Monday, June 27, 2016

Reboot thoughts.

So I'm not sure where I'm going with the blog. The boys are nearly grown up now, I'm thinking of changing it up. I might start with an entirely new entity, I'm just not sure. I know I would like to get a non-profit for education thing going...Like it was in the old days. This would allow me to run some mini cons etc.

I'd also like to start up a YouTube channel, for interviews and unboxing reviews. Some games just lose a lot when it's a text review, but when they're PRETTY that's where video is awesome.

If you have advise on how to monetize, let  me know, I'd love for the non-profit to cover expenses to attend more cons.

I'm also more interested in covering all aspects of gaming, especially war games these days.

Monday, June 6, 2016


OK Life has definitely been hectic.

FREE RPG Day is once more coming upon us, this year I will be at Villainous Lair with Bill, and any of the Villainous Slayers that show up.

What will I run? No clue, I ran a Paranoia FATE of the COMPLEX game at Kingdom Con, but I could EASILY run it again.

I could run the Fallout of the Atomic AGE game, which didn't happen at KC.

Saturday June 18th

This year San Diego is RIF with options. However that many options means more more choices, and a less dense play demographic.

North County: 
Pair-a-Dice games 

Miramar Area
At Ease Games 
Game Empire

San Diego
Villainous Lair