Tuesday, March 19, 2019

In Memorium - Bob 'Dolnor' Cruse

It is sad news that I post about Bob's passing. I found out on Saturday with my DCC game, that Bob passed on Tuesday, 3/12/19.

I only knew Bob from the few games of DCC I ran at Gaming on Grand. He was a good guy, always helpful to new players and fun to game with.

I will be memorializing his character from my game in the next issue of Meanderings. Topher the Gambler will become an Eternal Champion. Which the character may be killed in a session, the table character will be available in the next session to another player.

I will be memorializing Bob himself as "Dolnor the Chronicler" in Meanderings #5, and on the blog. Dolnor will be a wise deity, and patron, that gives advice freely, as long as you have the time to listen.

Role in Paradise Dolnor!

If anyone else wants to share stories of Bob, email me at Epicrpgblog@gmail.com

Friday, March 8, 2019

Savage Worlds - Multiple Actions and Multiple cards

   If you've played Savage worlds before, and used Multiple Actions, you know exactly how disruptive those multiple attacks can be to the entire table. The guy who is built for combat will often go before everyone and waste most of the field before others can even get to act, in Savage Rifts it can be even worse, with Split the Seconds, and so many bonuses to offset those multi-action penalties.

    So to make the combat flow more like a real combat, consider throwing an initiative card for every extra action. It will serve as a reminder to apply those extra action penalties, as well as making combat a bit more cinematic. Let them change their action when each card comes up. 

   Level-headed, Calculating and other edges or powers that modify initiative only function once (except with Split the seconds, they get to redraw for each set of actions, however draw all cards, then divide them into 2 highest and two lowest) , so if you pull 3 cards and get a 3, 8, and A. You could pull one card to replace the 3. 

  Characters which get a King of Spades, and King of Hearts, must have done something really cool, like kicking the enemy in nethers, and then striking with their dagger in one swift action. 

Sample Draw:
Player 1: (Combat cyborg - Level Headed, and Calculating.) 
Chooses 3 actions: (3 cards+1) 3ofH, 7ofC, 9ofS, JofS Replace 3ofH with 7ofD

Player 2: (Technowizard - Speed (Quickness))
Chooses 2 actions: 9ofD, AofS

Player 3: (Crazy - Split the Seconds)
Action 1: Joker
Action 2: KofH

Enemy 3 Dogboys
Single Action: 10ofD

Wildcard Enemy: Coalition JuicerCalculating with Split the Seconds)
Draw all 4 cards, replace 2 cards 6ofH, 7ofH, AofH, 4ofD, (redraw 1) 4ofC, (redraw 2) 9ofS
Action 1 Chooses 2 actions: AofH, 9ofS
Action 2: Chooses 2 actions: 7ofH, 6ofH.

Enemy Psi-stalker 
Single Action: KofS

Let me know what you think.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Plus is Dead...soon - So A Savage Rifts rule tweak.

G+ is in the final throws of death.

So I'll be starting to post on the blog once more.

Today, Savage Worlds, specifically Savage Rifts.

If I've learned anything from DCCRPG it's that the dice chain is a wonderful tool.

Savage Rifts is amazing, but it can be a bit broken...just a bit. Once you get to adding +4 to +6 to a roll, well you're automatically hitting effectively...But what if we put some dice chain into Savage Rifts?

Each +2 changes to +1d on a dice chain. (up to a d12), additional +2s affect the Wild Die.

Example, Full Conversion Borg with a d10 ranged attack, d6 wild die, overall mods of +6. would end up rolling d12+d10. instead of d10+6 or d6+6.

So this is just a thought, obviously it would need playtesting.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Welcome to the GLOW - At Ease Games March 25th Noon

Come join us for a Fallout Inspired Mutant Crawl Classics game.

0-levels will be provided, or bring your existing characters from a previous Welcome to the Glow Event.

(January was Gaming on Grand in Escondido)
(February was GamerBowl at the 10th Avenue Theatre.)

I can handle about 12 vict...err survivors.

Location At Ease Games
Time Noon

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Conan - Adventure in an Age Undreamed of - Spreadsheet

So picked up Conan - Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of from Modiphius in a trade on Goblin Emporium recently. Once I started making a character (The first best step in learning a system), I realized, I need something to track this process.

Here's a link to the Google Doc I'm using for character creation tracking.

Conan - A Spreadsheet Undreamed

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Sun Do-a-Glow MCC RPG Tour 2018

Here's the initial concept of the poster I'm creating for the San Diego Tour of Mutant Crawl Classics RPG 2018 World Tour events!

No dates yet, and I need to confirm that all of the stores on this list want to participate.

More Information Later.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

New Game Store - Gaming on Grand (Escondido)

It just came to my attention that there is a new game store in North County.

Gaming on Grand

Located at:
237 W. Grand Ave
Escondido, CA 92025

I haven't had a chance to visit it yet. From their pictures it appears to be a store which needs more stock. They do have an associated meetup group already for 5e DnD...I'll have to introduce them to the goodness of Goodman Games!

I'm going to head over there to have a look when I have time. Talk with the owners etc.