Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thor's Day Trope - Post Apocalyptic

After the End

The End Of The World

Of course, with out development of the Gamma Crawl Classics idea, I'll be talking about post-apocalyptic tropes.

Post-Apoc has had lots of great games, Gamma World being the most well-known, followed by Deadlands Hell on Earth, and the amazing yet less well known Atomic Highway. Car Wars is post-apocalyptic as well, based upon Mad Max of course. WarLands is a great miniature game set in a Post-Apocalyptic world. My personal favorite is Rifts for setting.

Post Apoc is my favorite type of game, it not only has wide open variety of encounters from mutations, but it can be an effort just to find enough to eat, and keep yourself well-armed. Exploration of high-tech sites is always fun as well. Rifts takes it a step further and brings supernatural elements into the game, from magic to demons, to the rise of Atlantis. Rifts has EVERYTHING, except a system which is fun to run. (Ran it once, when I figured out that I had to track 700 MDC on a Robotech mecha that I used to bring the characters into the game, I realized I didn't like that so much...Also 1 MDC destroying a 10,000 SDC building...)

I'm a huge fan of the Fallout line of video games, and now I'm playing Borderlands (first one).

Anyway, back to writing....Enjoy checking out the tropes!! Lots of fun stuff on those links.