Sunday, April 14, 2013

Kingdom Con report by Epic Sean

Kingdom con made me feel like a king. It could easily be my favorite convention, even above comic con.
            The con was divided into four sections, as follows in order of favorite to least favorite; The Tabletop room, the Board/Card game room, the RPG room, and the Wargaming room.

    I loved the Tabletop room because of the Malifaux. Malifaux was the thing that I spent hours playing. I got to participate in an achievement league, and an actual tournament. I did well in the achievement league, but failed miserably at the tournament. I won the Morgue Base for getting 5th place.         

  I liked the Board/Card game room, because of the variety. One wall was completely lined with games. Over 100 games sat on a table waiting to be checked-out. The rest of the walls were lined with vendors from Villainous Lair, At Ease Games, and Gamecrafter. The rest of the room was filled with tables, with tons of people at them. I spent most of the first day in there doing a Warhammer kit-bash.

  I spent about a total of three hours in the RPG room. All I played was an Interface Zero 2.0 playtest that my dad, Ron, was running for us. He wrote the entire equipment section in the book, just in case you didn’t know. 


    Last was the Wargaming room. (No offense to any wargamers out there) The only reason why I was in there was to do a raffle. Of course I didn’t win anything, but the total value of the prizes was $800.
    I forgot to mention one last room, but I’ve saved the best for last. The Treasure Room. So much loot and swag filled the room, and you could barely walk around in it.  wargames, rpg games, card games, board games, and much more. I got tons of stuff; Iron Kingdoms 3.5, Heap, Infernal Contraptions, terrain for Malifaux, and lots of little insignificant swag. Overall, the convention was TOTALLY. FREAKING. EPIIIIC!!!!

PS. If you go to the con after about 11:00pm, you will be surrounded by drunkards. If you are over 21, you can join them. If not, LEAVE. Trust me, it isn’t worth it to stay after that.