Sunday, November 16, 2014

Unpub Mini SD report

Last Nights event at Pair-a-Dice Games, was fun, though short for us, as we were only there for about 3 hours.There were tons of indie games, in development.

 Pretty big turnout. I can tell you was LOUD in that gaming hall.

Ian and I play Anaconda, a Civil War CSN vs. USN card game, by Alex Bagosy (Designer of the upcoming "Divided Republic" board game as well as the creator "Brave Men, Badly Led" family of miniature games. Owner/Operator of Black Army Productions, LLC.)

It was a fun 2-person game which has distinctively different strategies for the two faction.

Charge, as played by Sean and Ian was a frantic army building card game. They really enjoyed it. 

 I got to play StarCade by Derak Morreli, of "We Are Dead". This microgame is fast with 4 different modes of play, so, two-player and multiplayer.

Unfortunately getting into some games was tough,as they filled up fast.

Hope to have more time next time one of these events happens.

Gam3rCon Gam3Day RIGHT NOW!

Well it snuck up on me without my noticing. Today is a Gam3rCon Gam3Day, from 12-9PM....

I know there was going to be some DCC RPG there today, my life is so hectic these days that after going to the Pair-a-Dice event last night, which was REALLY fun. I totally forgot about the Gam3Day, which is a bummer cuz I wanted to get my DCC on.

$5 at the door unless you're running games.

10th Avenue Theatre downtown.

Friday, November 14, 2014

San Diego Local Event TOMORROW! [Pair-a-Dice Games]

Fun, Games, and lots of Prizes
(This is a Free event)
  • 18 Game Designers showing off 23 never published games!
  • Prizes from various sponsors including: Game Salute, Tasty Minstrel Games, Tim Fowers, Squirmy Beast, Never Peak Games, and Pair A Dice.
  • Design your own game at the Build-Your-Own-Game table sponsored by The Game Crafter

This Saturday, November 15th, Local board and card game designers will demo their creations. You will have the opportunity to play these games with the designers and win raffle prizes for playing. Get a ticket for every game you play. Raffle prizes will be awarded throughout the event and will include gift cards to Pair A Dice Games, board games, and more!

Playtesting is of vital importance to improving and enhancing a game project as it journeys toward publication. Besides, how cool is it to meet the developer and play the next big hit game before it's even published.

Throughout the day there will be scheduled game sessions so it will be easy to jump in and give a game a try.  To see the schedule of exciting games, as well as other information, visit

The event begins at 12 PM at Pair A Dice Games and have games scheduled all the way to 9PM

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

AEG Vanguard


I'm now in the AEG Vanguard program. So as I close one chapter in my gaming life, I open a new one. With the decline of the Mongoose Infantry program, I'm a bit bummed I won't be working towards more great minis for my Judge Dredd game (Though watch this space for an unboxing review of the Judge Dredd Starter Box set; coming this weekend.)

I'm kinda jazzed about being on the AEG Vanguard though, AEG puts out so many cool board games, and of course L5R CCG/RPG.

Love Letter is a pretty fun fast game
Infinite City is a great game with lots of strategy and a little luck.
Agent Hunter is quick and easy, but still challenging.

I was looking at Doomtown Reloaded this weekend, and it looks like it keeps the same flavor as the original, which I still have all my old cards...heh.

Anyway, none of my local stores are Strongholds, so I know what I'm doing this weekend.