Saturday, November 17, 2012

Unleashed RPG Design Journal 3 (Weapon Speed and Actions)

So...weapon speeds, I know, I know, that was one of the issues with 1st and 2nd edition. However, this is not the exact same system. As I've said before, this system will replace the iterative attack system.

This is where I am currently...definitely subject to change. This will work in conjunction with the Actions. So two attacks with a dagger would be at -2/-2, while two attacks with a glaive would be at -6/-6. Feats such as power attack will actually slow a weapon attack down, which makes perfect sense as you're trading control for power. (a single power attack means the speed doesn't matter).

Speed (WS)
Fast (2)
Quick (3)
Average (4)
Slow (5)
Ponderous (6)
Unwieldy (7)

creature sizes
Tiny (-2)
Small (-1)
Average (0)
Large (+1)
Huge (+2)

Bigger creatures are slower, they hit harder though, so do you really want that level 16 giant to attack 4 times with his Great axe?

Thus making a weapon like the scythe, deadly, but unwieldy. The falchion, slow when compared to the ponderous Great Axe. I feel it's a pretty good design choice)

Actions will also have a speed (as will spell casting). The main concern in Unleashed it allowing players to attempt whatever they can imagine, and allow the gamemaster to easily assign the overall difficulty. Now, the the normal number of actions is allowed without penalty. A Character can make a single move action, and a single attack without any additional difficulty.

First Free Action (0)
Swift (1)
Immediate (2)
Move (3)
Standard (4)
Full (5)

This is where it gets interesting, A first level character is trying to sprint across a stone bridge, two kobold guards are unaware of his presence, he wants to sprint, and attack both the kobolds with his short sword as he runs past.  This is possible in Unleashed. Two moves, 1 untrained feat (spring attack), and two attacks will make-up the penalties, the second attack adds a -3 for a short sword, the second move action -4, and the untrained feat -4. So he's attacking at -11/-11, but they are against flat-footed creatures, so its worth the attempt. Multiple attacks versus weak creatures, speeds up the game, Single attacks against hard to kill creatures, speeds up the game. At the cost of a tiny bit of simple math.

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