Monday, September 15, 2014

Destiny and Numenera

So the boys and I picked up Destiny on Tuesday.

Having already played the Beta, we had already figured out that Numenera (Cipher system) would be the best fit for an RPG adaptation.

Numenera blends both Technology and Magic, just like Destiny. The setting could be the end of the 4th World. Or perhaps it's a later world where mankind was brought back a second time.

So there are three classes in Destiny, and three classes in Numenera, and they are strangely analogous.

Hunter = Jack (Or Vector more likely)
Titan = Glaive
Warlock = Nano

The Destiny classes, pick up engrams which contain the ability for the Crypto vendor to decipher a weapon or piece of armor.

In a pen and paper RPG, I would want to go way more in depth with ancient technology, more like ciphers in Numenera, than the video game does. Which is of course one of the failings of Video games. In video games, you don't 'need' miscellaneous items. You don't need rope, or backpacks, food, water, etc. (except in older MMORPGs like Everquest).

If you're sent on a mission to eradicate a threat on an alien planet, you might just need those things.