Sunday, November 11, 2012

Unleashed RPG

Well I'm taking the dive to produce my first RPG, this is going to be a lot of work. The Unleashed Roleplaying Game will be an OGL Derived 2d10 based system strongly influenced by the old-school and newer indie games. Combat will be more free-form, with iterative attacks replaced by weapon speeds.

I've long held a disdain for the d20. I've written about it a few times. The lack of any sort of predictability of a single roll makes the game less fun for me when I have a bad night. With 2d10, it is 50% probably that you roll an 11, not 5%. It is only 1% likely to roll a 2, and 1% of rolling a 20. This of course changes the way criticals would work. I have addressed this with new mechanics.

Iterative attacks at higher level typically made for 1 or 2 good attacks, and 1 or more attacks where the player was hoping for a 20, as it triggers that automatic hit. Combat will be dynamic, many concepts of OGL will be thrown out to make room for the dynamic. Imagine a 4th level knife fighter defeating a half-orc halberd wielding barbarian with a multitude of knife attacks.

Hero points and Heroic Aspects also will be utilized in Unleashed. These are one of my favorite innovations of the recent past in gaming. They make the game less Game Master intense, and more of a game master/player dance.

This is only the beginning, a new world will be explored, a conversion guide, as well as several supplements will follow. I will be publishing under the Curious Few Productions, LLC. title. At First this will be an entirely PDF publication. I plan on doing extensive Alpha and Beta Testing. With The Unleashed RPG (tentative title), you will be free to play how you want, your imagination...Unleashed! Beyond Unleashed, will be the creation of board games, accessories, and supplements I've had brewing for years.

If you wish to jump in to help, I will need Alpha Testers, and eventually artists (willing to work cheap, as to get your work out there...similar to me). Contact me at A New website will be created as well as forums. 

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