Saturday, February 16, 2013

Epic Sean - Halo 4 micro review

  Halo 4 is the best first person shooter video game I have ever played. The graphics are so great and realistic.  The campaign plot is awesome, but the forge creation mode could use a little work.

                 I am very disappointed that Halo Reach's forge is better. I really miss the ability to have a huge map to create in, to have a Falcon helicopter or Covenant Revenent to drive in, and a multitude of other things to deal with. The campaign however, is so great with it's new aliens, the Prometheans, instead of just the normal covenant threat. Also, the campaign is better by the ability to play Master Chief. 

                                                                 -Spoiler alert-

Master Chief gets to jump straight onto a fleeing Phantom, flies a Pelican, and gets upgraded, turning half Promethean ( or at least that is my theory) Any ways: Play it! It is so Epic! Play It!

Epic Sean!