Thursday, November 29, 2012

Unleashed Design Journal (Triggers & Movement)


So after I saw the Kickstarter for Through the Breach, I was thinking how awesome the Malifaux game really is. So later in the day I actually got some inspiration in part from thinking about Malifaux. I was working on the Weapons for Unleashed, bashing together ideas, writing stuff down, and all of the sudden, looking at the impale property on the spear, it hit me. Make that a triggered effect.

So here's the idea I'm thinking of, using Unleashed 2d10 system, the triggered effects would happen on a double, including the additional dice rolled during a critical. This could easily make the game more dynamic in  combat, perhaps you trigger a disarm with your rapier, or bellringer with your mace. You hit and there's an extra effect that happens.

So that's a little bit of how one game can affect the design of another.


Yeah, OGL has always had some sticking points with the way I think of the 5 foot rule. 5 foot rule makes perfect sense...for medium creatures with light/no armor. It doesn't make sense for a diminutive creature, it doesn't make sense for a 50 foot giant, and it really doesn't make sense for the monk with the 90 move.

When I did my Xaaon's Monk design during Alpha Pathfinder testing, I corrected the monk, the got an extra 5ft step for every 30 full feet of movement.

Now that I'm doing my own game design I will revisit this sticky point. The manuever will be based on movement and base. A Giant's base is 10ft, thus its step is 10ft. A small creatures base is 2 1/2 feet, so its step will also be 2 1/2 feet. Wait, the squares are all 5ft, how does that work?? Simple, small creatures can move onto the edge or corner of a square, actually anyone can. Watch out for that Colossal Monk, it's Monk's Stride is phenomenal!

Reach will also have something similar. But I'll cover that later.

Another Kickstarter - Through the Breach (Malifaux RPG)

OK I wasn't going to post another Kickstarter this week, but....OH MY GOD!!! The Malifuax RPG Kickstarter is LIVE!!! Through the Breach Kickstarter

I'm really jazzed that it's coming out. It's already at 95k!!! Which means it will be funded.

Weird thing is, that the minimum buy in is $60. I WISH i could buy in, I'd love the early supporter figure of Miss Terious, who's obviously a member of the Guild, my faction. This is made of awesome, and I expect it to be a magnificent game.

The stretch goals should be coming soon, I don't think they expected to be at 95,000 already, it just came online yesterday.

 A story-driven, roleplaying experience set in Wyrd's world of Malifaux.
  • Launched: Nov 28, 2012
  • Funding ends: Jan 10, 2013
Update: We are thrilled to see such an outpouring of support, and are proud to say Malifaux RPG has become a reality in less than 24 hours since our campaign's launch. We will post campaign updates every day between 4pm and 5pm PST. Additionally, keep an eye out for the many exciting stretch goals we have in mind for you. We will start revealing stretch goals at the conclusion of our Early Supporter "Thank You" period.

As a special "Thank You" to all of our early supporters, if you pledge $60 or more by 5 p.m. PST on Friday evening (11/30), we will include a free Miss Terious miniature for Malifaux at any reward level.

Malifaux is a successful character-driven skirmish game, with a wide range of detailed miniatures and accessories. The stories of Lady Justice, Nicodem, Colette DuBois, and many other masters of Malifaux are told with furious battles on table tops across the globe. Some rise, some fall, none of these characters have left unscarred. Their fates have become legend.
Now it is time to determine your fate.

Through the Breach is a tabletop roleplaying game set in the world of Malifaux. Players take on the roles of various citizens, such as Gunfighters, Drudges, Dabblers, and Entertainers. Each of these characters is as unique as the players themselves. These are the Fated. As a Fated, you know your future, it has been told to you, as cryptic as the sparrow on a moonless night. It is your task to rush headlong into the arms of destiny, or to carve your own future.
One player takes on the role of the Fatemaster. It is his duty to craft the legends of the other players, to narrate the story of Malifaux in his own vision, and to move each Fated along towards the moment when they must choose between their fortune and their soul.

Through the Breach is a card-driven RPG, with actions resolved through the reveal of cards from a communal Fate Deck. Each player, however, has a Twist Deck of their own, and they can use these cards to push fate towards their own desires. The Fatemaster, however, relies on no such randomness. He is the lord of providence, after all. It is his task to weave a story, and if he dares to touch the Fate Deck… there are repercussions.

Rather than bury you under a pile of cloth maps and t-shirts, we've decided to take a new approach. We want to focus all of our production effort on giving you a few high-production value rewards that we hope you will treasure for years to come. Instead of swag destined for the closet, we want to create trophies with reserved places on your shelves.

Access to Preview Forums: Anyone who pledges ($5.00 or more) will receive special back door access to our Malifaux RPG Preview Forum. In the Preview Forum, we will post regular development notes, gather feedback from our community, and issue play tests.
The Canon Campaign Raffle at GenCon: Everyone who pledges at any reward level and also attends GenCon may enter the raffle there to be a part of our Canon Campaign, run on-site by Mack Martin. The players in this campaign will help shape the future of Malifaux and their characters will be entered into canon in an upcoming book.
Core Set: Get a soft-cover copy of both the Player's Guide and the Fate Master's Guide.
Kickstarter Exclusive RPG Hardcover Book: Both the Player's Guide and the Fate Master's Guide bound together into one hard-cover volume signed by one of the creators.
Special Edition Through the Breach Fate Deck: A 54 card deck featuring art and rules specific to the roleplaying game.
Male and Female Multi-Pose Minis: These multi-part plastic kits include weapons, pose, and clothing detail options to allow you to customize your character's model for use in Through the Breach or the Malifaux skirmish game.
Special Edition Malifaux Sculpt - Hannah, Chief Freikorps Archivist: We haven't even released the rules for this model yet, but we are already giving you the opportunity to get an exclusive sculpt of her.

Hannah, Chief Freikorps Archivist
Hannah, Chief Freikorps Archivist
Kickstarter Exclusive - The Wicked Doll: This handcrafted Wyrd inspired doll is ready for play-time. Crafted from 100% new burlap and cotton material, your new best friend will be individually hand-stitched and have button and seam lines unique to each doll. No two Wicked Dolls will be exactly the same and each will come with a numbered certificate that presents a unique name that no other doll will possess.

The Wicked Doll, designed by Professor Noxweiler Berf and constructed by Lizzie Dee Designs.
The Wicked Doll, designed by Professor Noxweiler Berf and constructed by Lizzie Dee Designs.

If you pledge $500 or more, we will contact you within one business day and work out the details of getting you one of the below options. Each additional $250 pledged will gain you an additional super secret reward!
#1 - Get automatic entry into the Gen Con Canon Campaign.
#2 - Get your character drawn and have it included in a RPG book.
#3 - Receive your Hannah professionally painted, and have your Kickstarter RPG book signed by the entire team.

When mankind had access to Malifaux magic flowed through the world, but then the doorway into that world closed. The Breach began to seal in an otherworldly howl, and as it closed, a single bloody corpse was unceremoniously thrown through the closing gap. It had a single word carved into its flesh. “Ours”.
Then the Breach re-opened in 1887. A hundred years had passed, to the minute. The world had grown accustomed to existence without magic. For a century, Soulstones had been the rarest commodity Earthside and magic was slowly dying. Now, the people of Earth could once again reach into the world of Malifaux.
The first heavily armed explorers through the Breach discovered an empty city. There were signs of a battle, some of them fresh. The city was in ruins, but there were no signs of the people who were trapped on the other side when the Breach closed some hundred years before. No signs of life at all, except a single corpse, hanging from a tree.
Now there is Conflict. Malifaux is ruled by the interests of powerful organizations. The Guild was the first to seize power in this world, establishing a rigid and fascist law that guarantees their control over the precious Soulstones. Despite their control, the Arcanists have managed to build a powerful resistance against that oppression and maintain a black market Soulstone trade. Concerned with the buried secrets of the past, the grim Resurrectionists loot the City of its treasures and claim the inheritance of an extinct people, wielding terrible powers garnered from the grave and forgotten lore. And what agenda the nightmarish Neverborn seek is unknown, but their presence and influence are obvious in the terror they sow. But to assume these forces represent all interests in Malifaux is naïve. Within the tangled skein of dirty politics in this city, there are many players.

The City of Malifaux
The City of Malifaux
The Guild exists for one reason and one reason only. There is talk of justice and peace, but these are secondary concerns, byproducts of their primary interest. The Guild exists to maintain the production of Malifaux Soulstone above all other things. The citizens abide by Guild law because it offers some amount of protection, but no one is confused about the way this force exerts its hold over the City and its resources. The Guild uses many tools, from the Witch Hunters, to the Death Marshalls, each suited to dealing with one of Malifaux’s unique problems.
The Guild’s Witch Hunters have not proven very popular with the citizens of Malifaux. Every man, woman, and child is viewed with suspicion by the Guild's enforcers, and even the most minor display of magical talent can result in unexpected midnight raids. These individuals are able to do what the common man only dreams of in ragged thoughts, they spit in the eye of The Guild. Of course, some Arcanists garner enough power to be untouchable, protected by the Miners & Steamfitters Union. The Guild does not dare to move against them in overt ways, as a strike would slow Soulstone production to a halt.
The same cannot be said for those who deal in the necromantic arts. The name “Resurrectionist” is a cruel joke, amusing only to the twisted minds of murderers and graverobbers. Resurrectionists reanimate the dead, but the trade of Resurrectionists results not in a body restored but a soulless puppet. Their practices are particularly appalling to the citizens of Malifaux who already must contend with the occupational dangers of the mines and the nightmare spawn of Neverborn. That some of the most terrible monsters this world knows are fellow men and women, former friends and family, is a grim realization.

Crossing the Breach
Crossing the Breach
Those living in Malifaux have more to contend with than just humanity. There are things that go bump in the night. The creatures that stalk the ruined city of Malifaux are terrible monsters that brutally prey on the newly arrived residents of this land. The Neverborn take many shapes, from the giant winged Nephilim to the small murderous Woes. Some are deceptively similar in appearance to humans, able to walk amongst them, and these are by far the most dangerous, as their unknown designs are far more subtle and far-reaching. Where many Neverborn are satisfied by grizzly, indulgent murder, these human-looking monsters wage a campaign of terror on mankind through grand organized raids and clever attacks on human settlements. They, too, are not above the occasional indulgent murder.
Lastly, there are the Outcasts. Perhaps they have been rejected by the power players of Malifaux, or maybe they have their own individual agenda in the city, those not directly associated with the primary powers. In a world of desperate convicts, power mad sorcerers, and blood-thirsty Neverborn, these are the outsiders. The misfits of misfits, they are the shady characters waiting in the back of the bar to be offered a job from a non-descript man in a black cloak. They are the cutthroats and mercenaries, loners and forgotten.

Bayou Gremlins
Bayou Gremlins

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Monster Kickstarter

So when I was looking at the upcoming Kickstarters yesterday, I noticed this one.

Monster by Kingdom Death, a Boardgame with some amazing looking miniatures.

Don't worry, I'll be getting back to other posts soon, I started a Kickstarter widget, that will have various RPG/Board/Miniature games listed on it. (including ending dates.)

Kickstarter Big Guns

Well with 17 days remaining, The Saga of Dragon Star Kickstarter is currently at $8,555 of $15,000. so around 60% there. Let's go Gamesmiths!

Two big KS came online in the last day or so...

1st, Fasagames is pushing the 15mm miniature game, 1879. However in addition to the miniature game, they're also pushing the RPG, and an app game. However, they're goal is $300k. That's a lot of scratch, now it is entirely possible to get that, Reaper pulled in over a mil for the Pathfinder line of miniatures...the stretch goals giving people roughly $1000 worth of minis for like $300. Will it succeed? I hope it does, and if it doesn't I hope it doesn't discourage the newly phoenixed FasaGames. The weird thing about their Goals is that they are three separate goal trees.  Good Luck FASA Games.

The bigger one is one that a lot of FanBois of Pathfinder are finding extremely attractive. (Not me, I watched the blog for the first couple months, and the EVE-like PvP game they're looking at doing is DEFINITELY not what I want Pathfinder Online to be.)  Looking for $1,000,000 to speed up the process of getting it to market. (Though I'm pretty sure the reason they were going with a pre-packaged Engine, was to do just that originally.) The first Kickstarter they ran raised over $300, much will this one raise? Sky's the limit I suppose, but as the game isn't what I'm looking for I won't be Crowdfunding it. But perhaps you want to...Good luck Paizo.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Unleashed Design Journal (hard work)

It is incredibly hard work to write an RPG, make no doubt about that. It takes love of the medium, knowledge and dedication to the games, imagination, technical skill, innovation, editing skills, layout skills, art direction, amongst other things.  RPGs do not "just" happen. I mean look at how long Jason Buhlman and the rest of Paizo worked on Pathfinder before it released. Look how long D&D Next has been in development.

Even tweaking an exiting game like I'm doing with Unleashed is incredibly difficult. I'm taking my old house rules, which I've used here and there in various iterations of my play experience, and I'm attempting to weave them into an entirely new experience. Then I look back on the interaction of everything and conceptualize how that is going to affect everything else.

It's tough, but I feel it will be rewarding. I just need to get all the concepts in line, determine what effects these new rules have when working synergistically (new word?) in conjuction with the other rules. It's one thing to just change dice, and damn the consequences. It's another thing entirely to change the dice, then evaluate what effect that has on what you're accomplishing.

This is my inner gamer coming out, my game mastering style. The desire to bring back the old school feel, with modern rules, including some rules based upon indie titles. Fate points to me are far and above better than boring old hero points. With Fate based aspects, compels and complications make for a much cooler session. Alignment will be a Heroic Aspect, thus a Champion of Law and Good, will be compelled to think before he turns a blind eye to the prisoners being tortured.

When our Campaign Setting for this game is released also expect to see some race based class restrictions, not level limits per ce, more like Slow XP tables implemented for certain class/race combinations, Dwarf Wizard I'm looking at you. In fact, there may even be a super slow XP table implemented, for race/class combos at certain levels. It's just not very often you see a level 20 Half-Orc Paladin.

Stay tuned for more rules discussions,

I have the utmost respect for all Game Designers. And I'm Thankful for the decades of enjoyment Role-playing games have given me.

Friday, November 23, 2012

DTRPG! Black Friday/Cyber Monday RPG salez

RPGNow has lots of publishers having Black Friday Sales....

Drunken Kobold Sale!
Kobold PressKobolds and goblins get drunk together! All Kobold Press releases are marked down by 25% from now until December 1. Don't miss out on some of the biggest small press titles ever, including the Midgard Campaign Setting and the award-winning Guides to Game Design!

You have 8 days, 10 hours and 35 minutes until the sale ends!

Fluffy Adventures Sale
Michtim: Fluffy AdventuresImagine a cartoon show starring you and your fuzzy gang, in fervid episodes to save your beloved magical kingdom from the machinations of humanity. In Michtim: Fluffy Adventures you will become a magic- or technology-wielding hamster-like creature. Kids will love it too.

You have 1 day, 10 hours and 35 minutes until the sale ends!

GKG Thanksgiving Sale
Gypsy Knight GamesIn this time of thanksgiving, as a special thanks to you the customer, all of our Traveller products are 30% off from November 18 to November 25. Thanks again for another great year!

You have 2 days, 10 hours and 35 minutes until the sale ends!

Little Red Goblin Games Sale
Little Red Goblin GamesWhen our customers speak, we listen. You want a great experience for that campaign you're planning, but you don't necessarily have tons of extra cash to drop on it? Well, fear not! Little Red Goblin Games has brought you an amazing catalog of gaming material, and it's all 50% OFF! That's right. We love our customers so much that, for 96 hours, we will drop all of our prices to bring to you the ultimate gaming experience you've been craving. So act quickly, as this sale only lasts till the end of the 25th and we want all of you to have the chance to up your campaign experience.

You have 3 days, 10 hours and 35 minutes until the sale ends!

After Thanksgiving holiday sale!
Tangent GamesThis holiday season Tangent Games is making it easier to get those items on your wish list. From November 20 to November 30 all of our products are on sale for 30% off.

You have 7 days, 10 hours and 35 minutes until the sale ends!

Tabletop Adventures sale
Tabletop AdventuresThe minions of Tabletop Adventures invite you to join in celebrating the birthday of their ‘beloved’ Overlord: All Tabletop Adventures products will be on sale at a 20% discount from Nov. 17-30. This is your chance to pick up any of their descriptive products or GM aids: fantasy, modern, sci-fi, horror, or multi-genre.

Any Game, Any Time – Tabletop Adventures.

You have 7 days, 10 hours and 35 minutes until the sale ends!

Rite Publishing Sale!
Rite PublishingRite Publishing is having a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale on ALL their products at over 50% off, with a vast number of products costing only 0.99 cents.

You have 8 days, 10 hours and 35 minutes until the sale ends!

Toxic Cyber-Turkey Sale!
Toxic Bag ProductionsAnnouncing our second annual Cyber-Turkey Sale! Starting on Friday, November 23rd and running for one week - our entire catalog will be marked down 40%! Here's your chance to pick up any of our sound products that you've always wanted! Just one more thing to be thankful for!

You have 7 days, 10 hours and 35 minutes until the sale ends!

GRAmel Sale
GRAmelIn this time of thanksgiving, all of GRAmel`s products are 30% off from November 18 to November 26 - even our newly published Nemezis! Thanks for a great support of our products!

You have 3 days, 10 hours and 35 minutes until the sale ends!

Monster of a Black Friday Sale
Jon Brazer Enterprises

JBE is taking an insane 75% off of our Book of Beasts series Book of the River Nations series (minimum $0.99). These award-winning monsters and some of the highest-acclaimed rules for the Pathfinder RPG are finally available in one massive sale, this weekend only. Grab them today before this sale ends!
Click here to find titles from Book of Beasts
Click here to find titles from Book of the River Nations
You have 4 days, 10 hours and 35 minutes until the sale ends!

Fat Dragon Sale
Fat Dragon GamesFat Dragon Games begins Black Friday a few days early! From Wednesday Nov. 21 thru Monday Nov. 26 we are slashing prices on EVERYTHING 10-50%! Stock up on gaming terrain for the upcoming winter months and save!

You have 3 days, 10 hours and 35 minutes until the sale ends!

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Happy Thanksgiving

Hey all,

Happy Thanksgiving, Blech Friday is tomorrow, the beginning of teh stressful time of the year...

If you're a Royalty Reward member at Pair-a-Dice games, don't forget up to 20% off tomorrow, 20% from 10-1, 10% after if you got gaming purchases to do for XMas...get em at Pair-a-Dice tomorrow.

Kickstarter push Saga of Dragonstar Need a lot of support to make the $35000 goal happen in 26 hours...

The Dragon Rustler, Black Friday Challenge, and more!What is the Dragon Rustler?
There are five new class/archetypes in The Saga of Dragon Star, and perhaps the most intriguing of the bunch is the Dragon Rustler! Using an ancient form of sorcery given to mortals long ago by dragons, the Dragon Rustlers have handed down their esoteric secrets from generation to generation. Their powers allow them to summon a small drake (in essence, a miniature dragon), which appears on their bodies as tattoos when not called upon. The Dragon Rustler gains magical and physical draconic abilities as he grows in strength, and so too does his drake grow in power as he does, becoming physically and magically more potent, gaining powers from a list that the Dragon Rustler player uses to customize his drake's abilities and physical characteristics. Drakes can be geared to be more physically in strength, or more magical in strength; they can be more offensive, or grant the Dragon Rustler and his allies more defense; they can be used as mounts, or they can remain small for stealth and spying; and so on. Though they are an extension of the Dragon Rustler's own spirit, they are each unique, with its own personality and will, creating in essence an additional character in the players' adventuring group.
Don't forget about The Black Friday Challenge!
10 metal miniatures based on illustrations by Wayne Reynolds plus a gorgeous, traditional boxed set will be given to every backer who has pledged $50 or more by the end of Black Friday if we hit this stretch goal! This will also guarantee that the 9 core class iconics in the N.R.G. Core Rulebook will be illustrated by Wayne Reynolds!
If we fall short of making this goal but hit at least $35,000 by the end of Black Friday, then the Black Friday Challenge deadline will be extended until the end of day December 1st!
In addition, if we hit our Black Friday Challenge, then The Saga of Dragon Star campaign setting will be available in this Kickstarter in the N.R.G. System in addition to its current available versions (Pathfinder and Savage Worlds)! Not only that, but every backer who has pledged by the end of the challenge--regardless of the pledge amount--will receive it as a free PDF!
Also, if we succeed at our Black Friday Challenge, then every backer who has pledged at least $5 or more by that time will receive a free PDF of our upcoming campaign setting book The Legends of Sinbad (release date TBD). The Legends of Sinbad is not available normally as part of this Kickstarter and cannot be included as an add-on, but if we make the Black Friday Challenge, then eligible backers will be able to choose a PDF version in a system of their choice: Pathfinder, Savage Worlds, or N.R.G.! (For more information about this awesome campaign setting, please visit out website!) 
That's not all--the Black Friday Challenge will also grant each backer who pledged $50 or more by that time a free physical copy of our N.R.G. adventure, The Depths of Greed! Plus, every backer who pledged at least $25 or more by this time will receive physical copies of N.R.G. Character Sheets, Energy Cards featuring the four main Energy Symbols (Mana, Mind, Combat, and Speed), a Bonus Bestiary featuring 10 N.R.G. System monsters, and a second free N.R.G. System adventure written and designed by Hank Woon!
And finally, if we make the Black Friday Challenge, we will include rules for Mass Combat in the N.R.G. Core Rulebook! (Game Smiths' Hank Woon in particular has a passion for wargaming, as is evident in the Pathfinder sourcebook he wrote and designed called Warpath that was published by Adamant Entertainment in 2010.)
GM SCREEN CHALLENGEIf we are at least fully pledged ($15,000+) by the end of day Black Friday, then every backer who has pledged at least $50 or more at that time will receive our GM screen--both a PDF and physical copy! In addition, if we hit at least $15,000 by the end of day Black Friday, the GM Screen will be included on our a la carte menu!
STRETCH GOALS UPDATEStretch goals are being revised and will be announced after we are fully pledged. Our only current stretch goal is The Black Friday Challenge and GM Screen Challenge, as noted above.
THE DEPTHS OF GREEDWe're interested in feedback of our free download adventure, The Depths of Greed! If you've had the chance to read through (or better yet, play through) this N.R.G. System adventure, we'd love to hear your thoughts over on our forums!
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

RPG News (KQ, TSR, & Gygax Magazine)

Wow, lots of news on the Magazine front,

Kobold Quarterly is becoming defunct as TSR returns...

Good morning all!  As it is the hot news in the gaming world here is more of what you want.  I have several new comments from the staff of "The New TSR" including one from Tim Kask in which he lets us know that Gygax Magazine will, indeed, be quarterly.  Without further ado, here we are:
Tim Kask

-“It is not in any way related to any company that existed before Gary's passing.”

-“* Gygax Magazine will be released next month, December 2012.
* The magazine will be available in both print and digital formats.
* The name Gygax Magazine refers to Ernie and Luke.
* We registered the TSR trademark in 2011, but we are a new company, and not associated with the original TSR or Wizards of the Coast.
* Gygax magazine will cover a wide variety of RPGs and strategy games, focusing on the games of today while preserving the traditions and history of the industry.
* We'd prefer to talk more about the contents of the first issue when it's available, but we hope people will love it.”

-“That infrastructure is not completely welded yet. As a quarterly, we have time to do it well...”
James Carpio
-“ I will say that the article content we have for the 1st issue is amazing. I am not going to give away any more than that, but we have some great names contributing. I am very pleased to take on the role of Games Editor for the magazine, and I want to ensure that Gygax Magazine provides solid content for every generation of gamer.”
Jim Wampler
-“Art Editor for Gygax Magazine here... and I can say that we have some awesome new talent as well as some gaming greats contributing to the art in the premiere issue - including Phil Foglio's What's New with Phil & Dixie and and Rich Burlew's Order of the Stick. It's a privilege to be working in such august company.”
Luke Gygax
-“We are all excited to get the first issue out next month and into as many gamers hands as possible. Gygax Magazine has some great people contributing both articles and art. I hope you all like it.”

There you have it, now you are as up to date as I am.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ramblings - Writing process

So I'm trying to get more into the writing process for other than the blog. I'm toying around with the Fiction for our Unleashed Campaign World, and of course working on some fiction for another game I'm playing around with. I have said before I have dozens of ideas, I just need time to write them all, so that's what I'm striding toward. Writing much more, reading up on advice, and practicing. For now I'm working with a small goal, only 400 words, but that is over 130,000 words per year. I know a lot of the authors on my FB friends list are writing 1300 - 3000 words per day. But I haven't been able to do that yet. Alot of that is because I'm not just writing a rulebook, I'm designing a game, and though its based upon OGL, I think it's different enough to qualify as almost a new game.

Sean and Ian have also been writing, and while Ian has an edge on Sean in the art department, Sean is pretty impressive as a young author. I've actually dropped a hint that he could start writing a serial series on the blog. I think that would be pretty cool. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Kickstarter Saga of Dragonstar progress

The Saga of Dragonstar kickstarter is progressing! One week in and they're 1/2 way to their goal! 118 backers with $7519 of $15,000. Hopefully by Black Friday we can up it to the $65k! 

Unleashed RPG - Design Journal #4 (skills)

So, I kind of want to present an optional way to do skills, (basically I want Unleashed to still be fairly compatible, thus if people which to stick with the conventional skills, whether that's 3.5 of path, that's up to the GM.

Check it out:

SKILLSSkills are handled a bit differently in Unleashed. As a character advances, he can gain mastery in a skill. Typically, mastery is limited to few skills. Skill checks are made with 2d10, or 2d6 in the case of the untrained. Like weapons, critical skill rolls can be achieved with exploding dice. skill level dice rolled (critical dice/#critical). Skill Focus adds +2/trained level of mastery. All characters receive apprentice level training in their class skills. 1 skill may be taken at layman level at level 1. Designer’s note: This system should keep the need to escalate TNs of skill checks thoughout the game, while still giving characters with more skill greater chances of success. Spellcasting is a Skill, and most likely the skill focused spell casters will take as their layman skill.
untrained 2d6(6/1)apprentice 2d10(10/1)layman 2d10 (10/2) max:8+intjourneyman 2d10 (9/2) max 5+intmaster 2d10 (8/3) max 3+intgrandmaster 3d10 (8/4) max 2+int/2

This is a major change to the system, but it uses similar concepts to the combat system...eliminates the need to escalate target numbers for skill challenges, and generally streamlines skills. Of course the bonuses typical for skills would remain. You'll note that the skill levels have a critical rating. A Master Armorsmith rolls to create a longsword. He rolls a 10, and an 8, triggering critical skill checks, he would continue rolling up to 3 additional dice. As an optional set of rules, you could easily use to original OGL rules.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Unleashed RPG Design Journal 3 (Weapon Speed and Actions)

So...weapon speeds, I know, I know, that was one of the issues with 1st and 2nd edition. However, this is not the exact same system. As I've said before, this system will replace the iterative attack system.

This is where I am currently...definitely subject to change. This will work in conjunction with the Actions. So two attacks with a dagger would be at -2/-2, while two attacks with a glaive would be at -6/-6. Feats such as power attack will actually slow a weapon attack down, which makes perfect sense as you're trading control for power. (a single power attack means the speed doesn't matter).

Speed (WS)
Fast (2)
Quick (3)
Average (4)
Slow (5)
Ponderous (6)
Unwieldy (7)

creature sizes
Tiny (-2)
Small (-1)
Average (0)
Large (+1)
Huge (+2)

Bigger creatures are slower, they hit harder though, so do you really want that level 16 giant to attack 4 times with his Great axe?

Thus making a weapon like the scythe, deadly, but unwieldy. The falchion, slow when compared to the ponderous Great Axe. I feel it's a pretty good design choice)

Actions will also have a speed (as will spell casting). The main concern in Unleashed it allowing players to attempt whatever they can imagine, and allow the gamemaster to easily assign the overall difficulty. Now, the the normal number of actions is allowed without penalty. A Character can make a single move action, and a single attack without any additional difficulty.

First Free Action (0)
Swift (1)
Immediate (2)
Move (3)
Standard (4)
Full (5)

This is where it gets interesting, A first level character is trying to sprint across a stone bridge, two kobold guards are unaware of his presence, he wants to sprint, and attack both the kobolds with his short sword as he runs past.  This is possible in Unleashed. Two moves, 1 untrained feat (spring attack), and two attacks will make-up the penalties, the second attack adds a -3 for a short sword, the second move action -4, and the untrained feat -4. So he's attacking at -11/-11, but they are against flat-footed creatures, so its worth the attempt. Multiple attacks versus weak creatures, speeds up the game, Single attacks against hard to kill creatures, speeds up the game. At the cost of a tiny bit of simple math.

Next Design Journal: Balancing Base Attack Bonus

Friday, November 16, 2012

MW2039 Writer's Block

I'm stuck on Moderne Worlds of 2039 currently, the creative juices stopped when I started working on the Legend stats. Probably because I'm not wholly familiar with that system, I do intend to return to it and to release it as a free PDF game. (At lease for the core). Just for now, I'm stuck. That's why I'm concentrating on the design of Unleashed, I know that system, I know its merits, flaws, and of course its tendency to grow too far. So it's on the back burner for now.

Unleashed RPG - Design Journal 2 (armor)

(Edit: Note the Unleashed RPG rules, are based on the OGL, thus this does not fall under the CCNA that most of my Blog work does, but under the OGL)

Armor Unleashed:

So Currently I have two options for armor, I have that option of making armor purely DR, thus AC would be based off of Dex/Dodge etc. This makes armor more realistic, a knight in Full plate was slow, but extremely hard to penetrate the armor. However part of that protection was due to the completeness of the coverage. A sword would deflect due to the fluting on a pauldron, the overlap of the plates. I'm leaning toward option 2:

The second option is similar to existing hybrid AC/DR rules. Though I think the DR is a bit low in the case of most of those rules. If I remember correctly, Fullplate was +4AC and DR:4/-. I had already toyed around with some of these rules, several times over the past couple years. One of the main reasons I had though of the issues with the existing DR armor rules was that the DR didn't increase with the Size of the armor. A Huge creature, had 4DR and the Tiny creature had 4DR, this bugged me, the Tiny creature would have paper thin armor, while the Huge or Colossal creature would have armor so thick that it would be very difficult to penetrate. Similarly adamantine offers 3/- DR no matter what size armor is is on as long as the armor is metal. I know that the game is supposed to be designed for as little math as possible, because we get confused so easily, but that is stuff that bugs me. It should be easy to track bonuses and penalties, with a little creativity.

So This is what I have as my second Option
Full Plate AC+4 DR:Blunt:5 Pierce:6 Slash:6

Add the size modifier for a Huge creature to all the DRs, making a Huge set of Full Plate
Full Plate AC+4 DR:Blunt:7 Pierce:8 Slash:8

That might seem pretty harsh, but due to the size and DEX of those massive opponents, it becomes easier to defeat the armor. Poor rolls will meet with heavy resistance...literally. Thus teamwork might be needed. The +2 to hit for assist actually translates into much more damage potential. That +2 not only adds to the margin, but also adds to the chance of dealing an armor defeating hit.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

More about The Unleashed RPG - Design Journal 1

(Edit: Note the Unleashed RPG rules, are based on the OGL, thus this does not fall under the CCNA that most of my Blog work does, but under the OGL)

So what are some of the design considerations behind Unleashed RPG?

    The main design consideration is obviously the d20. By dropping the 5% chance of any number it creates a more manageable average of 11. Only a 1% chance of rolling a 2 or 20. This caused an issue with criticals of course. Obviously a 20 would normally be a threat in d20, and an improved crit rapier is a 15+ to threaten. Now I didn't want the numbers to drop that far for the 2d10 System. So the solution I have is exploding dice. Most weapons will have a 10/1 Threat. That means if you roll a d10, you get to roll ONE extra. Improved critical will make your Crit threat look like this 10/2. You can roll and keep up to 2 additional dice. Yes, so theoretically you would roll a 40; as a 1 in 10,000 chance.  1in10 x 1in10 x 1in10 x 1in10.  

   Weapons with expanded critical ranges (which normally hit not as hard) have a TR with a lower number. For example a rapier would have an (8/1), while a keen rapier would have an (8/2).  This makes a manageable crit range.

   Another concept in Unleashed is the lack of a damage roll. Damage is determined by margin, up to the maximum damage of the weapon; or critical MAX damage of the weapon. No more rolling a critical and doing 2 measly points of damage. Say you beat your target's AC by 8 with a critical. Your damage range including all bonuses is (1-16+3) = 4-19. Margin of Success 8. Add 8 to low end of the range  for 12 damage. Had the Margin been too high, then the maximum damage would be 19. With all the modifiers built into the stat block of the weapon on the character sheet, it should make for a fast to play system. And if there's a little math involved, GOOD. When you look at the stat block the battle axe looks nice, with that 24 max damage, but you'll notice the speed characteristic of the weapon. It is a bit slower than the longsword. Weapon speed is the iterative modifier in this system. Multiple attacks suffer the modifier. So two attacks would be a -5/-5. (These penalties can be reduced by feats).  More on this in the  Unleashed RPG Design Journal 2.

Example Weapons
1-16 [9/1] Speed:4 Min: Str:11 Dex:11
Battle Axe
1-24 [20/1]  Speed:5 Min: Str:12 Dex:10
Heavy Slash
1-8 [9/1] Speed:3 Min: Str: 6 Dex: 10

This is early design, and concepts may change. However if this sounds like something you might want to Alpha test, shoot me a line at

Next Journal: Weapon Speeds, Actions and more. (Armor, that's what I meant to say)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Saga of Dragon Star & N.R.G. Core rulebook kickstarter

Saga of Dragon Star & NRG Core Rulebook Kickstarter.
I am an Apprentice backer! Here's just some little stuff from the Kickstarter page.

So, there's now more information on what Saga of Dragon Star is now, Get this and other free downloads from our website at!

The Saga of Dragon Star is set in a fictional world, where an evil empire known as the Keln Dominion is slowly conquering all the known lands. And as liberties everywhere are suppressed, refugees flee to the last bastion of freedom: The Frontier Lands. Here, they scratch out what living they can from the unyielding landscape, and they are forced to live side-by-side with refugees from other realms, so humans, elves, orcs, dwarves, and minotaurs come together, each with his own agenda and goals.

Swords and armor blend with six-shooter and rifles in this world where magic is slowly dying, suffocating under the growing industrial might of the Keln Dominion. And as the magic weakens, so too do the ancient binding spells of the Aluvian Empire, releasing long-forgotten demons from their eternal prisons.

It's a world that blurs the line between hero and villain, where the struggle for survival creates its own version of pragmatic gallantry.

Thalos, human Blademaster.
One of Wayne Reynold's rough iconic sketches.
Saythra, lightning born Mage.
Lightning Born Mage WAR sketch
Adelphia, satyr Thief.
My Favorite WAR sketch, the Satyr Thief
Boxed set.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Unleashed RPG

Well I'm taking the dive to produce my first RPG, this is going to be a lot of work. The Unleashed Roleplaying Game will be an OGL Derived 2d10 based system strongly influenced by the old-school and newer indie games. Combat will be more free-form, with iterative attacks replaced by weapon speeds.

I've long held a disdain for the d20. I've written about it a few times. The lack of any sort of predictability of a single roll makes the game less fun for me when I have a bad night. With 2d10, it is 50% probably that you roll an 11, not 5%. It is only 1% likely to roll a 2, and 1% of rolling a 20. This of course changes the way criticals would work. I have addressed this with new mechanics.

Iterative attacks at higher level typically made for 1 or 2 good attacks, and 1 or more attacks where the player was hoping for a 20, as it triggers that automatic hit. Combat will be dynamic, many concepts of OGL will be thrown out to make room for the dynamic. Imagine a 4th level knife fighter defeating a half-orc halberd wielding barbarian with a multitude of knife attacks.

Hero points and Heroic Aspects also will be utilized in Unleashed. These are one of my favorite innovations of the recent past in gaming. They make the game less Game Master intense, and more of a game master/player dance.

This is only the beginning, a new world will be explored, a conversion guide, as well as several supplements will follow. I will be publishing under the Curious Few Productions, LLC. title. At First this will be an entirely PDF publication. I plan on doing extensive Alpha and Beta Testing. With The Unleashed RPG (tentative title), you will be free to play how you want, your imagination...Unleashed! Beyond Unleashed, will be the creation of board games, accessories, and supplements I've had brewing for years.

If you wish to jump in to help, I will need Alpha Testers, and eventually artists (willing to work cheap, as to get your work out there...similar to me). Contact me at A New website will be created as well as forums. 

Friday, November 9, 2012

Thou Shalt Con 11/9 to 11/11

Up at Thou Shalt Game in Temecula, they're having a In Store game con.

27314 Jefferson Ave #9
Temecula, CA

Here's the lineup

Events through out the 3 day period. Pathfinder Society all weekend long! Huge WH40k tournament, $2,000 Magic Tournament, game Demos, and More!


Pathfinder Society: starts 5pm Friday - ends 8pm Sunday


WH40k Midnight Madness


Time: 12:01 am
Entry: $15 or FREE with $25 purchase
1st: Battle Box + a kit worth up to $75 ( $200 value)
2nd: 2 kits worth up to $60 each ($120 value)
3rd: 1 kit worth up to $60
4th: 1 kit worth up to $40
5th-8th: $20 gift certificate
Second to last: 1 clamshell worth up to $30
Coolest Looking Army/ Best Presentation (Judged by Store) $50 gift certificate

Time: 10:30am-6pm
Entry: FREE
Interactive Warhammer 40k Scenario for experts and new Players without armies.

Entry: FREE

Dungeons & Dragons: Kill the Wizard Lair assault. 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Bring Level 8 Characters. Stand-A-Lone Campaign.

Steve Jackson Munchkin & More with Prizes free to play

All Comics & Boardgames will be on Sale.
Steve Jackson MIB will be running more party games
Party games such as Personality Bingo, Trivia Contest, Munchkin, and more!

Comics: All Comics 15% OFF, With Select Books 20-60% OFF
Board Games: 10-30% OFF


MTG Standard Format $2,000 tournament
1st: $250 Cash + 4x FOIL Jace, Architect of Thought
2nd: $125 Cash + 4x FOIL Liliana of the Veil
3rd &4th: $50 Cash + 1x each FOIL RTR Shockland
5th - 8th: 18 Boosters of Return to Ravnica
9-16th: 9 Boosters of Return to Ravnica
17-22nd: 6 Boosters of Return to Ravnica

Registration begins at 9am
Entry: only $25.

Pathfinder Society all weekend long

Monday, November 5, 2012

Remember, Remember the 5th of November.

Well it's Guy Fawkes Day...

Now made famous for us Yankees by the Movie and Graphic Novel, V for Vendetta. Been slammed with Overtime the last 2 weeks so the blog has been slow, I'm making an official announcement on 11/11 though. Kind of exciting if you know numerology.

Well back to the Grind.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Kickstarter - Medieval Village

I just found out about this one, ands its only got 25 hours to go.

Malifaux people should REALLY look into this one. As should any fantasy wargamers.

Medieval Village in 28mm scale.

Pack pack - $40

These Items should be of major interest.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Relief & Drivethru RPG

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Gamers can contribute to the recovery, while getting something in return.

DrivethruRPG and Roleplayers Chronicle have put together a Charity Bundle.

For your $20 donation you'll get a ton of downloads:

Edit: (This isn't even all of error cut it off at Necropolis 2350.  I added the additional titles below...

 '45 - Psychobilly Retropocalypse
 Regular price: $8.00
 Bundle price: $0.00

HE was a mutant with a gift for the guitar and an eye for the ladies... SHE was a hotrod-racing bombshell on the lookout for love... IT crawled from the wastes of Nashville crater, seeking human victims... THEY were trapped in a world they never made!
'45 is a world where WWII was fought with atomic bombs on all sides '45 is a world where the B-movies are real '45 is a world where Rock N' Roll mutants do battle with giant ants '45 is a Psychobilly Retropocalypse
All the cool cats dig '45 daddy-o, are you hip to the scene?
'45 is so cool, it's radioactive, man!
'45 is powered by Postmortem Studio's Xpress system and features cust...
 100 Points Four Square
 Regular price: $4.99
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100 Points Four Square is a simple, casual card game in the 100 Points line of games that uses 100 Points cards.
Want a unique card game of skill and luck? Then try...
100 Points Four Square  (2nd Edition) 
100 Points Four Square begins with four stacks of cards in a square. On a player's turn, they draw a card and place it on top of one of the four stacks. If the top 4 cards of the stacks equals 100 points, then the player takes all the cards in the stack they just added to, and adds the cards to their Score pile. When the last card is drawn, the game is over, and the player with most points in their Score pile wins the game.
For 2 or more players. Simple. Casual. Fun. 100 Points Four Squ...
 Adversaries: The Triad (BASH)
 Regular price: $0.75
 Bundle price: $0.00

"In the criminal underworld, The Triad are known as a specialists in acquiring artifacts of a mystical nature for those willing to pay theright price. They've tangled with various super heroes (and some villains) over the years."
Adversaries: The Triad is the first in a series of villains for use with BASH. This group specializes in stealing occult artifacts for the highest bidder, even those used by mystical heroes.
The book features information and stats on all 3 members of The Triad, as well as adventure seeds (one of which includes a fully statted NPC hero your players can interact with), and paper standees.
Two versions are included: A high resolution version for reading, and a low resolution version for printing.
Requires the BASH Ultimate...
 Age of Lords: Campaign Setting Pathfinder Roleplaying Game
 Regular price: $8.99
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Born from a conflict eons old, some say the people of Braugh never had a chance. What was intended to be a celestial prison for two warring Gods has become home to a numerous and diverse populace. From the ashes of a great war, the people of Thallorand have rebuild their cities, culture and industry with great respect to their past and an eye on their future. The Age of Lords Campaign Setting has everything a Game Master could want to run a campaign on the world of Braugh, or to simply expand their own campaign. With new monsters, cultural background on key locations past and present, new game mechanics to bring together your players at any level, information and history on some of the oldest secrets Thallorand has to offer, the Age of Lords has what you need and more. Pick up a copy an...
 Ancient Temple
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Ancient Temple
DramaScape Brief Encounters Volume 03
 Game Masters need quality maps for their miniatures. DramaScape™ is committed to bringing Game Masters the maps they need.
A temple stands taller than the treetops of the jungle. Despite having fallen into disuse, the temple remains intact, although nature’s overgrowth of vines and moss tells the tale of how long it has been since the temple was frequently visited.
The temple is constructed of five major stone slabs built on top of each other. The first three base slabs are the largest and widest, and a large stone staircase leads to the fourth center slab. Built in the middle of the center slab is the fifth slab where the altar stands with a small staircase leading up. No on...
 Angels - Essentials
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Everything you need to get a taste of Angels is here... for free.
Angels - Essentials is a free, quick look at the simple game of the unseen forces wring for human souls, Angels. It includes all the essential Print2Play pages from the core rulebook with a brief introduction to the game and Setting as a whole.
A brief description of the world of Angels Core Rules At-a-Glance Character Records A list of common Abilities Story Outline Records Player Point Records If you like this, then try the full game of Angels -  the Game of Divine Stories.
 Angels - the Game of Divine Stories
 Regular price: $4.99
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There is a God. There are Angels. There is a Devil. There are Demons. There is a war over the souls of humanity. This is our world. The world that most people do not see until they pass on and find out where their souls spend eternity. It is a world of unseen forces, miraculous feats, and the touch of the divine and the infernal. This is the world of Angels.
Angels - the Game of Divine Stories is a game in which players create fictional Angelic characters that star in stories about the war over human souls. Everything you need to play can be found in the core rulebook, including rules, a fully fleshed-out Setting, and character records to keep track of everything during play.
Warning: this game is about God, Jesus, the devil, angels, Heaven, H...
 Angels - the Story of Greene's Store
 Regular price: $1.99
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In a small town, the Fallen Angel Mitz has run things. A few years ago, the Heavenly Angel Roberta came to town to help the local store owners, the Greenes. Now, Mitz is making his move to get Roberta, the Greenes, and their small general store out of his town. Roberta needs help.
Welcome to Greene's Store, a story to play with 1 to 5 friends using Angels – the Game of Divine Stories. This book contains everything you need (except rules, friends, and dice) to tell the story of Roberta's desire to save the Greenes and their store from Mitz and his designs. Included in this book are:
Story Outline – A full Story Outline for the Story Referee to use to tell the story.
Supporting Cast Characters – a full roster of Suppor...
 Regular price: $3.99
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A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game GM'S RESOURCE supplement by Creighton Broadhurst and Martin Tideswell
Champion of evil and dark nemesis of the paladin, the antipaladin stands as a bulwark against the forces of light and weal. Worshipping corrupt gods or foul demons, antipaladins work to spread darkness and chaos throughout the world. Antipaladins often stand at the centre of the blackest, vilest plots besetting the world. Whether as the leader of a foul horde, a lone harbinger of doom or the strong arm of a vile, depraved cult, the antipaladin brings fear, death and destruction wherever he goes.
Antipaladins presents seven scions of evil:
Aelire Maiaral (CE female half-elf antipaladin 4) Petrok Uren (CE male human antipaladin 6) Steren Wearne (CE female half-elf ant...
 Barroom Brawls
 Regular price: $1.99
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A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game compatible GM’s Resource by Creighton Broadhurst
Barroom brawls are one of the quintessential events that occur in taverns, inns and pubs of a certain quality. Alcohol mixed liberally with folk used to solving problems with violence is an explosive combination. The great thing about barroom brawls, though, is that although people get hurt, it’s rare that anyone dies. This means the players can let their hair down and try some crazy stuff they’d never try in a “proper” battle. And yet, brawls feature in comparatively few adventures these days. Complicated to run, requiring an understanding of little-used rules such as nonlethal damage and improvised weapons, they can be a GM’s worst nightmare! Barroom Br...
 BP-CS0 Secret of the Pit Pathfinder
 Regular price: $0.00
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In anticipation for the upcoming Age of Lords Campaign Setting and Age of Lords Expedition Guide, Blackbyrne Publishing is releasing Secret of the Pit as a FREE primer for an adventure set in our world of Thallorand. Secret of the Pit not only provides a free adventure, with our trademark 1" battlemaps, it gives both the GM and the player a glimpse into the upcoming Age of Lords setting. For the GM, there is a Thallorand based primer for bringing new 1st level players together with the cliché standbys. For players, there is a two level preview for the new class Blade Conjuror, which will be detailed exclusively in the Expedition Guide.
(Looking for the 4E version? Go here)
 Call to Arms: Archer's Arsenal
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Call to Arms: Archer's Arsenal
A true archer knows of the rich heritage of the tools and weapons in which he employs.Throughout each culture’s history, the development of the bow and arrow as a weapon ofwar has engaged the ingenuity of each race. The materials for making these weapons havebeen experimented with, and as a result many different designs have developed, each in accordance to the specific purpose to which the weapon was built. Presented in the following product are a selection of new weapons, both magical and mundane, and items designed toenhance the arsenal of any archer.
12 new bows
5 new crossbows
 CLASSifieds: Pyromancer
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CLASSifieds: Pyromancer They have been called by many names. Scions ofthe inferno, masters of flame, maniacs and firestormfanatics, they are all descriptions following in thecharred wake of a pyromancer. Pyromancers lookwithin themselves for arcane prowess and drawforth the mighty ability to bend the power of fire totheir will, be it for good or evil.Empowered, and sometimes consumed, by theirinnate powers, these arcane-touched spell castersendlessly indulge in and refine their dangerousabilities, gradually learning how to harness theirskills and call forth ever greater power. Somepyromancers seek to control their abilities throughdiscipline and study, others give in to their innatemagic, letting its wild nature drive their lives into afanaticism, often, with explosive results.
 Clockwork and Chivalry 2nd Edition Core Rulebook
 Regular price: $24.99
 Bundle price: $0.00

Swords and flintlocks, alchemy and clockwork, fanatics and freedom-fighters... and the occasional ghoul! 1645: England has descended into civil war. Prince Rupert and his alchemist-cavaliers fight on behalf of their exiled king against the clockwork war machines of Oliver Cromwell and the New Model Army. Between them, a host of political and religious factions struggle for survival.
Clockwork & Chivalry returns in a standalone 2nd edition featuring the new Renaissance rules, a fast, grim, heroic D100 system geared up to the world of black-powder weapons, political machinations and fanatical righteousness:
* Brutal combat in the age of black powder weapons
* Extensive rules for alchemy, witchcraft and clockwork
* Rich character creation options
 Coins of the Realm: Gold
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Fat Goblin Games presents
Coins of the Realm: Gold Fat Goblin Games presents, Coins of the Realm: Gold! A visual Game Aid presenting a full page of a variety of gold coins with different faces and numerical value! Print and Cut and use in your next game!
 Colonial Gothic: The Grimoire
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The World is Steeped in Magic.It is everywhere and courses through all things.Some claim that Magic is fueled by Ether. Others claim it is a Divine gift granted to those chosen by Providence. Still others claim that Magic is not a gift, but a curse. And some claim that Magic is a tool of the Devil, created to further his Infernal ends on earth.None of these claims comes close to the Whole Truth.Magic is a Force of Nature, whose Secrets all may uncover with Time and Wisdom. Yet Magic is also a Danger to those unwilling to treat it with the Respect such a Force deserves.Despite the Danger, some still dare to take up the Study of Magic and to use its Power. Even in this Modern Age, new Discoveries are made about the Workings of Magic. New Insights reveal Power many deemed impossible. Those...
 Comicworld Germany
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See the world. Visit different countries. Meet foreign superheroes! Punch foreign bad guys until they explode!
Comicworld Germany is a short and quick introduction on how to use Federal Republic of Germany in superhero games.
This short guide contains:
introduction to culture and history of Germany condensed history of the country and tips on how to use it in your games a selection of interesting places for your adventures 6 new characters, from heroic speedster Zeitgeist to Eisengeist, ghost of a steampunk robot tips on how to pretend to speak German. All that on 24 pages, only for $1.99!

 Comicworld Ukraine
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See the world. Punch foreign bad guys until they explode.
Comicworld Ukraine is a short and quick introduction on how to use the republic of Ukraine in superhero games.This short guide contains:
introduction to culture and history of Ukraine condensed history of the country and tips on how to use it in your games a selection of interesting places for your adventures 5 new characters, from the fighting Peremoha to the nefarious Rat Queen short introduction to Slavic mythology All that on 20 pages, only for $1.99

 Condition Tokens
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Fat Goblin Games presents Condition Tokens
Fat Goblin Games presents, Condition Tokens for your favorite roleplaying game!
Condition Tokens are stylized tokens representing the various character conditions found in many roleplaying games. These tokens are simple to use and work perfectly with miniature combat. Each token is designed to be used on a 1inch grid battle map of your choice, by placing the token under your miniature when inflicted by a condition. The condition markers overlap into adjacement squares with a decorative border and title of the condition. The markers do not hinder adjacement miniatures and will simply cover the marker on that particular square.
 Dark Shadows of Yesterday: An Earthdawn Novel
 Regular price: $9.99
 Bundle price: $0.00

Daylen Jagaro was never a very good merchant. A failure in his homeland of Barsaive, when he hears that the Golden Empire of Cathay opened its doors to the West, he sets out on a quest for riches and glory and to explore an ancient and exotic culture filled with opportunity.
But instead of opportunity he finds a land torn apart by war. Teaming up with Su Shen the Daughter of Heaven and Bei the jade obsidiman, the unlikely companions are soon swept up in a quest to uncover a terrible threat greater than the civil war that grips the land.
As the danger mounts, Su shen and Bei discover that the fate of the Empire may lie in the hands of a foreigner, one whose entire life has been spent in one selfish pursuit after another. When Daylen is forced to confront his own fears, he...
 Diabolical Traps - The Maintenance Mummy
 Regular price: $0.00
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Deep in the shadow of Mount Terror lies the Tomb of Zuul-Tem. It has remained undisturbed for a thousand years, haunted by the cures of the ancient Necromancer who was supposedly laid to rest there. His knowledge, his treasure, and his power are said to be there with him. You and your group have planned an expedition there; an untouched crypt for a millennium. It is said to be trapped with devices of such lethal cunning that most men will die of fright. And it’s yours for the taking!
Yeah right.
It takes effort to make sure that all of the treasure stays put and the legend of the crypt stays intact. Traps need to be reset, and that is a huge undertaking. Even trying to do it by hand subjects the owner to the trap inside. Thus, the Maintenance Mummy was created.
 Dyvil: First Edition (Jeff Grubb's 30-Minute Roleplaying Game)
 Regular price: $1.25
 Bundle price: $0.00

The War Between Heaven and Hell is Over. Heaven Won. Man, Are You Screwed!
Once upon a time, NUELOW Games' Steve Miller made the statement, "Any talented game designer with an understanding of what makes an RPG work can write a fully playable, stand-alone roleplaying game in under an hour."
Veteran game designer and novelist Jeff Grubb (co-founder of the Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance fantasy worlds and designer for ArenaNet's MMO Guild Wars) decided to put Miller's notion to the test
At the end of the experiment emerged Dyvil: First Edition (Jeff Grubb's 30-Minute Roleplaying Game), proof positive that Miller isn't completely insane, and an illustration of the difference betw...
 Equipment Cards
 Regular price: $1.27
 Bundle price: $0.00

A collection of one hundred unique items ready to print and cut out for your heroes! Among them you will find a variety of armor, swords, axes, daggers, and other miscellaneous weapons. If you are lucky, you may also stumble upon a magic item... be it a mystical sigil, blasphemous book, or something less obvious. From now on, newfound treasure doesn't have to be just an entry on your character sheet!
For your comfort, we have included a form fillable version and a full pdf version, for clean cards.
 Faith & Demons: The Rising - Quick Start Guide
 Regular price: $0.00
 Bundle price: $0.00

As if the power vacuum created by Rome’s fall isn’t enough, the survivors are fighting against multiple forces. Religious persecution has reared its head with claims of heresy against those who are just worshiping as they always have. Tribal conflicts threaten to tear asunder tenuous allegiances. The land is suffering from the fall-out of it all making nomadic life more difficult than typical. The undead armies, horrific demons, and a host of once mythological creatures stalking the landscape create tension from shore to shore. Someone needs to do something. And the lords have decided your party counts as ‘someone.’
Your characters have it in them to be more than a survivor. Lead your nomadic tribe’s defense against all sides to become a legendary w...
 Faith & Demons: The Rising Player's Guide
 Regular price: $7.95
 Bundle price: $0.00

As if the power vacuum created by Rome’s fall isn’t enough, the survivors are fighting against multiple forces. Religious persecution has reared its head with claims of heresy against those who are just worshiping as they always have. Tribal conflicts threaten to tear asunder tenuous allegiances. The land is suffering from the fall-out of it all making nomadic life more difficult than typical. The undead armies, horrific demons, and a host of once mythological creatures stalking the landscape create tension from shore to shore. Someone needs to do something. And the lords have decided your party counts as ‘someone.’
Your characters have it in them to be more than a survivor. Lead your nomadic tribe’s defense against all sides to become a legendary w...
 Figurines of Wondrous Power
 Regular price: $2.99
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A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game compatible Player's Resource by Creighton Broadhurst
Ever found (or thought about buying) a figurine of wondrous power but didn't want to prep the required stat block, carry yet another heavy book to the game or muddle through hoping for the best? Figurines of Wondrous Power banishes these problems!
This PLAYER'S RESOURCE contains detailed write-ups of all nine versions of this iconic wondrous item including full stat blocks for all the animals they represent. Designed to easily fit into your character's folder, each figurine of wondrous power entry contains all the information you need to quickly and easily get the most out of these iconic magic items.
Visit to download sample figurines or to view the Contents page.
 Fistful of Fantasy: 01
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From the author of the '100' series of Adventure Seeds books, a new, shorter form source of inspiration for Games Masters. They might be adventures, non-player-characters, monsters, places... all ready to be dropped into your fantasy campaign, regardless of system.
In this booklet:
The Dragon's Head Inn: Augury to the masses and site of the Blue Moon Festival. A wild stopover for travelling adventurers.
The Blackberry Wilder: A different kind of dryad with a thirst for blood and the thorns to get it.
The Shrieking Tomb: Not every vampire can escape its grave to bring terror, but then again, maybe it doesn't need to.
Fimble Finesmoke: Halfing tobacconist, herbalist and fan of experimenting with the inhalation of substances.
Elesha the Exoti...
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Welcome to G-Core Deluxe!
What is G-Core? G-Core is a simple set of rules for use in any genre. Spawned and updated for the modern gamer, G-Core roots come from the original MarvelTM Superheroes Role-Playing Game or more famously known as FASERIP. This ISN'T the original FASERIP nor is it a product of Marvel Comics, but it is 99% compatible with it.
DELUXE offers even MORE than G-Core!
You get:
LOADS of generics including animals and giant seahorses!
Newer core mechanics to make G-Core even MORE player friendly!
Best of all it's 71 pages of full color fun!
ALL sorts of bells and whistles!
Worried about real compatibility? We took a character from the old FASERIP game and c...
 Gaslight Calender Pack
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A calander pack for the year 1888 for use with the Gaslight Victorian Fantasy RPG. This book has no cover.
 Gaslight Map Pack
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A map pack for use with Gaslight Victorian Fantasy
 Gaslight OGL Character Sheet
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This is the official character sheet for the GASLIGHT VICTORIAN FANTASY OGL RPG.
 Gaslight Victorian Fantasy (OGL Edition)
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Battlefield Press, Inc presents Gaslight. A Victorian Fantasy where technology meets sorcery, where fantasy meets history. A world where Humans co-exist with Vampires, where fantasy meets history. Beast Men, Werewolves and Wildlings. A land of secret organizations and hidden agendas. Welcome to a Victorian world of magic, non humans and technology all trying to take their rightful place in society. Meet Vampire Detectives, Beast Men Sheriffs, and Wildling Rogues. Non humans in society exist from their counterparts in Victorian literature. An interesting and unique complete OGL Role Playing Game.
In Gaslight you will find:• A history of Gaslight Earth• Four of the major races that play a part on Gaslight Earth, each with their own set of Talent Trees• Skills and Fe...
 Hell for Leather
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On the world's bloodiest gameshow you must kill to survive...
Hell for Leather is a darkly gory game of pursuit and savage violence. In the Standard Setting, play as contestants on the world's bloodiest gameshow and struggle for gruesome survival! Or customise the game in-play with elegant, fast-paced, quick framing rules!
* No GM - All the players are in charge of the story * No prep - Like a board game, you set it up together * Customise! - Create a new setting (like Pulp Explorers, Ancient Rome or the French Wars of Religion) during play! See samples.
The game relies on a tower of six-sided dice which players build as the tension mounts. To overcome challeng...
 Hellbrood: Countdown to Invasion
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(This product requires both Savage Worlds and the Super Powers Companion from Pinnacle Entertainment to play)
You've fought for justice and battled evil . . . but now you fight for the very survival of the Earth!
Introducing the launching point for the Hellbrood product line, continuing next in the Hellbrood plot point campaign setting book.
Since superpowered beings first revealed themselves to the public in the first half of the 20th century, the world has been mesmerized by the dazzling array of powers. No place has been more famous for its superhero community than New York. A veritable melting pot of colorfully clad heroes and villains, the Big Apple is known the world over for countless epic battles.
All that changed, however, when strange, ...
 Hellfrost Creature Guide: Bufomi
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Most citizens know of bufomi only through travelers' tales. Jokingly referred to as "toadies," they are often portrayed as harmless, backward simpletons practicing a bizarre toad-worshipping faith. But those who dwell near the dank marshes the bufomi call home tell no such stories, for they know how savage and cunning the toad-men can be when aroused. Their culture is a violent one, where the strong devour the weak and life is a constant struggle. This supplement delves beneath the stereotypical exterior of bufomi society to reveal the true nature of the toad-men race.
 Hope Prep School Freshman Handbook (ICONS)
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Hope Preparatory School is a privately funded institution dedicated to preparing tomorrow's metahumans for whatever paths might lie ahead. With a tradition that stretches back over 60 years,  a world-renowned faculty, and affiliations with all of the best universities, HPS is the place to send your child to prepare him or her for life.
The HPS Freshman Handbook provides the background material and character creation rules compatible with ICONS superpowered roleplaying for Melior Via's line of Hope Prep Adventures, as well as plenty of information and adventure hooks to run a campaign set within a metahuman high school.
This PDF uses layers for ease of printing and is sized for compatibility with popular electronic reading devices.
Requires the ICONS f...
 Immortal Twilight: An Earthdawn Novel
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It had just been over a year since Daylen Jagaro faced down the forces of darkness atop the blasted slopes of Mount Tihan. Journeying across Cathay with his ferret companion Bik-Bik, he has since been cataloguing the wondrous land in hopes of one day returning the information to the Great Library of Throal back home.
But Daylen‘s days of adventure are not over. Meeting up once again with Su Shen the Daugther of Heaven, daylen suddenly finds himself on a rescue mission, delving deep into the hostile Land of the Gar to save his old friend and comrade, Bei the jade obsidiman.
There they meet Chi-Len, a young and mysterious girl with golden eyes who is being hunted by the Shadowed. Who is she, and what does the sinister cult want with her? As the adventurers search for...
 Killshot: An Assassin's Journal
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IF YOU'VE ALREADY PURCHASED YOUR COPY OF KILLSHOT: THE DIRECTOR'S CUT, STOP RIGHT THERE!! This book has already been included; you'll find nothing new here. If you haven't purchase Killshot yet, then now's the time to start.
Some of us just don't fit in with the rest of the world. Sure, we can hold down a steady job, collect a paycheck, raise a family, and blend in, but not without stirring up the shit. Trying to be something you're not comes out eventually. Aggression, anger, drug abuse, whatever your poison is. Some of us have demons. Some of us have issues. But some of us - a select few - have a gift we can't deny. Someone has to do what needs doing. Someone's gotta pull the trigger and someone's gotta die. That's the job.
It's the gritty world of profession...
 Lady Bexington's Home for Wayward Zombies
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Lady Bexington's Home for Wayward Zombies
A cooperative, self-constructed boardgame of zombie herding in Victorian Society.
Can you recapture the flesh-hungry fiends, protect Old London Town AND maintain a proper sense of Victorian decorum, all at the same time?
1-6 players.
It was a strange and beautiful event when, in the mid eighteen-hundreds, the Earth passed through a strange and luminous cloud. For several nights the atmosphere from pole to pole and east to west shone like the Northern Lights with a strange, pinkish pallor to the illuminations.
Scientists were at a loss, postulating that we were passing through some band of particles or radiation though none of our Earth-bound devices could tell us much about it. Photographic equipment...
 Lizardfolk of the Dragon Fang
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A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatible TRIBES supplement by Marc Radle
Deep in the heart of a forbidding swamp, the lizardfolk of the Dragon Fang beat the drums of war. Lead by Sesskarr the Great, a mighty and charismatic lizard king with a tyrant's heart and a black dragon's blood, the Dragon Fang is aggressively expanding beyond their traditional tribal boundaries. Tribes of kobolds and troglodytes have all fallen beneath Sesskarr's great, magical trident and now-even more ominously-his reptilian gaze has shifted to the surrounding towns and villages.
Lizardfolk of the Dragon Fang includes: Four new feats Four new spells Three new magic items, including the mysterious Serpent Staff Thirteen stat blocks ranging in CR from 1-11 detailing tribal members Fu...
 Modern Floorplans: Cyber-Cafe
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Jacob taps the desk impatiently as he waits for his e-mail client to finish logging in. He considers another cup of coffee to ward off the night chill, but his nerves already have him on edge. ...His nerves, and the people who ransacked his office and have been trying to kill him. He hopes they haven't cracked into his e-mail account yet. The friendly chime of his e-mail client is echoed by the door chime as a new customer enters the cyber-cafe. Jacob watches with a sinking feeling as the man surveys the room. Their eyes meet, and the stranger's eyes momentarily widen. In an explosion of movement, both men reach for their weapons.
Where do you go from here? To the battle map, of course! If you need a map of a modern structure, you need Modern Floorplans. The Mo...
 Modern Floorplans: Nightclub
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Walking into the nightclub reminds Jacob of walking into a bee hive. Clubgoers buzz to and from the bar while others dance to the hypnotic drone of eletronica. Jacob feels his chest vibrate in sympathy with every beat of the pulsing music, and it takes him some moments to adjust to the flickering lights. His prey would most likely be in either be in the VIP room or the office. After the last 36 hours, Jacob was in no mood for niceties. Two minutes alone with the guy and he'd either have the information he needed or the satisfaction of beating the stuffing out of him. Jacob felt a hand clamp like a vice on his arm and was surprised to see a hulking bouncer standing next to him. It appears he was expected.
Where do you go from here? To the battle map, of course! If you nee...
 Modern Floorplans: Passenger Jets
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Jacob sat back in his seat and closed his eyes as he tried to tune out the world. The last few days had been non-stop and it was nice to know that he would have a couple quiet weeks to himself. He sunk deeper into the heated first-class seat and raised the crystal glass filled with champagne to his lips.
As he was about to take a sip, the curtain separating first class and coach was thrown open and a voice shattered his tranqility.
"This is my plane now. Do as I say and no one will be hurt!"
Where do you go from here? To the battle map, of course! If you need a map of a modern structure, you need Modern Floorplans. The Modern Floorplans series from Fabled Environments offers gamers high quality maps in a variety of configurations:
 Modern Item Cards
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Fat Goblin Games presents Modern Item Cards
Fat Goblin Games presents, Modern Item Cards for your favorite roleplaying game!
Modern Item Cards are the perfect addition to your favorite Modern, Lovecraftian, or Zombie Survival roleplaying game. These 26 full-color cards cover a variety of your favorite weapons (such as the chainsaw and various firearms) to mundane items (like flashlight and gas jug) to even food and everage items.
Each card is richly detailed and has a place for notes on the cards face, and an optional decorative back for double-sided printing.
 Necropolis 2350 - The Long Sleep
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Oriental Stories, Vol. 2: Four Classic Pulp Fiction Tales

Part-Time Gods

 Portentous Dreams

Quick Worlds 17: Tal'Kalares

 Quick Worlds 23: Ararat

 Quick Worlds 24: Erlik

 Quick Worlds 25: Sophronius

 Racial Ecologies: Guide to Grippli

 Random Acts of... Old West Violence

 Random Acts of... Violence

 Red Blizzard (Ingenium Version)

 Ripped From the Headlines: Mission Interleumab-3

Roleplayers Chronicle Issue #1

ROLF: Steve Costigan and the Thief of Youth

 ROLF: The Rollplaying Game of Big Dumb Fighters

 Savage Insider Premium Issue #3

 Shadow, Sword & Spell: Basic

 Shadows of Dreams: Poetry by Robert E. Howard

 Shadows over Ekul

 Sherwood: The Legend of Robin Hood (OGL Edition)

 Steve Miller's 30-Minute Roleplaying Game (SM-30)

 Tall Ships 8: The H.M.S. Victory

 The Eternal Rest

The Gamers' Guide to the Space Opera Genre

 The Gamers’ Guide to Tabletop Role-playing Genres

 The Imp Game - Mischief & Mayhem, Third Edition

 The Modern Path - Arcana of the Modern World [PFRPG]

 The Modern Path - Heroes of the Modern World 2.0 [PFRPG]

 The Ossuary

 The Perfect Storm

 The Pine Ridge Horror
Tomorrowland: The Art of Aaron Acevedo

 Troglodytes of the Tentacled One

 Two-Bit Thugs

 War of the Dead: Chapter Four (Subscription)

 War of the Dead: Chapter One (Package)

War of the Dead: Chapter Three (Package)

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