Thursday, April 18, 2013

2nd Annual Anime Conji Artist Extravaganza!

So it's kind of an annual thing now for me, I meet all of the artists, take a picture of their booth (except one person who asked me to not take pictures of her I didn't), then link it with their artist information. So you my readers can have some access to some cool art, and perhaps support these artists. True many of these artists are anime artists who are early on in their careers, and are doing this as a hobby to make a little extra scratch.

So I will be updating this with the "easy" to identify booths first, then over the next couple of days, I'll attempt to identify the rest of the booths. Nice signs are easier to identify with a card! YAY. So if you're looking for your site, and you didn't have an easily identified business card to sign, it may take a couple more days to ID your booth. Then I might still have a couple of cards I can't ID.

Also, if you're checking for your link, and I don't have it up yet, shoot me an email with which pic is yours and your info, and then I can get it up faster!

Jayme Humphries, Illustrator.

Battlerobots, plus others.

LeanaMee101, Leana Crafts

Horchata Crew
Tiffany Lam, Elias's Corner

Cute Crochet Creatures - "Ami Amour"

Comics, Illustrations, Plush Toys KAX Art. &

Ben Lazer Designs ,

Jon A. Guerzon -
 Jon had some really cool crossover anime pieces, I think my favorite was the Edward Elric and Ichigo playing 'football' (soccer to us Yanks).

Adrian B. 'Super Tramp' -

8-Bits are enough for me studios -

Deanna Sulli

oboro charms -

More links to come, brain "friered".