Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Gam3rCon Gam3sBowl - Feb 9th-10th

Come on down and celebrate my Meaning of Life birthday, by playing in my Judge Dredd game! It will be one of the last RPGs I run for Mongoose, but my hours doing demo will be getting me more JDMG figures, so at Gam3rCon during Comic-Con I can run some JDMG!

Now, with this writing gig I got my Alpha Test for Unleashed is going to be pushed til KingdomCon. I just can't write 30k words for that project, and Set-up my highly "alpha" game at the same time, and money and me are like estranged lovers...I need more.

Check it out:


gam3s bowl, feb. 9-10

Gam3s Bowl is two days of gaming, bringing players from all over San Diego County together. The Gam3s Bowl will have both a VG arena and tabletop rpg, card and board games. It is only $5 a day ($7 for both days) and made of awesome. To get more details and buy tickets, go HERE.