Monday, October 28, 2013

Judge Dredd Miniature Game rulebook released!

The new rulebook, a result of the teaming up with Warlord Games has been released. Physical Rulebook from Mongoose it runs $45 US, but, it is over 200 pages, and considering the rulebook for a certain other game runs almost $100...

The Full rulebook is Full color.

The FREE Primer is now available as well. The Primer includes all the basic rules and quick reference information you need to run a game of Judge Dredd minis. Miniatures however are not included. The layers are not accessible so you can't turn off the background, so print it at a copy place to save your black ink. The PDF contains Quick Justice Department Rules, Gamer Rules and a scenario.

Inside the Primer you will find my name and Sean & Ian's names as playtesters...=D

Judge Dredd Rulebook
If you want a more in depth look at the system, check out the old rulebook still available on Drivethru...for free...get it before it's pulled.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Gam3Day at the 10th on 11/10/2013

Mario Torres will be running Haunting of Larvik Island.

The theme for this event is: SUPER HEROES!

If I can make the time to go, I think the Judges might be trying to take down a Vigilante and his Misguided sidekick.

Earthdawn Appreciation Day 2014

So I think for Earthdawn Appreciation day this coming year, I'm going to set some more in depth constraints to the contest.

Perhaps an Circle 4 adventure, featuring a new Horror, a New Legendary Item, and a Cool location with map.

My only problem is with entrants, if I make it too harsh, then no one will want to participate for a few PDFs and a little banner. I wonder if I could get FASA Games to sweeten the deal...

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pair-a-Dice Halloween Event

Pair-a-Dice will once again be hosting their Halloween event, run by Fanatical Gamer's Society.

Pair-a-Dice Games
2020 Hacienda Dr
Vista, CA

26 October 2013 from Noon to 9pm 

I will be there running some fun games.

Conan-Cthulhu Munchkin (with some prize support)
Robert E. Howard and H.P. Lovecraft were friends and contemporaries, therefore the Conan and Cthulhu sets are perfect mixture.

Join Sean, Ian, and I; we will be running Munchkin, Zombie Dice, Munchkin Zombies etc. 

MegaCity One Zom-Pocalypse - Judge Dredd Miniatures Game
Judge Dredd is occupied with the Dark Judges so it's up to Judge Giant and some cadets to take on a Sabbat wannabe, dozens of citizens have been killed already, a execution order has been given for the psychic Sabbat wannabe, kill or be killed. Oh, these zombies are infectious as well...

Dungeon Crawl Classics - Mystery of Greyshield Manor.
Revisit a classic adventure, with Dungeon Crawl Classics, a new take on my personal favorite adventure, Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

One page Dungeons link

So this is a page I never knew existed, since 2009, there have been numerous 1-page Dungeon Contest going on annually...

This is good stuff for game masters!!! I have been looking at some of them, and there are some really neat ideas...i will definitely be entering next year...and I'll try to get the boys to enter as well.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

FASA Games posts about 1879

So the first developer's (Andrew Ragland) post about 1879 is up on FASA Games blog.

If you've been interested in this game, check it out.

"Like any steampunk-genre game, we're using an alternate history, a timeline that diverges from our own at key points so that things go a bit differently. In 1879, Prince Albert survived the coach crash and the subsequent infections, thanks to a massive assemblage of medical and scientific expertise by a Queen determined not to lose her beloved consort. Confined to a wheelchair, Prince Albert continued pushing forward the science and technology that had saved his life, resulting in a Silver Exhibition, 25 years after the famous Crystal Exhibition."

More on their blog.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Gam3Day in review

We had a very small turnout for the Gam3day, but we all still had fun. Ran a FRAG/ZOMBIES!!! crossover game, FRAG is typically pretty fast (unless people are playing VERY cautious.) ZOMBIES doesn't run very quickly.

 Look HERE for the basic rules.

We made the following tweaks to it.


1. Zombies move into a player's square to attack, not adjacent. (This was a mistake on my part at first, but makes more sense.)

2. Ranged weapons damage dice can be split against multiple targets.
In a normal game of Zombies, each time you move you can kill a zombie in every square you move into.
We modded this for the FRAG rules by allowing splitting damage dice from FRAG weapons, since it's pretty silly to unload an entire Heavy Assault Cannon on a single zombie. Example: Take your 7D, and split them against 3 zombies within range, less likely to kill each but, not overkill.

3.  Zombies attack as a horde at the end of a phase.

If more than one zombie is in a player's square at the end of the turn, add an additional die for each zombie.
ex: 2 zombies: 3 dice, 3 zombies: 4 dice, 4 zombies: 5 dice, and so on.

4. Weapons which affect adjacent creatures. Adjacent in this case; means all the zombies in that square, not adjacent squares.

 additional rules I will try next time.

5. Zombies sense living creatures, they will not move away from players in the same tile.

6. If a player's health roll doubles a zombie attack, they kill those attacking zombies.
Not play tested, but makes sense.

7. Movement Speedx2 (moving 1-3 squares is ludicrous). Move 2 squares per point of speed.
Ran 2 hours of Judge Dredd, Zombies fall really quickly under the hail of Lawgiver execution rounds at 3 per shot, but the Zombie Master with Animate Dead is REALLY fun to raise the fallen minions, as new zombies. The opening advantage goes to the Justice Department, but as long as the Zombie Master isn't killed (which is harder to do with Shroud of Death.)

Played in Mario's Tomb of Horrors, we didn't finish, but man that was an extremely fun adventure. Playing at 7th level is insanely different. The spells typically get the upper results. I think I will convert the White Plume Mountain adventure to DCC and run it soon.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Gam3 Day Sunday October 13th

I will be doing a Judge Dredd Miniature Game Justice Department vs. Zombies demo on Sunday at the Gam3Day at the 10th. A Bunch of Cadets will attempt to hold off a Zombie Horde led by a Necromancer.

I will also be running a bit of Munchkin Zombies and Zombie Dice.

Mario Torres will be running a Dungeon Crawl Classics version of Tomb of Horrors, Level 7!!!

Should be Epic!!!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Still here

Hey been 6 days, Epic RPG Blog is still here, been an insanely busy week, culminating in the Game Truck birthday party for the Epic Twins...


Lots of items have been released recently, but I took the plunge on Malifaux 2e. I know there's a lot of upset players, but so far from what I've seen I like. Yeah, I'm missing a lot of cards for figures I want to use, but I know that they'll most likely be in the Wave 2 arsenal cards, Sue, and Vanessa, and the Guild Riflemen are ones I really want to get their cards for.

Dreadball is another game I'm absolutely loving, it's fast, it's fun and it is becoming more popular. Also, Sean and Ian like it as well. So far we're playing with just the Orx/Goblins and the Humans, but my MegaCity Headbreakers have been ordered. I came up with a special rule that the boys think is fair to represent the Judge's team. We are the Law - The Justice Department team will never commit a foul. The team may never commit a foul action in other words. Ever Vigilant - As Judges, they are always on the lookout for danger, and highly trained. If another team attempts to cheap shot a Judge, they can automatically turn one face. (this can actually be used against the Judges to turn them away from goals, so it is quite balanced.)

I finally got my copy of Machinations of the Space Princess from Lulu. I'm REALLY impressed how fast the order was taken care of, as it was my Lulu print on demand order. It was printed within 24 hours and I received it 2 days after that. In addition; I received it in absolutely perfect condition, it was packed on bubble wrap, at an angle in the box, providing maximum corner protection. Truly impressed. I love this game.

In other news, there will be a Gam3rCon Gam3day coming up on Sunday from noon to 9

It's that time again, Gam3days have arrived!!!  October 13th is Zombie Day! We need local GMs to host zombie themed campaigns in addition to having our Game Library present.  On top of that there will be Demos throughout the event of the Necrons from Warhammer 40k.  The event will run from Noon to 9pm

When: October 13th 12pm - 9pm
Where: At the 10th Avenue Theatre, San Diego
Why: Because you're made of awesome.