Sunday, April 21, 2013

Kingdom Con Report - Epic Ian!

Kingdom con is one of my favorite conventions. First of all you gain tokens by getting achievements. With those tokens you can buy prizes, which I got multiple.
            On the first day, I played a few games and I entered into a kit bash contest. I played a game called alien labyrinth, where you are a person who has been abducted onto an alien mothership and is trying to find a way off of it. I also learned about a website called GameCrafters, were you can create your own games.
            Then on the second day I played in a Malifaux tournament and I got in 5th place. When I got enough points I went to the treasure room and got Heap. From what I’ve played of it, it seems like a really good game.

            When the final day came around, I played in another Malifaux tournament and did much better that time by getting in 2nd place. Also I had been present when the kit bash was being judged. The best vehicle goes to…drum role please… Stompa Prime! Stompa prime is basically a mech with a big gun arm and a sword clamp. I think my vehicle was in 4th  though, because of how I put it together