Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kickstarter Big Guns

Well with 17 days remaining, The Saga of Dragon Star Kickstarter is currently at $8,555 of $15,000. so around 60% there. Let's go Gamesmiths!

Two big KS came online in the last day or so...

1st, Fasagames is pushing the 15mm miniature game, 1879. However in addition to the miniature game, they're also pushing the RPG, and an app game. However, they're goal is $300k. That's a lot of scratch, now it is entirely possible to get that, Reaper pulled in over a mil for the Pathfinder line of miniatures...the stretch goals giving people roughly $1000 worth of minis for like $300. Will it succeed? I hope it does, and if it doesn't I hope it doesn't discourage the newly phoenixed FasaGames. The weird thing about their Goals is that they are three separate goal trees.  Good Luck FASA Games.

The bigger one is one that a lot of FanBois of Pathfinder are finding extremely attractive. (Not me, I watched the blog for the first couple months, and the EVE-like PvP game they're looking at doing is DEFINITELY not what I want Pathfinder Online to be.)  Looking for $1,000,000 to speed up the process of getting it to market. (Though I'm pretty sure the reason they were going with a pre-packaged Engine, was to do just that originally.) The first Kickstarter they ran raised over $300, much will this one raise? Sky's the limit I suppose, but as the game isn't what I'm looking for I won't be Crowdfunding it. But perhaps you want to...Good luck Paizo.