Monday, April 15, 2013

Upcoming reviews - Iconic Town, Short Order Hero deck and Kanzume Goddess

I have 3 upcoming reviews.

I plan to get these done this week.

I was given the Iconic Town by Fantastic Maps to review, it's great and will get a full review.

I also received the Short Order Heroes deck from Jesse Butler to review, this great little addition can be a Game Master's best friend, assigning personality traits to NPCs on the fly.

Last review which is upcoming is the Kanzume Goddess PvP Deckbuilder game that I was given to review at Anime Conji this weekend, by Japanime Games, American producers of Tanto Coure. This should be up by Sunday or Monday, as I want to play it a few times before I give it a full review. I know this game was a blast even though Ian and I lost at the Saturday Tournament at Conji. It has some really nice mechanics, and is pretty quick.

So standby for those reviews this week.