Sunday, November 18, 2012

Unleashed RPG - Design Journal #4 (skills)

So, I kind of want to present an optional way to do skills, (basically I want Unleashed to still be fairly compatible, thus if people which to stick with the conventional skills, whether that's 3.5 of path, that's up to the GM.

Check it out:

SKILLSSkills are handled a bit differently in Unleashed. As a character advances, he can gain mastery in a skill. Typically, mastery is limited to few skills. Skill checks are made with 2d10, or 2d6 in the case of the untrained. Like weapons, critical skill rolls can be achieved with exploding dice. skill level dice rolled (critical dice/#critical). Skill Focus adds +2/trained level of mastery. All characters receive apprentice level training in their class skills. 1 skill may be taken at layman level at level 1. Designer’s note: This system should keep the need to escalate TNs of skill checks thoughout the game, while still giving characters with more skill greater chances of success. Spellcasting is a Skill, and most likely the skill focused spell casters will take as their layman skill.
untrained 2d6(6/1)apprentice 2d10(10/1)layman 2d10 (10/2) max:8+intjourneyman 2d10 (9/2) max 5+intmaster 2d10 (8/3) max 3+intgrandmaster 3d10 (8/4) max 2+int/2

This is a major change to the system, but it uses similar concepts to the combat system...eliminates the need to escalate target numbers for skill challenges, and generally streamlines skills. Of course the bonuses typical for skills would remain. You'll note that the skill levels have a critical rating. A Master Armorsmith rolls to create a longsword. He rolls a 10, and an 8, triggering critical skill checks, he would continue rolling up to 3 additional dice. As an optional set of rules, you could easily use to original OGL rules.