Saturday, February 9, 2013

Gam3rCon Fun & 42

So today is my 42nd Birthday, I find it very telling that on my Meaning of Life Birthday, I  find it QUITE telling that I spend it playing games....Games keep me young and my brain active.

First day of Gam3rCon game bowl was today, had a lot of fun. I ran 4 Cadet Judges into the Cursed Earth on a Hot Dog run.  The players who had some knowledge of Dredd, and some knowledge of Traveller, took to the system very quickly and fun was had by all.

I will be attempting to run Dredd again tomorrow, but, the Hot Dog Run to Haven, will NOT be the same. It will be similar, but, different indeed.

In the second slot I got to play in a Old World of Darkness Vampire. I played a Toreador Author, I chose to have Raymond E. Feist as my sire, heh. It was a very good game that Chris Czerniak ran. It was a more poilitical type of game, with all the elders disappearing from the City, victims of Tremere blood magic. A quick intro scene led to some skullduggery, and sneaking. This led to political destruction of the rival, and then a final confrontation. Good game. I like playing at Gam3rCon...good people, fun games.