Friday, November 16, 2012

Unleashed RPG - Design Journal 2 (armor)

(Edit: Note the Unleashed RPG rules, are based on the OGL, thus this does not fall under the CCNA that most of my Blog work does, but under the OGL)

Armor Unleashed:

So Currently I have two options for armor, I have that option of making armor purely DR, thus AC would be based off of Dex/Dodge etc. This makes armor more realistic, a knight in Full plate was slow, but extremely hard to penetrate the armor. However part of that protection was due to the completeness of the coverage. A sword would deflect due to the fluting on a pauldron, the overlap of the plates. I'm leaning toward option 2:

The second option is similar to existing hybrid AC/DR rules. Though I think the DR is a bit low in the case of most of those rules. If I remember correctly, Fullplate was +4AC and DR:4/-. I had already toyed around with some of these rules, several times over the past couple years. One of the main reasons I had though of the issues with the existing DR armor rules was that the DR didn't increase with the Size of the armor. A Huge creature, had 4DR and the Tiny creature had 4DR, this bugged me, the Tiny creature would have paper thin armor, while the Huge or Colossal creature would have armor so thick that it would be very difficult to penetrate. Similarly adamantine offers 3/- DR no matter what size armor is is on as long as the armor is metal. I know that the game is supposed to be designed for as little math as possible, because we get confused so easily, but that is stuff that bugs me. It should be easy to track bonuses and penalties, with a little creativity.

So This is what I have as my second Option
Full Plate AC+4 DR:Blunt:5 Pierce:6 Slash:6

Add the size modifier for a Huge creature to all the DRs, making a Huge set of Full Plate
Full Plate AC+4 DR:Blunt:7 Pierce:8 Slash:8

That might seem pretty harsh, but due to the size and DEX of those massive opponents, it becomes easier to defeat the armor. Poor rolls will meet with heavy resistance...literally. Thus teamwork might be needed. The +2 to hit for assist actually translates into much more damage potential. That +2 not only adds to the margin, but also adds to the chance of dealing an armor defeating hit.