Tuesday, February 19, 2013

This is what I like about the old school

Again, still working my butt off, trying to make the best damn Equipment section ever produced for a core game, beyond BL23C even. That is the book I gauge an equipment section on. I sent the first playtest material to David Viars for in-house play-testing, and it's working well. Couple of minor tweaks, but other than that, over 7k words were in play-testing, and I'm over 10k total currently I think. I'm still in major brainstorming mode. Coming up with all sorts of future tech.

I remember the Dart of the Hornet's Nest, which was kind of the inspiration for a shotgun round. The Tazmanian Devil Tazer Swarm 10 gauge shotgun round. Yup, a shotgun firing 24 micro tazers in a flamer template. Talk about riot control...

Anyway...So check out http://fromkickassistan.blogspot.com for a rock'n DCC/OSR kind of blog. And Game-ON!!!
This is the most recent Monster Monday....Look how easy it is to create when you don't have to crunch specific numbers worrying about balance...Old-School Rules! ( I love parts of OGL, but I also love parts of OSR!)

Attack of Ver-Men

Enjoy, Epic Prime!

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