Friday, February 1, 2013

Gamma Crawl Classics on G+

Over on G+ we've been talking about creating a DCCRPG based Gamma Crawl....Now that would be pretty fun. Gamma World was ALWAYS one of my favorite games. I remember when I was in A-School for the Navy, that a buddy and I would sit there and roll up characters for arena combat using the 5th? edition rules. The book version.

I've actually been thinking of resurrecting my Epicmonsters.blogspot site and creating weekly DCCRPG monsters instead of Pathfinder monsters. While the PF monsters were fun, the amount of work that went into those stat blocks was STUPID. It's the reason I stopped that site, it just became too much work to continue after I got a job again. But creating DCC monsters, man that's pretty easy.

Now new classes, that's a bit harder to do.

So for a Gamma Crawl Classic game there wouldn't be so many races

Pure Strain
Altered Human
Mutant Animal
Mutant Plant

Anyway, there's now a GCC G+ community. Want to Help out?

Come on By!