Monday, February 25, 2013

Kickstarter Update - Interface Zero 2.0 (Savage Worlds)

3 days remain, the KS is now almost at $60,000. The Solar System sourcebook has been unlocked. That's a really exciting unlock, since that is entirely new material which has never been explored in Interface Zero.

Knowing how the final days of Kickstarters go, this could possibly hit the New York or even the Mexico sourcebooks.

If you like Savage Worlds, jump in...if you like Cyberpunk, jump in. This is my favorite Cyberpunk setting, it's set in 2090, and David Jarvis (creator/publisher), David Viars (line developer), and myself (Main book equipment chapter) have been pushing the boundaries of futurism, to bring thoughts and ideas from nearly 100 years in the future. 90 years ago was 1923, imagine how far we currently are from there. Imagine the leaps and bounds that have happened in the last THIRTY YEARS. One of the things I recently did for research was watch the Discovery series 2057. Then I thought about how far that goes, then push another 30 years beyond that point.

The 2.0 rules is a profound advance from the SW edition of Interface Zero, with updated rules for hacking and cybernetics, and brand new construction rules for Golemmechs (power armor and mecha). Also the update to the Deluxe edition of Savage Worlds. I'm working with David Viars to make the game as Fast Fun and Furious as possible. We're eliminating the 'kevlar binding ' issue of AP reduction. Which removes and entire layer of math that takes place mid combat.

Just wait, and see where this book goes!