Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Hey all,

Happy Thanksgiving, Blech Friday is tomorrow, the beginning of teh stressful time of the year...

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Kickstarter push Saga of Dragonstar Need a lot of support to make the $35000 goal happen in 26 hours...

The Dragon Rustler, Black Friday Challenge, and more!What is the Dragon Rustler?
There are five new class/archetypes in The Saga of Dragon Star, and perhaps the most intriguing of the bunch is the Dragon Rustler! Using an ancient form of sorcery given to mortals long ago by dragons, the Dragon Rustlers have handed down their esoteric secrets from generation to generation. Their powers allow them to summon a small drake (in essence, a miniature dragon), which appears on their bodies as tattoos when not called upon. The Dragon Rustler gains magical and physical draconic abilities as he grows in strength, and so too does his drake grow in power as he does, becoming physically and magically more potent, gaining powers from a list that the Dragon Rustler player uses to customize his drake's abilities and physical characteristics. Drakes can be geared to be more physically in strength, or more magical in strength; they can be more offensive, or grant the Dragon Rustler and his allies more defense; they can be used as mounts, or they can remain small for stealth and spying; and so on. Though they are an extension of the Dragon Rustler's own spirit, they are each unique, with its own personality and will, creating in essence an additional character in the players' adventuring group.
Don't forget about The Black Friday Challenge!
10 metal miniatures based on illustrations by Wayne Reynolds plus a gorgeous, traditional boxed set will be given to every backer who has pledged $50 or more by the end of Black Friday if we hit this stretch goal! This will also guarantee that the 9 core class iconics in the N.R.G. Core Rulebook will be illustrated by Wayne Reynolds!
If we fall short of making this goal but hit at least $35,000 by the end of Black Friday, then the Black Friday Challenge deadline will be extended until the end of day December 1st!
In addition, if we hit our Black Friday Challenge, then The Saga of Dragon Star campaign setting will be available in this Kickstarter in the N.R.G. System in addition to its current available versions (Pathfinder and Savage Worlds)! Not only that, but every backer who has pledged by the end of the challenge--regardless of the pledge amount--will receive it as a free PDF!
Also, if we succeed at our Black Friday Challenge, then every backer who has pledged at least $5 or more by that time will receive a free PDF of our upcoming campaign setting book The Legends of Sinbad (release date TBD). The Legends of Sinbad is not available normally as part of this Kickstarter and cannot be included as an add-on, but if we make the Black Friday Challenge, then eligible backers will be able to choose a PDF version in a system of their choice: Pathfinder, Savage Worlds, or N.R.G.! (For more information about this awesome campaign setting, please visit out website!) 
That's not all--the Black Friday Challenge will also grant each backer who pledged $50 or more by that time a free physical copy of our N.R.G. adventure, The Depths of Greed! Plus, every backer who pledged at least $25 or more by this time will receive physical copies of N.R.G. Character Sheets, Energy Cards featuring the four main Energy Symbols (Mana, Mind, Combat, and Speed), a Bonus Bestiary featuring 10 N.R.G. System monsters, and a second free N.R.G. System adventure written and designed by Hank Woon!
And finally, if we make the Black Friday Challenge, we will include rules for Mass Combat in the N.R.G. Core Rulebook! (Game Smiths' Hank Woon in particular has a passion for wargaming, as is evident in the Pathfinder sourcebook he wrote and designed called Warpath that was published by Adamant Entertainment in 2010.)
GM SCREEN CHALLENGEIf we are at least fully pledged ($15,000+) by the end of day Black Friday, then every backer who has pledged at least $50 or more at that time will receive our GM screen--both a PDF and physical copy! In addition, if we hit at least $15,000 by the end of day Black Friday, the GM Screen will be included on our a la carte menu!
STRETCH GOALS UPDATEStretch goals are being revised and will be announced after we are fully pledged. Our only current stretch goal is The Black Friday Challenge and GM Screen Challenge, as noted above.
THE DEPTHS OF GREEDWe're interested in feedback of our free download adventure, The Depths of Greed! If you've had the chance to read through (or better yet, play through) this N.R.G. System adventure, we'd love to hear your thoughts over on our forums!
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!