Monday, November 26, 2012

Unleashed Design Journal (hard work)

It is incredibly hard work to write an RPG, make no doubt about that. It takes love of the medium, knowledge and dedication to the games, imagination, technical skill, innovation, editing skills, layout skills, art direction, amongst other things.  RPGs do not "just" happen. I mean look at how long Jason Buhlman and the rest of Paizo worked on Pathfinder before it released. Look how long D&D Next has been in development.

Even tweaking an exiting game like I'm doing with Unleashed is incredibly difficult. I'm taking my old house rules, which I've used here and there in various iterations of my play experience, and I'm attempting to weave them into an entirely new experience. Then I look back on the interaction of everything and conceptualize how that is going to affect everything else.

It's tough, but I feel it will be rewarding. I just need to get all the concepts in line, determine what effects these new rules have when working synergistically (new word?) in conjuction with the other rules. It's one thing to just change dice, and damn the consequences. It's another thing entirely to change the dice, then evaluate what effect that has on what you're accomplishing.

This is my inner gamer coming out, my game mastering style. The desire to bring back the old school feel, with modern rules, including some rules based upon indie titles. Fate points to me are far and above better than boring old hero points. With Fate based aspects, compels and complications make for a much cooler session. Alignment will be a Heroic Aspect, thus a Champion of Law and Good, will be compelled to think before he turns a blind eye to the prisoners being tortured.

When our Campaign Setting for this game is released also expect to see some race based class restrictions, not level limits per ce, more like Slow XP tables implemented for certain class/race combinations, Dwarf Wizard I'm looking at you. In fact, there may even be a super slow XP table implemented, for race/class combos at certain levels. It's just not very often you see a level 20 Half-Orc Paladin.

Stay tuned for more rules discussions,

I have the utmost respect for all Game Designers. And I'm Thankful for the decades of enjoyment Role-playing games have given me.