Friday, February 22, 2013

Gamma Crawl Classics

So the Gamma Crawl Classics project is really picking up steam, a production team has been created. I'm down for the Equipment chapter again...what can I say? I like gear. Unlike the Interface Zero gear, where I'm trying to keep in within the real pf possibility for 2090. Gamma Crawl will be a bit more...advanced...and not so much hard sciency.

With IZ I actually dropped the Gauss Rifle, it was was not scientifically sound in the IZ1 rules, and Rail Guns are more energy efficient than Gauss weapons.

Last night after perusing the DCC rulebook, I came upon a realization, I will use tables for ancient artifacts in GCC. Lots of Tables, function, look, range, effect, visual effect, and many more will allow a Judge to create unique artifacts every single time. That long gun-like weapon in your hand might be a black ray pistol or maybe it's just a UPC scanner, or maybe it's even a healing device that knocks people into a coma while it fully heals them....that same effect might appear as a coin like object, that has a second function, or even a third function. THIS is gonna be FUN!

I of course will be proof-reading, and I volunteered to write some of the monstrosities of the wastes.