Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tabletop Day Successes

So Tabletop Day for me was a pretty damn good success.

I got 3 people who had never played Judge Dredd, to play, and 2 of them were unfamiliar with Traveller; the other had played old Traveller back in the 80s!! This time the trip to Haven went very quick and was quite fun, being the third time I've run the scenario definitely helped. Next week's scenario will be an almost JDMG pre-run (if i get the minis in time.) I may actually run it as a Role-playing game using the miniature rules.

For the DCCRPG I was using my own scenario as you should know from following the blog. The Light From Below was pretty well received by the two players who jumped in to play. Unfortunately didn't have the full 4 hours to play, but, in the 2 hours we got to play, I was able to determine that the layout was about right, except that the cave crickets, even toned down to a small cave cricket, are just too powerful to use against level 0s. I will return to what I was going to use before, with blind cave crabs. I think that for actually writing out the scenario the night before, it turned out pretty rock'n, all the ideas that had been swirling around in my head, really came together. I know that those two were really excited at the end to be able to contribute to something that was going to be living on after the game they played.

So Alex and Adam, thanks for playing, your legacy will survive. X marks the spot of Devin's Demise. And Boris' chalk illustration will remain beyond that one adventure. The excitement for you guys having characters that will remain and affect the continuing adventure made my day.

Saturday, March 30, 2013


I know lots of people are at WonderCon this weekend. But it's Tabletop Day, I'm running a DCCRPG funnel at Pair-a-dice today, and I'll be running the Judge Dredd Hot Dog Run there as well. I had wanted to run the SovBloc Invasion, but my minis didn't arrive in time.

My tentative times are
12pm Dredd
5pm DCCRPG, remember, this event will go toward shaping my Clearspring little village. So come on down, play and make it memorable.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thor's Day Trope - Lawful Stupid

So one of the most common bad tropes we as gamers see if the Lawful Stupid trope. The character playing the Paladin invariably causes grief for the party by enacting Lawful Stupid behavior. This is so incessant that GAME SPEAK, leaked into TV Tropes. When a player indicates he wants to play a paladin, usually a series of groans goes with the pronunciation, as it is assumed that Lawful Stupid behavior will ensue. Judge Dredd is not lawful stupid...Westboro Baptist, yeah, I'd consider them Lawful Stupid...

From TV

Lawful Stupid
"How dare you break the traffic laws! Taste steel, fiend!""The laws were made to help us govern ourselves...but it's been left to rule on it's own. Somewhere along the line it's been twisted into...scripture! And it's used as an excuse not to think." - Keith Keiser, TwoKinds 
Also known as Lawful Anal, these people may call themselves Lawful Neutral, or perhaps Lawful Good (but often forgetting about the "Good" part). They lean toward such rigid adherence to the law that anybody who breaks any law, anywhere, for any reason, is the enemy. Even saying an unkind word to someone is an act of pure evil, and the Lawful Stupid can and will act as Judge, Jury, and Executioner. That is why they are called Lawful Stupid, not Lawful Neutral or Lawful Evil.

Woe be to the fellow party member who fails to live up to their almost obsessive-compulsive standards. If the thief so much as jaywalks, Mr. Lawful Stupid will insist on turning him in to the "proper authorities" (regardless of what alignment said authorities actually are), or perhaps even execute him on the spot. Then he'll berate the other members of his party for "condoning" the thief's behavior, and may turn on them as well. This makes this guy highly irritating as well as stupid for turning in his only allies, to the point where despite usually calling themselves Lawful Neutral, or Lawful Good, they look a lot like Lawful Evil. Or maybe Chaotic Neutral. For newbie DMs, the best solution is usually a blunt force object applied to the head of the offending character -- if not the player
In tabletop roleplaying games, it's apparently such a common behavior for paladins (see Leeroy Jenkins) that it seems this is what everyone expects paladins to do these days.
In fact, it's so common that the Dungeons & Dragons Sourcebook Book of Exalted Deeds spends a good number of pages explaining how to be Lawful Neutral or Lawful Good without being a total dimwit. The creators themselves got sick of it
Basically, this trope is a Lawful character carrying the Idiot Ball because that is the Lawful thing to do. A Lawful Neutral character is just someone who strongly supports a governing body and doesn't care much about the whole good or evil thing. Or perhaps they do care for the latter, but just shares enough traits from both sides to not truly be aligned to either. A truly Lawful Good character, on the other hand, believes that a lawful, orderly society is necessary for good. He does not believe that rules must be followed no matter what or that leniency is always wrong. Lawful Evil doesn't fit too well into this either, as it can involve enforcing laws that protect innocents and block CorruptCorporateExecutives from practicing slave labor. 
Also compare Honor Before Reason, which has a tendency to overlap with this if done badly. When this behavior is caused by faith, Belief Makes You Stupid is present. Compare and contrast Chaotic Stupid, Stupid Good, Stupid Evil, and Stupid Neutral, which are the Moral/Ethical Alignment: Stupid equivalent tropes for Chaos, Good and Evil. The Fundamentalist and Knight Templar usually fall under this alignment, and may eventually develop into Tautological Templar. A government under The Caligula normally becomes Lawful Stupid, as history has shown. Worth noting, this is actually how Lawful Neutral was classically written, but it has since been redefined. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

TableTop Day and Free RPGNow bundle


TableTop Day is coming and there's a special bundle available for free from RPGNow

Now, it's mostly stuff that's already free, quickstarts, primers etc. But there are a couple of games in there that are marked down from their normal price.

While you're grabbing freebies, if SteamPunk is up your alley, check out this Beta for Pure Steam

Monday, March 25, 2013

Busy beyond belief

So working on so many projects it's ridiculous, yes ridicule me please! heh.

Full time job of course, working on a setting and the funnel for my DCCRPG event at Tabletop Day and Kingdom Con.

Also working on the Judge Dredd Invasion scenario for the same.

Then IF we have enough info for the Interface Zero playtest for Kingdom Con, I will be running that as well.

I'm also writing the Equipment/Artifact/Monsters sections for Gamma Crawl Classics. Lots of fun, but lots of work....

More later on in the week, and remeber Thor's Day this week will be Lawful Stupid trope!!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thor's Day Trope - Anti-Heroes

Operative with no name. Lawful Evil personified. The perfect Anti-Villain
Anti Heroes....a phenomenon mostly from the Iron Age of comics. The Anti-Hero is most often represented in gaming by characters wanting to play evil characters. It can be done, I have done it, but in All D&D type games with alignments, it is best done with Lawful Evil. Most often when players want to play evil it's because just want to be selfish aholes. My all-time favorite Lawful Evil characters is the operative from Serenity. Evil, but for the right reasons, to make the verse a better place.

Chaotic Good and Neutral Good make the best anti-heroes. The buck the rules to do the right thing. Harry Dresden is an anti-hero, and one of my favorites. Punisher is an anti-hero, a sociopathic, murdering anti-hero in fact. This pretty much falls into the realms of most gamers, the ones who have no qualms about killing captives, because "THEY'RE EVIL"...we CAN'T let them go. Killing monsters on sight, because they're irrevocably evil, Paladins even try to get away with this line of reasoning, then when the Paladin loses his powers, the player often complains about it. (Then why did you play a Paladin?) I will cover Lawful Stupid next week. 

In an evil campaign the biggest problem is motivating the characters, they're evil, so you can't motivate the characters with rescue missions, do the right thing, damsel in distress, child in distress or any other heroic act. In the case of an evil campaign, you need to let the characters basically run rampant in the world, and let the rest of the world become the enemy.

The Anti Hero Trope from says this:

"Never let your sense of morals prevent you from doing what is right."— Salvor HardinFoundation
An Archetypal Character who is almost as common in modern fiction as the Ideal Hero, an antihero is a protagonist who has the opposite of most of the traditional attributes of a hero. (S)he may be bewildered, ineffectual, deluded, or merely apathetic. More often an antihero is just an amoral misfit. While heroes are typically conventional, anti-heroes, depending on the circumstances, may be preconventional (in a "good" society), postconventional (if the government is "evil") or even unconventional. Not to be confused with Big Bad, who is the opponent of Heroes (or Anti-Heroes, in that matter).
Most are far to the cynical end of the Sliding Scale of Idealism Versus Cynicism.
Other common attributes are: rarely speaking, being a loner, either extreme celibacy or extreme promiscuityfather issues, occasional Bad Dreams and flashbacks relating to a Dark and Troubled Pastthat can take many forms depending on the Anti-Hero in question; and being able to tell the story of their life through any Nick Cave song. Some won't Save the Villain, but they will Shoot the Dog, and they will not hesitate to kill anyone who threatens them.
Other characters may try to impress upon them the value of more traditional heroic values through The Power of Friendship, but these lessons tend to bounce more often than stick.
What amoral antiheroes learn, if they learn anything at all over the course of the story, is that an existence devoid of absolute values offers a lot of isolation. Which may be to their liking. Don't You Dare Pity Me! is common, and gratitude may be repulsed with Think Nothing of it (just to get them to leave him alone.)
Antiheroes often crop up in deconstructions of traditionally heroic genres. As the strugglingimperfect protagonist begins to gain more respect and sympathy than the impressive-but-impossible-to-relate-to invincible superhero, "anti" heroes have come to be admired as a perfectly valid type of hero in their own right.
Sometimes, they are not the "star" (protagonist), but serve as The Rival or Worthy Opponent of theprotagonist and inevitably steal the spotlight. If they are part of a Five-Man Band, they will most certainly be The Lancer.
The term is used more loosely today than it used to be, at least on This Wiki. In one definition of the word, the appeal of an antihero is that he or she is often very literally a hero: Namely; he or she does heroic deeds. But whereas Superman, Wonder Woman, Hercules, and many other conventional heroes have both the physical and moral capabilities to do it, an antihero almost never has both.
Antiheroes are spread all over the alignment chart, tending toward Neutral types.
Traditionally, in literary analysis, the meaning of antihero was effectively the opposite of the now common usage, lacking the elements that make a hero "cool" rather than the elements that make them "good". Willy Loman and Shinji are archetypes of this form.
See also Nineties AntiheroSociopathic HeroFemme Fatale. Compare Anti-Villain.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

G+ communites

If you're not on Google+ and you're a role-player you should be. The sheer number of ACTIVE gaming communities for EVERYTHING related to gaming is phenomenal. 

I'm a member of 37 different communities, well 36 plus the EpicRPGBlog community.
Here are some of the communities I'm in.

Interface Zero 2.0
Map Making in Games
Gamma Crawl Classics

and many more....

Monday, March 18, 2013

Clearspring updated

So for my DCC RPG starting town of Clearspring, I'm going through all the starting occupations, and making sure I have a starting building for pretty much every occupation.  (Clearspring will be my starting city/focal point for the DCCRPG World Tour.) Characters surviving the funnel, will become prominent citizens of Clearspring...should be fun! Alright, I got all the starting character occupations a place to come from!!!

NOTE! The names are boring on purpose, the characters that survive the funnels will get their characters helping name places on the map. If a character named "Mollok" makes a mistake and pays the price perhaps  the place where he died will become Mollok's Folly.

I reserve the right to toss out ridiculous and exceptionally boring names...also copyright names DEFINITELY won't be making it into Clearspring.

The Forge

The Chantry & Orphanage 

Clearspring Inn and Gambling Hall
Main Point of interest for the following occupations
-Confidence Artist
-Guild Beggar
-Halfling Moneylender
-Halfling Vagrant

Laborer's Hall
-Ditch Digger
-Dwarven Miner
-Dwarven Ratcatcher
-Dwarven Stonemason
-Grave Digger

Woodworker's Guild
-Dwarven Chestmaker
-Elven Forester

Community Hall 
-Elven Barrister

The Mill

Butcher's Alley
-Halfling Chicken Butcher

Farms dot the fertile hillsides, and the lowlands
-Potato Farm
-Wheat Farm
-Turnip Farm
-Corn Farm
-Rice Farm
-Parsnip Farm
-Cabbage Farm
-Rutubaga Farm
-Tomato Farm

The Pasturelands
-Dwarven Herder

Stars and Stones
-Elven Chandler
-Elven Sage
-Fortune Teller
-Halfling Gypsy

Clearsping Husbandry and Stables
-Animal Trainer
-Elven Falconer

The Heartwood
-Dwarven Mushroomfarmer
-Elven Forester

Hawker's Lane
-Caravan Guard
-Dwarven Apothecarist
-Elven Artisan
-Elven Glassblower
-Halfling Haberdasher

The Cheese Shoppe

The Docks
-Elven Navigator
-Halfling Mariner
-Halfling Trader

Textile Yard
-Halfling Dyer
-Halfling Glovemaker
-Indentured Servant
-Rope Maker

Tower of the One
-Tax Collector

Creepy Shack at the Edge of the Swamp
-Wizard's Apprentice

Edit: Started working on the Clearspring Inn & Gambling Hall, a 3 story inn with a road north that goes underneath it, between the Gambling House and the Inn. It is the most well-built structure in the entire Clearspring village.

Here's the In-Work Map for Clearspring

Sunday, March 17, 2013

DCC RPG Clearspring

So for my DCC RPG starting town of Clearspring, I'm going through all the starting occupations, and making sure I have a starting building for pretty much every occupation.  (Clearspring will be my starting city/focal point for the DCCRPG World Tour.) Characters surviving the funnel, will become prominent citizens of Clearspring...should be fun!

Clearspring Inn and Gambling Hall
Main Point of interest for the following occupations
-Confidence Artist
-Dwarven Ratcatcher
-Guild Beggar
-Halfling Vagrant
-Halfling Haberdasher
-Halfling Moneylender

Laborer's Hall
- Ditch Digger
-Grave Digger

Woodworker's Guild
-Dwarven Chestmaker
-Elven Forester

More to come.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Get Back to WORK!

Well get back to work on the Blog. Now that the manuscript for the Malmart section of the Interface Zero rulebook is complete I can get back to other gaming and blog related activities. Interesting fact: Peter J. Wacks (The one who wrote the original CyberPunk 2020 gear books), will be writing the upcoming Malmart Catalog. I will be editing them, can't wait to see what Peter creates!!

Anyway, back to winding down after a big project. (Next project is Gamma Crawl Classics!) Also setting up the village of Clearsprings, setting for my DCCRPG funnel event.

Off to play some DragonAge.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Monsters by Mail entry Contest

written in 10 minutes on my lunch break.
This image does not belong to me, it is the image used for the contest, all rights remain with its owner.

Drwnn, Singers in the Grove

The drwnn, (pronounced drew-in), are a breed of ancient fae. Standing 9 feet in height, these docile tree tenders are slow to anger, but once angered are formidable opponents. Once riled, they sing in a deep melodious tone, summoning the creatures of its grove to aid it in defense of the grove.

Friends of druids, the Singers in the Grove are protectors of forests and repositories of ancient knowledge.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

IZ2.0 Equipment, ALMOST done.

So I'm finalizing the Interface Zero 2.0 Equipment, 40,600 words currently. 102 pages at 9 font size single spaced....(I'm at free words now! heh)


There will be some things you're going to look at and that's cool, that's so Cyber Punk! There will be some things that will just amaze you. And of course there's plenty of standard fare.

Oh and there's plenty of nods in there as well...

Note that the stuff I did, does not include Cyberware, Drones or Golemmechs/Power armor, all of that is additional which will be tacked on to the rest of the equipment section. I think Cyberware is 11 is pages, Golemmechs is around 40 pages and no idea what the drones are at. 

Needless to say this book is going to be a Gear Porn joygasm. I had to include most of the gear from IZ1, but there is so much MORE as well. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

TableTop Day at Pair-a-Dice Games (March 30th)

Tentatively I'm looking at running the following at TableTop Day

Judge Dredd RPG at Noon
Trial by Fire!
MegaCity One is under attack, your Cadets are needed to help bolster the defense of the city. Trial by Fire!

Dungeon Crawl Classics World Tour,  at 5PM
Funnel Event create 4 0-level characters and see if one can survive...

Thursday, March 7, 2013

GMs Day - More Good stuff.

So if you like to use miniatures for your games you should check out the FAT DRAGON games PDFs which are on sale at pretty much all of the FatDragon sets are on sale at 25% off.

EZ Dungeons - Deluxe

Now with No AdSense Ads

I heard that my blog was causing someone's anti-virus to flare, so since I haven't been making anything off the ads anyway, I just went ahead and removed them. Please continue to purchase stuff off of DrivethruRPG to help get me more stuff to review.

I'm going to try to get a non-profit status for the Blog itself and then I can accept donations. I would love to be able to cover conventions all the time.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

GM's Day Sale

Yesterday began the GM Day's sale, Interestingly the day after GG's day of passing is GM's Day...

Anyway, head on over to to get great deals on game products. Buy something for yourself, buy something for your GM. Or even just pick up some of the freebies.

GM's Day Sale

Some of my faves are on sale!!

Get ready for Interface Zero 2.0 with Savage Worlds Deluxe PDF $7.49

Try out Mongooses' Traveller for $14.38

FIASCO!!! $9...

I'll post more tomorrow! 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Logo for 2013

Well it's a new Era, time for a new logo...Using the Neuropol text style looks totally Sci-Fi, but hte color palette looks Retro...

What do you all think? Here's the old one...

Gam3rCon Gam3sBowl - Epic Sean Con Report

     Gam3rcon was freaking Awesome, with a capital A. Sadly I only remember two of the games I played; one was called Smashup, and the other Ultimate Werewolf. Smashup was fun, but is a little complex and takes a while. There are 8 factions in the game; zombies, robots, wizards, ninjas, aliens, dinosaurs, fairies, and pirates. You combine two, and fight to try and destroy bases. It's really fun, and I played it about four times.

     Ultimate werewolf is a great party game. All players gather around the table, and the dealer gives everyone a card. Some are werewolves, and some are villagers. Every turn (or night), somebody is killed by the werewolves, and in the metaphorical morning, all the villagers gather to prosecute villagers as hidden werewolves, then lynch the person if they don't give a good enough defense. All in all, it was an awesome game, and an Awesome day. With a capital A.

Gam3rCon Gam3sBowl 2013 - Epic Ian Con Report

     At gam3rcon I got to learn a few new games, one of the games was Smash Up. Smash Up is a pretty cool game because there are 8 different factions: pirates, robots, aliens, dinosaurs, fairies (tricksters), ninjas, wizards, and zombies. So basically you choose 2 factions, which choosing goes in a specific order, then you smash them together. Easy. After that you are putting minions on a base so that you can make the base explode.

     One of my other favorite was ultimate werewolf. Basically in this one you know who you are, then at night the werewolves figure out who is a werewolf and who's not, then after that they kill off one person at a time until there are no villagers left, and vice versa.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Game on Gary

"Anyone want to play Dungeons & Dragons for the next Quadrillion Years?"

Today marks Five years since the passing of Gary Gygax. It doesn't seem like it's been 5 years, time flies. As I've said before, my life has been shaped by Gary, and Dave Arneson, without their influence who know where I'd be. Thanks Gary

Celebrate Gary's life by gaming this week!!!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

HUGE Kickstarter Update (Four cool projects)

FOUR Kickstarters I recently became aware of.

1. My favorite Wargame of all time is back with a Vengeance, that's right, Mutant Chronicles based WarZone is back with WarZone Resurrection!! Using 3D graphics to produce the new miniatures, so far the models are gorgeous!!! Cybertronic has always been my favorite..,

5 x 28mm models, and 6 Cards. Each model can be assembled in over 700 different combinations.

Green Ronin is making a new MEGA version of the Freeport campaign setting, a FIVE HUNDRED AND TWELVE page book!! Check it out!
    Avast ye, mates! I have a tale to tell. It's a story of pirates, thieves, merchants, sailors, swashbucklers, cultists, and the place they call home: Freeport: The City of Adventure!
At GenCon 2000 the Third Edition D&D Player’s Handbook debuted and launched the d20 era. On that day, WotC had no adventures or support material to sell, but thanks to a new-fangled thing called the Open Game License there was something else you could buy that day: a 32-page module called Death in Freeport from a young company called Green Ronin Publishing. We and Atlas Games were the only companies at GenCon to make the leap of faith required and see if D&D players would buy from third party publishers. And did they ever! Death in Freeport was huge hit, and two further modules followed quickly. That was the beginning of Freeport: The City of Adventure, and little did we know what a long life it would have.
    Over the years there have been many Freeport books, and the city’s design made it easy to use in nearly any fantasy campaign setting. These last few years we've been concentrating on licensed games like Dragon Age and A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying, but Freeport was never far from our thoughts. We know there are tons of Freeport fans out there and we know that many of them graduated from Third Edition D&D to Paizo’s Pathfinder RPG. Thanks to the rise of Kickstarter, we now have a way of doing a new Freeport book the way we want to and that’s what this campaign is about.
     We want to do a new edition of Freeport: The City of Adventure sourcebook that is bigger, meatier, and sexier than ever before. Our goal is for a 512-page full color hardback, with new locations, new NPCs, and a brand new adventure for low-level characters. The book will include full stats for the Pathfinder RPG, though it will also be easily usable with other games. Player-oriented rules support like classes, prestige classes, feats, and spells will also be available in a Player’s Guide to Freeport PDF.
     Is this a lot of work? Damn right it is, but we’re getting a little help from our friends: Fiery Dragon! If you were around during d20’s heyday, Fiery Dragon needs no introduction. They burst onto to the scene with NeMoran’s Vault and went on to join Swords & Sorcery Studio and to publish Iron Heroes. We've made a deal with our good friends at FD to help us on Freeport: The City of Adventure Third Edition. They will put the book together under the guidance of Freeport creator Chris Pramas. They've done some great adventures over the years, so we’re excited to see what they can do with Freeport!
     Our goal for this Kickstarter is high at $50,000 but there are good reasons for that. For one thing, we’re going to be commissioning an enormous amount of brand new color art and a new cover painting. For another, printing a 512-page hardback is not a cheap undertaking. We've always had to do Freeport on a strict budget before. This time we want it to be the total package!
     So strap on your cutlass and get ready to cast off for Freeport: The City of Adventure! We need a big crew to make this happen, so spread the word like a drunk sailor in dockside bar!

Achtung! Cthulhu!
 Oh man, sexy WWII Cthulhu in Savage Worlds!!! In addition, they did some collaboration to create a Crossover with Interface Zero. Great  addition if you like Rippers, Realms of Cthulhu, Day after Ragnarok or Weird War II...

Inspired by the Cthulhu Mythos of HP Lovecraft, Modiphius Entertainment wants to bring you the Keepers and the Investigator's Guides to the Secret War, for use in the terrifying World War Two roleplaying game setting, Achtung! Cthulhu. Both books are compatible with the Call of Cthulhu and Savage Worlds roleplaying games. 
With this Kickstarter and your contributions Modiphius has raised the money needed to pay for the development, artwork and production of a full print run of both books in full colour hard back. The first stretch goal added Savage Worlds rules and stats to both books plus some extra content for everyone; the next upgraded the Keeper's Guide to a full colour hardcover print run; the next upgraded the Investigator's Guide to a full colour hardcover print run; while further stretch goals will unlock additional supplements and campaigns, miniatures, and so on - see 'Stretch Goals' below for more details.
Achtung! Cthulhu - Keeper's Guide & Investigator's Guide to the Secret War

Achtung! Cthulhu - The Keeper's Guide to the Secret War features a fantastic cover by Dim Martin, already well known to Achtung! Cthulhu fans for his inspiring cover and interior art for the Achtung! Cthulhu - Zero Point campaign. 
The Keeper’s Guide is a full blown tome of dark knowledge that will detail Allied & Nazi special forces & intelligence agencies, mythical organisations, mystical missions and tomes, wonder weapon development, important equipment, campaign and plot ideas, key characters, vile creatures, and new rules for World War Two combat – in fact, a whole shoggoth's worth of Cthulhu villainy, enough for any Keeper to have his investigators dead, insane, or running for their lives in no time! The Keeper’s Guide to the Secret War will be the essential wartime reference for any Keeper or fan of the Cthulhu Mythos. Watch our updates for more features! 
Writers: Lynne Hardy, Dave Blewer, Alex Bund, Chris Birch, Bill Bodden & Adam Crossingham. Expected page count: 248 pages. 

The last bit of interesting goodness. The Guys from Adventure-a-week bring forth Rise of the Drow Adventure Path.

Welcome! puts out a new D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder Role-playing game compatible adventure every single week. In 2012 we released a popular and critically acclaimed trilogy called Rise of the Drow, but it’s only available in PDF format. We’d like your help to transform this into a single fully illustrated, full color, premium edition hardback book with loads of expanded content. Even if you aren't familiar with the Rise of the Drow trilogy, you can grab an introductory pdf adventure to get in on the action and help do your part!
The Mushroom Forest will have even more action between the guardian golems and the chokers that are attempting to defeat them. Holoth will have more information about visitors, houses, and all that takes place as the PCs work their way through the city either by stealth or by fighting, and face the final house. Embla will be expanded, telling you more about its trade, its influence on the region, and the battling dwarves who are attempting to save their town.
Yul’s lair, already mysterious, will have great depth, greater challenge, and be an environment that the PCs will truly learn to fear. The Demi-plane of Venom, deadly already, will become a greater challenge that everyone will truly remember.