Friday, April 12, 2013

Anime Conji 2013 day 1

Well, not sure exactly what to say so far...Conji is under new management, Anime Expo management to be exact, and there are definitely some changes.

The vendors/artists area is HUGE, I mean huge, as in the front exhibit hall at Town & Country, which is as I said...HUGE. It's so huge that the hall looks half empty. There are plenty of vendors there, it just looks empty.

No banners...No more banners for your badges this year, which kinda sucks, those banners were pretty cool, I'm sure they cost the con quite a bit as well, but they were fun.

Seems like there are more voice actors at this con, and the main events are is now in the vendors hall from last year, so tomorrow I'll see if there's massive improvement there.

No Swap Meet this year...which was a MASSIVE draw last year. There was one, we just didn't run across it, unfortunately.

No Con Suite, so no refreshments for con guests, unless you want to buy overpriced food from the hotel, sorry I'm not paying $8 for a sandwich.

Took a few pictures today, but I'll post them with tomorrow's pictures, Sarah, my wife was there with us today, as a photographer as well, unfortunately she wasn't feeling too well, so we ended up coming home early.