Monday, November 12, 2012

Saga of Dragon Star & N.R.G. Core rulebook kickstarter

Saga of Dragon Star & NRG Core Rulebook Kickstarter.
I am an Apprentice backer! Here's just some little stuff from the Kickstarter page.

So, there's now more information on what Saga of Dragon Star is now, Get this and other free downloads from our website at!

The Saga of Dragon Star is set in a fictional world, where an evil empire known as the Keln Dominion is slowly conquering all the known lands. And as liberties everywhere are suppressed, refugees flee to the last bastion of freedom: The Frontier Lands. Here, they scratch out what living they can from the unyielding landscape, and they are forced to live side-by-side with refugees from other realms, so humans, elves, orcs, dwarves, and minotaurs come together, each with his own agenda and goals.

Swords and armor blend with six-shooter and rifles in this world where magic is slowly dying, suffocating under the growing industrial might of the Keln Dominion. And as the magic weakens, so too do the ancient binding spells of the Aluvian Empire, releasing long-forgotten demons from their eternal prisons.

It's a world that blurs the line between hero and villain, where the struggle for survival creates its own version of pragmatic gallantry.

Thalos, human Blademaster.
One of Wayne Reynold's rough iconic sketches.
Saythra, lightning born Mage.
Lightning Born Mage WAR sketch
Adelphia, satyr Thief.
My Favorite WAR sketch, the Satyr Thief
Boxed set.