Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Savage Rifts & Mutant Chronicles

This is a great resource, and game in itself.

The Magic system is different from the standard Savage Worlds point based system, but on the high energy Rifts world, I would rule their magic the same as normal magic.

What does Mutant Chronicles bring to your Savage Rifts game?

First and foremost, lots of edges and hindrances. The willpower trait as well, which can be used with horror based Rifts games similar to Achtung! Cthulhu.

Here's a really fun ability for your Savage Rifts games. This ability  could be used for all sorts of Wild Cards in SR, from Emperor Karl Prosek to Lord Dunscan, even a Dog Pack Psi Stalker could command fanaticism in the dogboys.

Some members of the Dark Symmetry command unflinching loyalty
from their minions. As a result, Wild Cards with the “Fanatics”
special ability who are hit in combat have the damage redirected to
an allied extra within 6” of them.

This is one of new skills in Mutant Chronicles, and amongst my favorite:

This skill is used to operate and fire vehicular weapons. Weapons
that specifically use this skill are covered in the gear section and are
found in tanks, spaceships, and other large vehicles. The normal
rules for Shooting apply to these weapons; however, they are large
and unwieldy enough to make operation entirely different from a
normal pistol or rifle. For instance, firing a heavy weapon from a
moving vehicle counts as the “Unstable Platform” penalty. Range
penalties apply as normal for Short/Medium/Long range. Using the
Aim action provides a +2 to the next shot for a weapon operated
with the Gunnery skill.

Lifepath Edges
These are similar to Iconic Frameworks, but much less powerful, to use Mutant Chronicles characters, consider them MARS, start them off at Seasoned. Then give them standard MARS rolls and 3-5 other rolls off of training, weapons, armor, etc. Like Doom troopers I would only give 3 rolls, but some of the other paths, would get 5.

Here's the Lifepath for a Doom Trooper.

Requirements: Brawny, Agility d6+, Fighting d6+, Shooting d6+
Hindrances Gained: Loyal, Vow (Major – Serve the Doomtroopers),
Vow (Minor – Support the Cartel)
Equipment Gained: Any two weapons using Shooting or Fighting,
Any medium suit of armour
Benefits: As someone on the front lines of the war against the Dark
Symmetry, this character has seen his share of war already. He gains
a +1 Willpower, Fighting +1, Mysticism +1, and Shooting +1.

It appears that two of the 4 hindrances in Achtung! Cthulhu made their way to Mutant Chronicles,
Bullet Magnet & Slow
The other two are Weak Willed and Zero-G sensitive.

Background Edges
Mystical Exposure

Combat Edges
Big Boom (This one is FUN Full Auto blast weapons get an extra template!)
Lightning Crew Gunnery +1 ROF
Natural Calculator Ignore Unstable Platform
Strong Grip disarm and grapple bonuses
Winged Victory Use piloting or gunnery (shooting) while piloting a vehicle.

Will post more later.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Savage Rifts and Achtung! Cthulhu

So awhile back I picked up the Achtung! Cthulhu PDFs (I think via a Bundle of Holding, or possibly just a sale on DTRPG). Been looking at the edges and hindrances, and there are some that would make great Savage Rifts additions.

I'll give them the a minor review, without the entirety of the text.

New Hindrances
Bullet Magnet (Major) - yup, catches more Innocent Bystander shots as well as Suppressing Fire.
Fanatic (Major) - Yeah, if it makes sense with your character's believes, you have to do it.
Shell Shocked (Minor, Major) - works with Sanity Rules (more on that later)
Slow (Major) Yeah, the opposite of Quick , initiative on worst of two cards.

New Edges
Icy Calm - Ignore modifiers for Fear and Terror tests

Grizzled (Start seasoned) but must buy off the points, so first 20 XP goes to paying it off, must meet minimum stats.

Mythos Exposure Bonuses to sanity versus Elder Gods...or other alien intelligences....hmmm

National Identity This one is interesting, bonuses based upon identity: and makes me want to create National Identities CS: Chi Town, CS: El Dorado, Free Quebec.

Combat Edges
Blood & Guts bonuses versus certain types of fear, and +1 damage in melee

Bullseye: Modifers to critical vehicle damage & Improved Bullseye: 

Dig In cover bonuses & Improved Dig In

Grazing Fire: improved Suppressing fire.

Hose Em down & Improved Hose Em Down:  Additional templates for suppressing fire

 Incoming: Reduce damage from AOE attacks

Pickle Barrel: Modify +2 to skill rolls with rockets/missiles

Tank Hunter & Improved Tank Hunter: Increases AP of Heavy Weapons versus Heavy Vehicles.

Leadership Edges
A Few Good: Men Re-roll death checks after a battle for minions
A Few More Good Men:
Rank: (NCO or OFFICER) excellent for Tomorrow Legion and Coalition Forces.

Professional Edges
Commando: Lots of bonuses
Demo Man: Bonuses for explosives
Frog Man: Underwater Demolition & swim bonuses
Jump Qualified: Parachuting...not so useful in Rfits
Jury Rig: (it's McGyver)
Medic!: Quick healing
Mechanically Inclined: Bonuses to repair

Social Edges
Band of Brothers: Damage sponge for every adjacent band bonus.
Scrounger: (already exists in Savage Rifts)

Weird Edges
Courage Under Fire: 50% miss chance if in open ground and standing.
Insane Insight: Answer a yes/no question once per session
RADAR: Special sixth sense

Radio Head: Supernatural radio receiver

Squid: super swimmer

Suggestible: bonuses to recover sanity

I will post more tomorrow. (well that didn't work out, got that gnarly cold that went around)