Monday, September 26, 2016

Savage Rifts - Black Marketeer

So I picked up the Rifts: Black Market book last week, finally getting a chance to check it out.

So seems like a simple extension to joining the Black Market would be an Edge. And the way the Books lays out joining is to have connections first.

Rifts® Black Market™ (backorder)

Black Marketeer
Requirements:  Seasoned, Connections (Black Market), Smarts d6+
  To join the Black Market as an operative you need to make some friends and prove yourself. You're in the employ of the Black Market. You get assignments from the black market leaders. You will receive pay based upon your assignment, provided you complete it.

The other way to do it is to Make Black Marketeer a MARS occupation
* Begin with Black Marketeer Edge
* Begin with +5 Skill Points
* Make two additional rolls on the Black Market table
* Begin with any Starting gear allotment for Crazy plus one additional item from any Iconic Framework starting Gear

(EDITED changed +4 skill points to +5 skill points)

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Savage Rifts - Alignments

Rifts has alignments, Savage Worlds does not. Here are my first thoughts.

So if you're a Game Master who wants to make the Switch, but wants to keep the alignments, how can this be done?

Pretty simply actually, by use of hindrances and optionally edges. (Or just have people choose one)

Palladium Books uses Seven Alignments.  These are similar to having a Code of Honor. Or lack of a Code of Honor)

Good Alignments
Principled  (Major Hindrance) Principled characters will have lots of issues, no dirty money, protecting innocents, no harming unarmed opponents. (In Rifts, this doesn't apply to true monsters, demons, vampires, supernatural evil.) They see the coalition as an evil organization, but those grunts, they're just misguided, and can possibly be saved. They won't let those they work with break their code either. They won't keep dirty money for themselves, though they might redistribute those funds to the needy.

Scrupulous (Minor Hindrance) For the greater good.

Selfish Alignments
Unprincipled (None) Almost total freedom. Not evil, but not Good.
Anarchist (Minor Edge) Total Freedom, your morals revolve around You, this is the Narcissistic alignment.

Evil Alignments
Unscrupulous (Minor Hindrance) Evil, but the cowardly evil. When things go bad, you can't count on an unscrupulous character to stick around. If there's a credit to be mad by betraying his allies, he will definitely do so.

Aberrant (Minor Hindrance) They have a code, not a strict code, but it's a code. If they give their word, they'll keep the letter of the law. They will hurt people, but usually won't kill for fun.

Diabolic  (Major Hindrance)
Diabolic characters are basically unhinged. GM can require a Spirit roll to hold themselves back. ESPECIALLY if they think they can get away with a horrible crime without repercussions. They're not evil for a reason, they're just evil for fun.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Rift is opening, and it's SAVAGE!

So I'll be running my wife and kids through The Garnettown Gambit.

We have a Human Juicer, (Rolled up some interesting back ground rolls, including the Juicer Uprisings.) So his background is, he's a former Coalition Grunt, who, like Finn in Force Awakens, couldn't handle the atrocities. So he ended up stealing an APC loaded with gear and high tailing it out of the territory. (Yes, the vehicle is insanely powerful, but there are only 3 players. And two extras I'll be rolling up.)

We have a Quick Flex Glitterboy. pretty straightforward, however he did roll up a Great Chainsword on the Close Combat Weapons fortune table, so that is actually sized for the Glitterboy.

And finally my wife is playing a Human Crazy, Her starting mania is crippling fear of Gelatinous deserts, which is what made her wanted by the Coalition States, after killing a few dozen party goers at a function she was working. And hurling a table full of flan onto Colonel Sparks.

Should be FUN! also Fast and FURIOUS!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

New Sub-pages

Today I have added two new sub-pages to my Banner. Interface Zero and Sprawl Crawl Classics.

Watch these pages for more info.


Interface Zero
So with the upcoming Malmart Catalog by a new author, I will be releasing my unpublished stuff on here.I'll also be publishing my personal campaign numbers based upon the original documents for IZ which had some slightly higher numbers. However, with the Savage Rifts take on advanced polymers adding to TOUGHNESS of armors, I'm going to revamp some of those original armors with a Toughness bonus instead. I might also replace some of the supplemental armors with Toughness bonuses instead. Especially the Bombs on Broadway line.

I'm currently working on a Sprawl Crawl Classics inspired DCC campaign. I've been brainstorming for the last week, and I must say it's pretty freaking cool.

You're not a hero,
You're an Umbral Raider
A Graft
A Breaker
A Transmogrifier
A Weaver crawling through the AetherMesh

You seek Script & Secrets
Success through obfuscation and instinct
Bathed in the Gore of the unfortunate,
the Broken, the fallen and the Shattered

There is power to be won in the Umbra
Time to seek Jack in the Shadows... 

Classes include
The Graft
The Mog
The Weaver
The Breaker
The Hedge
The Penumbra
The Entombed
Gits (Halfling)
Hodgepodge (unstable goblin races)
Chimeer (Humanoid Chimera)

More later