"The city is overrun by the undead, and you need to get out! The army has a safe zone at the stadium and the last few helicopters are taking off in a few hours. You and what's left of your National Guard squad must get as many civilians to safety as you can before only the dead remain.
Your zombie survival plan will fail...we can help with that."

Name: Fists Of The Brocade Guard
System: Wushu
GM: Jesse Q
Length: 4 Hours
Players: 5
"When the emperor suspects corruption among his own secret police, he calls upon you - a handful of former fugitives and outlaws - to use your potent skills and Kung Fu to handle the situation.
Premade characters will be provided. No familiarity with the Wushu system (or Ming Dynasty) is necessary to play in this Shaw Brothers inspired game of wuxia action."

Saturday April 25 - 3:00pm

Name: Age of Rebellion Beginner Box
System: FFG Star Wars
GM: Corby K
Length: 4 Hours
Players: 4
It's an infiltration mission, in which your team of rebels is charged with capturing a clandestine listening post that was built by a Moff to spy on an Imperial Admiral. Since this is Empire on Empire activity, the Rebel brass thinks it provides a unique opportunity to gain a foothold on Onderon.

Name: White Line Fever
System: Fiasco
GM: John M
Length: 3 Hours
Players: 4
"This is a Fiasco role-playing / story game using a scenario from the Run, Fools, Run! expansion. Fiasco is a great collaborative storytelling game.
In Fiasco, you play an ensemble of unsavory, self-destructive characters in a volatile situation. Not surprisingly, things go awry fast. Often, your character ends up broke, in jail, dead... or worse. But it is always a good time."

Name: The Fate of Candyland!
System: FATE Accelerated
GM: Chris B
Length: 4 Hours
Players: 6
King Kandy, the Imperial Head Bonbon and Grand Jujube of Candy Land, and the entire Candy Castle have vanished! All signs point to the deed having been performed by the vile Lord Licorice. But, Queen Frostine and Princess Lolly have a plan. They have summoned the Candy Land Kids to gather the heroes of Candy Land to find the kind and defeat Lord Licorice once and for all.

Saturday April 25 - 8:00pm

Name: Vampire: a break in the Masquerade
System: VtM 20th anniversary
GM: Chris C
Length: 4 Hours
Players: 5
One of the worst violation of the Masquerade has shown itself since Bram Stoker's Dracula. And indepth documentary on the SyFy channel is about to air. You and your coterie have little time to cover this up before it airs and everything could change or perhaps a change would be for the best.

Majestic 12: Inventory Control
System: Atomic Robo: The Roleplaying Game
GM: Mike 0
Length: 4 Hours
Players: 5
Beyond the bright reality we know lurks a dangerous, super-scientific world of earthquake bombs, transcontinental death-rays, extradimensional incursions, and worse. And standing between them and global chaos are the brave men and women of a secretive government organization dedicated to tracking down and securing the rogue Tesla-tech that puts us all in unknown peril. They work in the shadows. They don't officially exist. They are Majestic 12, and they are our only hope.

Sunday April 26 - 10:00am

Name: Last Flight Out
System: Outbreak Undead
GM: Brett L
Length: 5 Hours
Players: 6
"The city is overrun by the undead, and you need to get out! The army has a safe zone at the stadium and the last few helicopters are taking off in a few hours. You and what's left of your National Guard squad must get as many civilians to safety as you can before only the dead remain.
Your zombie survival plan will fail...we can help with that."

Name: Nebin Pendlebrook's Perilous Pantry
System: Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG
GM: Bill M
Length: 5 Hours
Players: 8
This is a zero level funnel written by Mark Bishop for DCC RPG. It is a fun adventure for the whole family.

Name: Guns Of Oakshadow
System: a Barbarians Of Lemuria hack
GM: Jesse Q
Length: 4 Hours
Players: 5
"The bride's tears stream down her face as she stumbles down the town's dusty main road, fumbling with the blood-splattered white-lace of her dress. This day was to have been a bright point during a recent string of misfortunes in Oakshadow, but then a shot rang out...
Premade characters will be provided. No familiarity with the Barbarians Of Lemuria system is necessary to play in this straight-up western (with no zombies, aliens, or magic)."

Sunday April 26 - 3:00pm

Name: FFG Force and Destiny Beginner Box
System: FFG Star Wars
GM: Corby K
Length: 4 Hours
Players: 4
Play as a Jedi in the newest FFG Star Wars system.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Another long week

Man, another long ass week, 54.5 hours, and that was with me going home early on Monday/Tuesday cuz I was feeling sick...y'know after 9.5 and 10 hours!!! LOL

Anyway, after a full day of vegging out, it's about time to get back to some creative work.

Here's something about Clearspring I'm going to input, the halflings of Clearspring and probably the rest of Llaydd will not only have the lucky halfling racial bit, but they can make the luck affect others in the negative as well. The halflings kind of demand 'lucky' protection.

I see the halflings as kind of Victorian era gangs of street gangs. They run protection rackets based upon preventing 'accidents' from happening, y'know, literal accidents caused by bad luck. I see them with big ole mutton chops, but not wearing green, they're not leprechauns. They also don't particularly like being called halfling, it puts them in a bad mood, bad things might happen when they're not happy.They prefer pipp, short for Piptish, their ancient culture. The Clearspring Inn and Gambling House isn't a place you want your kids hanging around.

Thursday, March 5, 2015


So I think I'll be moving to a adventure based XP system.

Complete 1 adventure per character level you're aspiring to.

For example, you complete your 0-level funnel. You reach level 1.

2 adventures at level 1 and you reach level 2.

This takes tracking XP out of the loop as well as mid-adventure leveling.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

not quite 30 days...

OK so this is the craziest my life has ever been. In the last 4 weeks I worked over 220 hours. That many hours is rough on the brain, and I don't recommend it for creative endeavors.

I'm working on the stuff for Interface Zero 2.0 Malmart catalog, and in the last week (even working 56.75 hours), I was starting to get my creative mojo back to a minor extent as far as IZ goes.

My brain HAD already been working overtime during my sleep with ideas for Clearspring and creating a DCC RPG zine called the Clearspring Gazette.

The first issue will include my 0-level funnel "The Light from Below".

Here's some of the ideas I'm thinking of for the Gazette. Consider that I'm a fan of Sci-fi in my fantasy, and that Purple Planet may have some influence on this little berg. Maybe even some Welcome to Nightvale vibes...

Clearspring Gazette
The Gazette is produced by an artifact of similar construction to the Henge. The writers actually speak into it, dictating what they want to say.

Boedree’s Smithy presents Weapon Focus
Howdy neighbor, Boedree here, and this week we’ll be looking at the “insert weapon here”.

Article will contain a description of the weapon and any variants, a Mighty Deeds table dedicated to the weapon, and of course, a picture of the weapon.

Table will be included with Boedree’s prices for making these weapons.

(This article is 90% written and features the spear and TWO spear Deeds tables.

Mother Myfanwy’s Marvelous Market
Article describing the local herbs and their uses.

Clearspring Inn and Gambling House adverts
Thieves’ cant mixed in with ads for the Gambling House
"When the cat climbs the walls of the black garden...you need a break."

Ferrous Brothers Brewhouse

Wandrell’s Wonders
Article describing the out of place artifacts around Clearspring. The first being the namesake of the town, the Clearspring, a well which always flows at a steady rate, made of an indestructible metal, surrounded by a henge of the same metal which is always very warm, preventing freezing around the entire well.


Adventure hooks

What the Hell is a Gongfarmer?
Article about the various occupations in the DCC RPG book, and what they actually mean.

Doctor Dafydd’s Expeditions
A Bestiary

Who’s Who in Clearspring
Description and statblocks for a group of citizens of Clearspring (most are 0-level, and appropriate for funnels.)
Stand-up citizens
Old school style paper minis. (eventually covering all of the DCC Occupations, then all of the expanded Clearspring Occupations)

Tales from the Vale of Mist
Fiction (possibly a pulp type serial)

Living Map of Clearspring.
Clearspring will continue to evolve as I bring in new buildings, and things happen around the village, especially as it grows into a town...

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Gam3rCon Gam3Bowl THIS weekend

  • 10th Avenue Theatre and Arts Center

    930 10th Avenue, San Diego, CA (map)
  • This event will be on the Main Stage!
  • The Gam3rCon Family is back for 2015 with our first event of the year, the Gam3rBowl.  Do you enjoy watching the Super Bowl?  Do you wish you could game AND watch the Super Bowl?  Would you like to be with like-minded Geeks and Nerds while watching the Super Bowl?  Then this is the event for you!

    Gam3rBowl is the place for Geeks and Nerds to come together, for three days, and play games, compete, and watch the Super Bowl on the HUGE Projection screen on the main stage!  The event information is as follows:

    Friday, January 30: 3pm - 9pm
    Saturday, January 31: 12pm - 9pm
    Sunday, February 1: 12pm - 9pm

    Entry Fee: $5.00 per day or $8.00 for the entire event

    Door Prizes will be awarded - Raffle: 2 Week-long Gam3rCon Passes, 2 Daily Gam3rCon Passes, and many Games....Check back for updates!

    The Games that will be raffled off and awarded are as follows:

    Forever Evil DC Deck building game 
    Crisis Expansion 1
    Crisis Expansion 2
    Martian Manhunter Promo Cards for DC Deck Builder
    Naruto Shippuden : Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution (For PS3 and XBox 360)
    Firefly Clue

    The following are the tournaments currently scheduled for Saturday, January 31, 2105:

    Smash Brothers - Two Weeklong Passes
    Call of Duty Advanced Warfare - Two 1 Day Passes
    Marvel Vs Capcom - Two 1 Day Passes  *Sponsored by The Marvel Experience*
    Clue Tournament - Two 1 Day Passes *Sponsored by USAopoly* (Saturday 31JAN2014)
    Forever Evil Tournament - Two 1 Day Passes *Sponsored by Cryptozoic*
    Battleship Tournament - Two 1 Day Passes
    Duck Hunt Tournament - Free Gam3Days for 2015
    Connect Four Tournament - Two 1 Day Passes

    Other Games that are scheduled for Friday & Saturday are:

    GM: Roger Cotton  
    Game Name: Extraordinary
    Game Type: Superhero Card Game
    Game Length: 45 mins
    Short Description of Game: Heroes vs Villains who seek to complete episodes, and in doing so, attempt to influence Colossal City for better or worse.
    Number of Players: 2 to 4

    GM: Jenni Herzig
    Game Name: Mayden Territories
    Game Type: Table
    Game Length: Approximately 1 hour
    Short Description: Lead your army as you conquer and build your kingdom to become the greatest Damiyo in Japan.
    Number of Players: 2 to 6
    GM: Chris De La Rosa
    Game Name: OUTBREAK
    Game Type: RPG
    Game Length: 3 - 4 Hours
    Short Description: Imagine, if you will, that you at in your home, perhaps at the computer, reading a book, watching T.V. You hear gunshots. You run to the window and see someone, or something, devouring the flesh of a still screaming man right in the middle of the street… What would you do? Would you try to save him? Barricade yourself inside? Make a run for it? Where would you go? How would you get there? What would you bring? Outbreak: Undead is a Zombie Survival Simulation RPG that is not only fun, but an essential step in surviving the Undead.
    Number of Players: 2 to 6

    Sunday Tournament will be Madden 2015.  Come play the game as the Seahawks or the Patriots and try to get the closest score to the actual Super Bowl Game and win some prizes.  The tournament will run until Halftime and the game with the closest score will win!

     There will be Free-Play every day for all game types (VGA/Board Games/Card Games, ect).

    For those over 21, there will be beer and wine available on site for purchase.  For those under 21, there will be beverages and snacks available for sale as well.

    We are very excited about this event and are really looking forward to seeing as many of you there as possible!  Happy New Year from the Gam3rCon Family to you and yours and we are excited about what 2015 has to offer!!!

    Last, but not least, we here Gam3rCon are excited to announce that we will be starting our first ticket sales for Gam3rCon 2015, during our Gam3rBowl event this month Jan 30th through February 1st!  Ticket prices for those who buy early are just $30.00, for Adult, and $20.00, for Junior.  This is for a WEEK-LONG PASS which is a steal!