Monday, January 30, 2012

Gamesday Report & 200th post

The Gamesday was a blast, Not enough people showed for Traveller, however I was able to play some Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG...not the beta, the GM had an editing copy of the final rules, and they definitely seemed better than the beta rules!! Well done. We played a standard kill the kobolds/goblins game and bring back their right ear...

Not being constrained by good and evil in the alignment system, we decided to dominate capture and harvest said ears rather than killing them all for the ears. My character, being a cleric and chaotic was a real nutjob...Cujo the Confused...Got himself killed when he decided to relieve himself in the sewage filled room. The giant centipedes didn't approve. (technically it would have gotten 4 of the 6 players killed had he used the actual save or die rules for the centipedes..instead it did Stamina character had 8 Stamina, lost 3 during the surprise round, and then keeled over dead at -2 Stamina before he could react in the first round.) Ian picked up the table in the card room and then rushed the 6 kobolds from the secret passage...the magic user charmed one and I commanded another to surrender, the warrior killed one and the others then surrendered!!! Several great rolls in the final encounter really made it a cake walk....Especially since both the Warrior (played by an old-school player in his 60s, that used to play with his sons since he picked up the old red box for them in the 80s) and Sean who joined after he finished with the Pathfinder Game he jumped into, both got criticals in the final battle. All in All a GREAT time was had at that table.

What I like about DCCRPG is that it is designed to be like OD&D dungeon crawls, but it uses some cool table-related mechanics to change it up, and having a luck score is quite fun. The different mechanics for each class actually make the game REALLY REALLY interesting because they all feel unique, and not at all confusing. I love that the game uses the weird dice, d16s, d22s, d24s and d30s!!! While I still hate d20s, it's neat to see other dice being used!! I bet Game Science is giddy about that...I have a d16 that I used for Bloodbowl, I may just have to pick up DCCRPG when it drops in April. I'm glad I got to play during this Gamesday.

After DCCRPG, the boys joined MIB Robert and 4 other players in a massive 4 board game of FRAG!.
I joined on the third turn when I wasn't able to secure enough players to attempt to run the Traveller game. I popped in the spawn zone, rolled 4 on my move which was enough to close with Ian with the Chainsaw 2H+1D=3D, however I had also drawn the HUD (+1 accuracy), so I had two attacks....Fragged Ian, then used my teleport hack to get into one of those fun rooms with lots of guns and equipment tiles. Second Turn, Sean was close enough to close with, Fragged! picked up his flamer. Third turn, rolled a nice 8 on my move...closed within 4 squares of Robert....6 dice rolled 17 to his 9, 1 wound...+1 wound for no armor. Fragged!!, Second shot just for fun...Fragged Ian again...3 Turns 4 Frags, I win...Robert likes to give out prizes, So I got a "My Little Cthulhu" munchkin card and a Undead Task Force hat he picked up at SDCC last year.

Pathfinder Game that Sean played in...note: 3 girl players, 2 guy players!!! Epic!

Let the games commence

Still early in the day, the afternoon session all the tables were full

Savage Worlds Deadlands...wanted to play in it, but my table was downstairs, and I wanted to keep an eye on my stuff...

Brian Bialewski at the far left enjoying some gaming

MIB Robert running some Munchkins

DCCRPG Ian across the table, GM to the bottom right! Thanks for the fun game


Love this shirt!!! He happened to be our 3rd thief player...Thief of 3 faces.


Carcasonne, a family favorite


Didn't even know this game existed...

I believe this is Arkham Horror, want to try this some time.

Star Trek co-op game! Didn't get a chance to play that one either...definitely interested though

There might be another Gam3rCon Gameday in Spring...have to wait to see what happens...Watch this blog for updates!!!