Monday, April 22, 2013

Anime Conji Report - Epic Sean

             I’ll start off by saying this: Anime Conji 2013 was different from Anime Conji 2012. They both have their ups and downs, but 2012 had a better exhibit hall and more panels, and this year’s had a better video game/tabletop room. Enough about the goods and bads though, let’s get to what I actually did.          
            Friday was my least favorite day. We couldn’t find anything for about an hour, except for a voice-acting panel I almost fell asleep at. We got to skip half of school however, so that was pretty cool. We basically spent the rest of the afternoon in the exhibit hall, and Ian and I both bought Gundams. Our step mom, Sarah, came with us, and it was actually pretty cool for her to cover more than Comic-Con.
            Saturday was better, but Sarah didn’t come with us. We got to explore the exhibit hall more on Saturday, and they had a lot of neat stuff. Gundams, posters, bags, stuffies scarves, cos-play, wallets, all that cool useless stuff that nobody needs but everybody wants. We went to a cos-play panel on advanced materials. Then we found the videogames. I played games for hours. Street-fighter, Marvel vs. Capcom, Halo 4, and other games like that. My dad and Ian played a game called Kanzume Goddess for a while, and then came to watch me. After that, we went back to the Exhibit hall, bought messenger bags, and left for the night. I got a Full Metal Alchemist messenger bag.
            The next day was the best. One of our friends, Ari, came with us. We all cos-played and I dressed up as Finn from Adventure Time, Ian went as Luigi from Mario, and Ari went as Misty from Pokemon. We went to the exhibit hall first, and Ari almost immediately bought a Dragon Ball Z messenger bag and a foam Master sword from Legend of Zelda. We played video-games for even longer than the day before, and ended the day with another cos-play panel.
            It was over all epic, and I believe we have made a convention monster out of Arianna… and she is only the first of many… Mwaaaaa ha ha ha haaaa.