Friday, February 15, 2013

Epic Ian micro review - FEZ

This game is for the Xbox console if you have XBLA. This is one of my favorite Xbox games, because in the game you are this little 8-bit character running around a 2D world, but when he gains his fez, he can see the world in 3D by rotating .

One reason I love this game is because the art is so awesome! Another thing that I love about Fez is that it is a puzzle/mystery game, and I absolutely love mystery games, well not actually that much, but it is still fun. I almost forgot to tell you my favorite part!!! OK when you get to the halfway point, you get to watch a video that kind of shows you the meaning of life or something like that.

SPOILER ALERT!: It's awesome! also watch out for black holes.

Epic Ian!