Role Playing Games
Alderac Entertainment GroupLegends of the Five Rings
Catalyst Games  -  Shadowrun
Cubicle 7 -  Doctor Who RPG
Epic Role-playing Game (not affiliated with Epic RPG Blog)
Evil Hat Productions - Dresden Files RPG
Fantasy Flight Games - Warhammer 40k Games [Dark Heresy, Deathwatch, Rogue Trader, Black Crusade] - Warhammer FRPG - Anima - Grimm
Mongoose Publishing - Paranoia - Traveller - Judge Dredd (Traveller) - Conan
Pinnacle Entertainment Group - Savage Worlds
Red Brick LLC- Earthdawn 3e
FASA Games - Earthdawn, Demonworld,
Wizards of the Coast - Dungeons & Dragons - 4e - Gamma World
Danger Patrol - A Narrative RPG free.

RPG & Wargaming Resources! - Print on Demand spellcards with various background options. - Molds for Miniature gaming - Pre-made miniature gaming aids from molds. - educational war gaming site with scenarios, designed to teach history through wargaming, also has lots of free paper minis, from Ancient Egypt to Modern.

War Games
Aberrant - WarLands - Rezolution
Catalyst Games  - Battletech
Privateer Press - Hordes - Warmachine - Iron Kindoms RPG
Mantic Games

Collectible Games
Privateer Press - Monsterpocalypse
WizKids - HeroClix - Halo Clix - Lord of the Ring Clix.

Card Games
Steve Jackson Games - Munchkin

RPG Resellers
Noble Knight

Online Retailers
FRP Games
Frog & Toad

San Diego Comic Book Stores
  San Marcos
Invincible Ink
SkyHigh Comics

   Mira Mesa
Villainous Lair Comics
San Diego Games & Comics

RPG Social Networking
INFRNO the social network for gamers