Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Anime Conji 2013 Cosplay Pics

Here are the cosplay pics from Anime Conji 2013. Some really nice costumes out there. I especially loved the Husband and Wife Full Metal Alchemist outfits, very very nice work on those. All these pictures belong to EpicRPGBlog and may only be used in accordance with the CCNA Non-Commercial agreement, on the front page of the Blog.

A little overcaution, I think the Spartan mistook the boys for targets.

Is it secret? Is it safe?

I think this guy has some sort of...creed.

Soul Eater DEATH! EPIC!

My favorite Costume of the show, No Face, complete with offering. (stood on 18 inch blocks to stand about 7 feet in height.)

Icarus! I thought you had Wax Wings...
Great Pose!!

Amazing Metal work on that costume.

Keeping the Con safe From Hydra!


I think I should go...


Don't Blink...errr wrong show...


Sword cane...wowzers

They can't seem to find the Elric Brothers.


Master Hand, Crazy Hand, Baby Luigi and Baby MARIO!

Fezzes are cool...

I saw Peter Pan and the lost boys somewhere...

Bit cold?

Horse everywhere!!