Sunday, April 7, 2013

Kingdom Con pics Day 2

There's still time to get down to Kingdom Con today!!!

Today is my personal day of fun, both games I ran yesterday went off without a hitch, even Interface Zero 2.0, had a 5 player playtest. Using the gritty rules, the LAC15, with its 2d10+1 damage and AP 6 tore through the characters, so I think it was a good idea to tone down the damages.

Sean and Ian playing in the Malifaux one-day Acheivement league

At Ease in the HOUSE

These guy shave some cool minis!
Check them out at

Oh yeah, the Super Dungeon Explore boards from the Kickstarter, transferring hands to Ross, on the way to SodaPop!

NOT Pathfinder Society RPGs!!

Ivan van Norman running a game of Outbreak Undead. (Ivan as in one of the creators...and funny guy!)

Mega scale game of Star Trek

Some Ancients wargaming
The wargaming room was HUGE this year.  Lots of Warmachine, Warhammer and Warhammer 40k miniatures some pretty armies. I really do wish I had time to paint big armies, but alas, I'm bringing you coverage of local cons instead!

Some demo play of Infinity...OMGEE...d20s? and I like it???

Interface Zero 2.0 playtest

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